Detailed analysis of the horoscope of Karl Marx

Birth Details :- Born on 15th May 1818 at about 2 am (LMT) Trier, Germany (Lat. 49N44 & 6E38)
Planetary Positions:-
Lagna Chart
Ascenant is Aquarius. 1st house has Saturn, 3rd house has Sun, Moon and Rahu, 4th house has Mercury and Venus, 6th house has Mars, 9th house has Ketu & 11th house has Jupiter.
Navamsa chart
Ascendant is Libra. 1st house has Jupiter, 2nd house has Sun and Moon, 6th house has Ketu and Venus, 7th house has Mercury, 8th house has Saturn, 10th house has Mars & 12th house has Rahu.
Balance of Venus Dasha at birth : Years 3-9-18
Special Features:-
The ascendant is Aquarius and the lord Saturn is situated in the ascendant. Both the ascendant and ascendant lord are powerfully aspected by Mars (lord of 3rd & 10th), who has just entered his sign of debilitation. These combinations gave him a robust constitution but the planet of vitality Sun being eclipsed by Rahu rendered him ruin his health through over-work. The navamsa lagna being hemmed between two malefics Sun and Rahu and also aspected by Mars, is again the proof of the struggles he must have gone in his early life. Lord of the house of the speech, Jupiter is situated in 11th house in his own sign, so was a good speaker. Venus is yogakaraka and is in own sign in the Taurus sign. This combination indicates that he was never in the habit of borrowing.
Saturn’s presence in ascendant i.e. Aquarius, a mystic sign, is of almost significance and the great virtue of the horoscope hinges to a large extent upon the fact that the ascendant is occupied by its lord Saturn. Saturn in ascendant loses digbala but in this case, he gains sthanabala. As saturn is aspected with mars. No wonder therefore that though he was a zealous student and an adherent of hegelianism, his conception of the world is the Hegelian reversed.

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