How to use Saptamsa in readings

Sex Determination

There are certain simple rules that govern the sex determination of the children.

For a male nativity, the first child is determined by the lord of the 5th house from Saptamsa Lagna, whereas for a female nativity, the first child is determined from the lord of the 9th house from Saptamsa Lagna.

For a male nativity, subsequent children are determined from the lords of every 3rd house from the fifth, in direct order, i.e. the second child 7th house lord third child from 9th house lord and fourth child from 11th house lord and so on whereas, for a female nativity, subsequent children are determined from the lords of every 3rd house from the ninth, in reverse order. i.e. the second child from 7th house lord, third child from 5th lord and fourth child from 3rd lord and so on.

A male child is predicted, if the lord of the child is,

1. placed in an odd sign or, Cancer or Pisces OR

2. exalted or conjoins exalted planets, or

3. conjunct the Sun, Jupiter, Mars or Rahu (considered male planets).

A female child is predicted, if the lord of the child is,

1. placed in an even sign, Gemini or Aquarius, OR

2. debilitated or conjoins debilitated planets, or

3. conjunct the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Ketu (Considered feminine planets) or Saturn (Napumsaka also).

The sign occupied by the 5th, 7th etc Lords should be treated as the Lagna of individual children. Take the lord as the Lagna of specific children and predict fortune as per dasa’s.

Timing the birth of Children

1. Birth, of children takes place during the dasa of planets having Argala on Saptamsa Lagnesh.

2. Individual children are predicted during the antardasa of the lord of the child, its depositor or the lords of the 3rd/8th from the Lagna (as mentioned earlier). In case of a conflict between the indications of the saptamsa of expectant father and mother, the results should be predicted from the male horoscope(This rule has also been proved by genetics wherein it is an established fact that the sex chromosomes are only determined by the male)

3. Generally, a male child is born in six Rasi comprising the kendra/kona from Janma Rasi of saptamsa of father, i.e. the Janma Rasi of the son is the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th from saptamsa Rasi of the father.

4. Generally, a female child is born in the remaining six Rasi i.e. 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, or 12th from the saptamsa moon of the father.

Case 1: Male born on 12 November1934, Cuttack, India

1. 5th Lord in Rasi, Mercury has gained 3 Amsa and is placed with 3 planets. The native has three children.

2. 5th Lord from Saptamsa Lagna, Mercury, is placed alone in Dhanus. The first issue is a son who works in a telecommunication company. Since Mercury is in the 12th from Lagnesh Saturn, he is settled in a foreign country. He was born during Rahu-Merc-Venus in Vrischik Rasi Kendra to Simha-Saptamsa moon.

3. 7th lord sun is exalted in Mesha. The second issue is also a son who is employed in the Govt. He was born in Rahu-Merc-Guru in Kumbha Rasi.

4. 9th Lord Venus is exalted in Pisces, and conjoin Ketu. In spite of Ketu the two other factors predominate and the 3rd issue is also a son involved in the export of prawns(Ketu). He was born during Rahu dasa Ketu antardasa in Simha Rasi.

Case:2 Male born 7 May1963, 11 a.m. at 25N5, 85 E25.

1. 3 planets aspect the 5th (Rasi drishti) as the 5th Lord in debility gains 7 Navamsa. The native has 3 issues (2 Surviving)

2. Sun, 5th Lord in Saptamsa, is alone in Virgo showing the 1st issue that was lost few months after conception as the fifth lord going to the sixth house shows early death of child.

3. Venus, 7th lord is in Kumbha and 2nd pregnancy is a daughter.

4. The 9th lord Jupiter is in Sagittarius, but conjoins debilitated Rahu and Mercury. Thus the third issue as foretold, is a daughter. [All other astrologers had said boy as the Dasa was of Jupiter, but the results were different.]

5. The native wanted to try for a son again, but was advised against it since the 11th lord Saturn is alone in Capricorn and, this issue too would be a female.

It maybe noted that from the case histories it will be seen that a conjunction dominations placement unless the lord is exalted or debilitated.

One thought on “How to use Saptamsa in readings

  1. Sir how can it be.5th lord in male and 9th lord in female?I have read odd signs regular count and even signs reverse count irrespective of the gender.You i think are sjc student then how can the views be different.They tell something and u tell different.Whats going on.Why misleading?Please explain….

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