Combinations for Astrologers

WITH the multiplication and chequering of the branches of education and profession, the onus of finding out the horoscopic combinations for various professions (means of livelihood) lying with the astrological researchers seems to be on the increase. The abstruseness and complicacies that surround the issue of determination of profession, are sure to be dispelled by intensive and strenuous researches on the part of sincere students of Astrology. It will help to trace the significators (karakas) of the important branches of knowledge, e.g., Physics, Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering, Economics, History, Literature, Accountancy and so on.

The present article attempts to throw some light on the combinations for occult studies and practices, i.e., the different arts of prediction, namely Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Forehead-reading, etc.

It would be worthwhile to look up what our ancient classics say in this regard. According to “Brihat Parasari Hora” (Chapter 9, sloka 91), if Ketu occupies Lagna, 5th the 9th or the Karakamsa, the native becomes expert in Mathematics and Astrology.

Sri Venkata Sharma in his “Sarvartha Chintamani” (sloka 35) observed as follows:

(a) If Mercury and the lord of the 2nd house are strongly placed in a Kendra, or

(b) if Venus combines with a benefic in the 2nd or 3rd house, or

(c) if exalted Venus occupies the 2nd, the native becomes an Astrologer.

“Bhavartha Ratnakara” (in the chapter on “Education”) gives the following combinations for Astrologers:

If Mercury is in the 4th, the person becomes proficient in Astrology (Stanza 1).

If the Sun, Mercury and Rahu be in the 5th, the native becomes learned in Astrology (Stanza 2).

The person becomes well-versed in Astrology if the Sun and Mercury are in the 2nd. He becomes mathematician if the combination is aspected by Saturn (Stanza 3).

The 3rd, the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses are called ‘hidden houses’. The 8th and the 12th house, in particular, bear much esoteric significance and relate to extra-sensory perceptions developing at the backwaters of human mind, as well as the paranormal capacities which elude and surpass ordinary intelligence. Therefore, it is quite plausible to associate occult studies and practices like Astrology, Palmistry, numerology, Physiognomy, Forehead Study, Thought-reading, Clairvoyance, Yoga, Tantra, Mesmerism, Spirit Communications, etc. with the 8th and 12th houses. This has been found to be verified by the study of a number of horoscopes of Astrologers, Palmists and other experts following different methods of divination.

The influence of the evil houses probably explains, in the first place, the humiliation and agony which the Astrologers very often experience, on failure of their predictions, and secondly, the malpractices and duplicities on the part of a large section of professional Astrologers.

As regards Karakas among planets, Rahu, being the planet of speculation, plays a major role in the horoscopes of Astrologers. The idiosyncrasy of an Astrologer is, of course, guided by the planed wielding the greatest influence in the nativity. An Astrologer, for example, with the Sun having predominance, will take to political astrology with a special care for the horoscopes of Heads of States. One having a powerful Mercury will have leanings on the mathematical side of Astrology with a flair for snapshot predictions. Mercury being the Karaka for Mathematics, requires additional strength in the horoscopes of great Astronomers. An Astrologer with Venus as the ruling planet will specialize in Female Horoscopy, with a taste for the marital prospects in a nativity.

It may now be explained how the influence of the 8th house and the 12th house arise in a nativity.

The Lagna is the pivot of the horoscope, and the inclination of the native is determined by (a) the house occupied by the Lagna lord, and (b) by the lordship of the planet/planets occupying or aspecting the Lagna, the 5th house (representing the mind) and the 10th house (representing work) are to be treated with equal importance as the Lagna, for the purpose of determination of profession. For example, if the lord of the 5th is placed in the 12th (i.e. in the 8th from the 5th), or if the lord of the 10th is placed in the 5th (i.e. in the 8th from the 10th), the influence of the 8th house may be said to arise. It should be borne in mind that the placements are be reckoned from all the three lagnas, viz., the Lagna, the Moon Lagna and the Sun Lagna. The first set of combinations deals with the influence of the 8th house.

1. Lagna-lord in the 8th.

2. Lord of the 8th occupying or aspecting lagna or making any relationship with the lagna-lord.

3. The 5th lord in the 12th (8th from the 5th).

4. The 12th lord occupying or aspecting the 5th or making any relationship with the 5th lord.

5. The 10th lord in the 5th (8th from the 10th).

6. The 5th lord occupying or aspecting the 10th or making any relationship with the 10th lord.

7. Lagna-lord in the 12th.

8. The 12th lord occupies or aspects lagna or makes any relationship with the lagna-lord.

9. The 5th lord in the 4th (12th from the 5th).

10. The 4th lord occupies or aspects the 5th or makes any relationship with the 5th lord.

11. The 10th lord in the 9th (12th from the 10th).

12. The 9th lord occupies or aspects the 10th or makes any relationship with the 10th lord. The importance of the Navamsa-chart can hardly be over-emphasized and it should be treated as the pinpointer regarding determination of profession or occupation. One or more of the above combinations must be present in the Navamsa chart too. It may be noted that a native having one or more of the above combinations in his/her birth chart will be drawn to the study/practice of Astrology or other occult subjects, not necessarily choosing them as his/her means of livelihood.

The above principles are illustrated below with the birth charts of some famous Astrologers.

1. Cheiro (Count Louis Hamon) – The great palmist, numerologist and clairvoyant was born at 53°N 8°W on 1.11.1866 at 10.54 a.m. Rasi Chart—Cancer: Mars 2°54′; Leo: the Moon 5°; Virgo: Rahu 10°21′; Libra: the Sun 16°51′; Saturn 22°06′; Scorpio: Mercury 4°15′, Venus 28°31′; Lagna 28°; Capricorn: Jupiter 3°05′; Pisces: Ketu 10°21′. In his birth chart, we find: (a) The 12th lord Venus is exactly on lagna (b) from the Moon lagna the 5th lord Jupiter is closely aspected by the 4th lord Mars. The two Neecha-Vargottama planets aspecting each other, has formed a very powerful Raja-Yoga.

2. Alfed Witte, the founder of Uranian Astrology’ was born at Hamburg (52°55’N, 10°E) on 2.3.1878 at 9.30 p.m. Rasi Chart—Aries: Mars 27°15′; Cancer: Ketu 29°13′; Libra: Lagna 3°; Capricorn: Jupiter 5°30′; Rahu: 29°13′; Aquarius: Mercury 4°55′;Venus(R) 4°58′; the Moon 6°08′; the Sun 20°02′. a) Lagn-lord Venus is exactly joined with Mercury, lord of the 12th. b) The 12th lord Mercury is placed close in the 5th. c) The 10th lord Moon is in the 5th (8th from the 10th). d) From the Moon lagna, the 8th lord Mercury is exactly on lagna.

3. C E O Carter, the noted British Astrologer was born at 5043N, 225W on 31.1.1887 at 11.01 p.m. GMT. Aries: the Moon 15°08′; Gemini: Saturn(R) 25°01′; MC 29°38′; Leo: Rahu 6°38′; Virgo: Lagna 24°31′; Libra: Jupiter 13°02′; Capricorn: Mercury 15°26′; the Sun 19°34′; Aquarius: Venus 3°47′, Ketu 6°38′; Mars 8°09′. a) The 10th is occupied by the 5th lord Saturn (Rule 6). b) The 10th lord Mercury is placed in the 5th (Rule 5). c) Lagna lard Mercury is closely joined with the 12th lord, the Sun (Rule 8). d) The Moon lagna is powerfully aspected by the 12th lord Jupiter (Rule 8).

4) Dr Walter A Koch, the famous German Astronomer and Astrologer was born at 48°44’N; 9°19’E on 18.9.1895 at 6.26 a.m. CET. Cancer: Jupiter 10°03′; Leo: Ketu 19°39′; Virgo: the Sun 2°39′; Venus (R) 4°17′; Lagna 10°; Mars 10°12′; Mercury 25°06′; Libra: Saturn 12°26′; Aquarius: Rahu 19°39′. a) Lagna is closely occupied by the 8th lord Mars and the 12th lord, the Sun (Rule 2). b) The 5th house is closely aspected by the 4th lord Jupiter (Rule 10). c) The 10th is aspected by Rahu (Karaka).

5. Grant Lewi, the Astrological writer was born at 42°42’N, 73°46’W on 8.6.1902 at 8.40 a.m. LMT. Aries: Ketu 9°36′, Venus 12°37′; Taurus: Mars 8°18′, the Sun 24°18′; Gemini: Mercury 13°22′, the Moon 27°00; Cancer: Lagna 12°18′; Libra: Rahu 9°36′; Capricorn: Saturn (R) 4°33′; Jupiter (R) 24°45′. a) Lagna lord, the Moon occupies the 12th. b) Lagna is aspectyed by the 8th lord Saturn. c) From the Sun lagna, the 8th lord Jupiter powerfully aspects lagna (i.e. the Sun).

6) The Chart of late N C Lahiri, the great Astronomer, exemplifies the importance of Mercury. Rasi Chart (Born on 3.10.1906 at 11.30 p.m. LT). Aries: the Moon 1°05′; Gemini: Lagna 18°, Jupiter 17°52′; Cancer: Rahu 16°00′; Leo: Mars 20°53′; Virgo: the Sun 17°04′, Mercury 24°09′; Scorpio: Venus 2°39′; Capricorn: Ketu 16°00′; Aquarius: Saturn (R) 17°03′. Mercury is very strongly placed in the 4th in its exaltation and Moolatrikona sign, along with the Sun. As his profession had nothing to do with predictive Astrology, no such combination need be traced in his chart.

7) Jyoti Bachaspati, author of many Bengali treatises on Astrology, was born at 23°20’N, 86°23’E on 17.1.1985 at 7.40 p.m. Taurus: Saturn (R) 12°24′; Leo: Lagna 9°, Jupiter (R) 12°24′; Virgo: Rahu 16°02′; Sagittarius: Venus 9°05′, Mercury 13°20′; Capricorn: the Sun 5°27′, Mars 11°05′, the Moon 19°10′; Pisces: Ketu 16°02′. In this brilliant chart, we find: a) the 8th lord Jupiter closely occupies lagna. b) the 10th lord Venus is placed in the 5th (8th from the 10th). c) from the Moon Lagna (and Sun lagna), the 5th lord Venus is placed in the 12th (8th from the 5th). d) Rahu, the planet of speculation, aspects the 10th (from lagna) as well as the Moon (Mind).

8) J N Bhasin, the noted Astrologer, who left us on 15.5.83, was born at Rawalpindi on 8.8.1908 before Sunrise. Gemini: Rahu 10°15′, Venus 15°05′; Cancer: Mercury 9°28′, Lagna 10°, the Sun 22°26′, Mars 27°05′, Jupiter 29°44′, Scorpio: the Moon 24°36′; Sagittarius: Ketu 10°15′; Pisces: Saturn (R) 17°22′. a) The 12th lord Mercury occupies lagna. b) From the lagna (and Sun-lagna) the 10th lord Mars is closely joined with the 9th lord Jupiter. c) From the Moon lagna, the 10th lord Sun is placed in the 9th (12th from the 10th). d) Rahu powerfully aspects lagna (by 12th house aspect).

9) K S Krishnamurti, the founder of “Krishnamurti Paddhati”, was born at Madras on 1.11.1908 at about 11.00 a.m. Gemini: Rahu 5°43′; Leo: Jupiter 16°; Virgo: Venus 4°49′; Mars 21°37′; Libra: Mercury (R) 8°07′, the Sun 15°52′; Sagittarius: Ketu 5°43′, Lagna 28°; Capricorn: the Moon 11°20′. a) There is a close exchange between the 10th lord Venus (according to Bhava Chart) and the 9th lord Mercury. b) The 12th lord Mars aspects lagna. c) From the Moon lagna, there is an exchange between 9th lord Mercury and the 10th lord Venus. d) From the Sun lagna (i.e., Libra), there is an exchange between the lagna lord Venus and the 12th lord Mercury.

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