Vimsottari Dasa

Types of Vimshottari

Starting point for calculation

Śastra provides few points as starting points but for phalita (predicitng) we use:

Ø Lagna

    • This option is of choice when Kendra to Lagna is stronger than Kendra to Moon.
    • Lagna-Vimshottari demands rectification up to D-60 chart, so if this is not available we should use Chandra Vimshottari.

Ø Chandra

    • This should be chosen when Kendra to Moon are strong.
    • Chandra Vimshottari is always accurate and shows society interaction and our desires involved.
    • Some famous astrologers were very accurate using only Chandra Vimshottari.

Ø Utpanna (fifth star)

    • Shows śrishtri (creation) and means that native focused on creating something innovative for the society, this will show how this process of creation evolves.
    • This Dasa should be used when Moon is in third, eight or sixth, eleventh.
    • Moon in third, sixth, eight or eleventh shows weak relation with the ‘tides’ of the society and Chandra-Vimshottari may not be so accurate for these charts.

Whilst analysing the strength of Moon/Lagna if arrived at equal strength we should see if Ju/Me or Nakshatra Lord aspects by Rashi Dristi Moon or Lagna. If still equal, then Moon-Vimshottari should be chosen.

Ref : Rafal Gendarz’s post on rohinaa forum

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