Loss of sight


Shukra and Gaunapada (Arudha of twelfth house) aspected or conjoine by Rahu and Surya cause blindness (Jaimini Upadesa 1.3.42)

  • Some commentators interprets the Gaunapada as mantra-arudha or fifth house from arudha-lagna
  • Gaunapada is Upapada


  • Venus should be influenced by Rahu (yuti or drsti) and this indicate eye disease
    • They should aspect Upapada or at least twelfth house or its lord
    • Rahu in twelfth house and Venus lording Upapada is partial condition
    • By drsti we understand its Rasi Drsti (aspect of the sign)
  • Upapada should be influenced by Surya (yuti or drsti) – this indicate very weak eyesigth
  • If two above are fulfilled blindness is sure to occur

In this chart, 12th house is Cancer and so the Upapada is in Taurus.

Surya and Upapada

Surya being in twelfth house is the clear prediction for the problems with the sigth and Rahu is in the 12th house and Venus is the lord of the Upapada. Rahu and Surya both are aspecting UL by Rashi drsti. This completes both the conditions for blindness.

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