Relationship & Marriage

Marriage and Relationship
1. Malefics in the 9th house brings misfortune to native and being in third from the 7th house, it can cause the spouse to become so brave in sexual matters as not to care social norms in the conduct of sexual activities. It is to be noted that the 3rd house indicates copulation and its symbol is a male and a female in copulation. Malefics in the house of Dharma (9th house) has been described by Sri Krsna as loss of dharma resulting in corruption of women.
2. Marriage is seen from Upapada Lagna (the Arudha pada of 12th house/UL). It shows the first marriage. The 7th house also shows the first marriage. Partners for sex are to be seen from Darapada (A7). If A7 is ill placed (6/8/12) from UL, physical relations with wife will either be negligible or absent. If A7 is in 3/11 from AL, there will be cordial physical relations with spouse. Same is the result if A7 is in Kendra or trines to AL.
3. Length of marital life is to be seen from UL. If it has strength, one may remain married for a long time. However, a couple’s physical relationship depends on A7.
4. If the 7th lord is in 2nd house, A7 comes to the 9th house indicating incestuous relations with elders like father figures, Gurus or boss etc.
5. Rahu and other malefic cause extra marital affairs in 2nd or 7th from UL. The UL or Venus in 12th from AL or Navamsa lagna respectively shows an attitude of rejection of the spouse. This could lead to extra-marital relations. A7 shows the sex drive and planets and signs involved to A7 show the possibility of contacts. If A7 is in 6/8/12 from AL or is connected with it, the sex drive may be there but it will be curtailed and difficult to materialize.
6. If UL and A7 are connected, a love partner could become a life partner. If UL is in 3/6/8/12 from AL as A7 is in a Kendra to AL, extra-marital relations could develop due to enemity/rejection of spouse.
7. Venus mainly controls sex drive. Jupiter can cause Venus’s exaltation and hence it promotes purity in sexual relationships. Venus becomes debilitated in the sign of Mercury (Virgo). Mercury tends to promote impurity in sexual matters. However, Mercury can cause cancellation, depending upon its influences.
Jupiter in trines to Navamsa lagna or Mercury promotes chastity while Moon in trines to Mercury tends to make a person unchaste and unfaithful. Mercury and Venus in Scorpio Navamsa (Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio) makes a person oversexed and totally free in sex.
8. Lagna represents ideals and principles of a person. Saturn and Ketu in Lagna without Venus in Rasi/Navamsa produce a fake spiritualist and can give uncontrolled lowly sexual habits. Mars and Venus influencing second from Navamsa Lagna gives excessive sex. Ketu in 2nd or influencing it in any manner curtails it.
9. If the Sun is the lord of A7, it gives a relationship before marriage.
10. A7 in seventh from AL shows the easy contact with the opposite sex. Second and seventh from UL shows cause for break in marriage.
11. Whenever Rahu becomes the chara darakaraka, it gives very sudden unconventional marriages especially if placed in the quadrants. Marriage can be a bad experience.

Timing the Marriage
The primary point is that the dasa planet in operation should have conjunction/aspect or unobstructed argala on the navamsa lagna or its lord or obstruct malefic argala to promote marriage. Similarly, the association of the antardasa planet with the 7th lord or to have unobstructed argala on it, is necessary. The pratyantar dasa will normally be of a planet in trines to the seventh house in the D-9 or one of the lords of Kama trikona.
1. If Upapada lord is exalted, spouse is from a high status and if debilitated, from a low status. If the lord of Upapada is in 12th house, the native may not marry at all.
2. The house of the spouse is seen from the lord of the seventh house from Venus. If this planet is in a fixed sign or navamsa, spouse is from the same town/region. If it is in a movable sign/amsa, spouse is from a distant land while if in a dual sign, spouse is from a land neither very far nor adjoining.
3. Planets placed in the 7th house or 12th house from UL shows strained relations with the particular member of the spouse’s family. Thus if the Sun is in the 12th house from Upapada Lagna, the father-in-law would either have expired before marriage or if alive strained relations occur. Similarly, if the Moon is in the seventh from UL, the mother-in-law will be very inimical and will make every effort to break the marriage.
4. Planets in ascendant, 3rd, 7th or 9th house give their yoga and other results late in life. Thus, if a Raja yoga is in the seventh house, the results will be late.
5. The ascendant of the spouse should preferably be the Upapada, its trines, 7th sign or the sign occupied by the 7th lord.

3 thoughts on “Relationship & Marriage

  1. Thanks for writing this informative article, Rajat!

    Some questions that you may want to answer for the benefit of learners like me:

    Q) What happens if AL and A7 are in the same house?

    Q) What happens if the lords of UL and the 2nd house from UL are placed in the third house from UL, and the lord of 3rd goes to the second house from UL?

    Q) You said persons signified by planets in the 7th house from UL create obstruction in the married life. For example, the moon > mother- in-law, the sun > father-in-law. What will Saturn signify here, or Venus/ketu?

    • Dear Pro-myth-ia,
      Thanks for liking this article. Here are the answers of the questions asked by you:
      1. If AL and A7 are in same house, it is a Srimantah yoga. This yoga ensures blessings of Lakshmi in one’s life. Another Srimantah yoga is if the dispositor of A7 becomes AK. This is the highest of all the Srimantah yoga. This indicates that the soul carries the blessings of Lakshmi. See the chart of Dhirubhai Ambani, Warren Buffet and many other billionaires.
      2. It completely depends on the chart. The 2nd lord from UL needs to be strong to ensure the longevity of marriage. Here it is the parivartana between 2nd lord from UL and 3rd lord from UL. Hence the 2nd lord will work like 3rd lord and 3rd lord like 2nd lord. Its always better to comment on it after viewing the birth chart.
      3. Saturn indicates any elder member of the family preferably old like grandfather or grandmother, Venus indicates sister-in-law whereas Ketu indicates any astrologer or spiritual person. Mercury is uncle or relatives.
      Hope this helps.

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