Results of Kalatrabhava

Results of Kalatrabhava

The results of planets in the 7th house must be understood with the application of Argala. i.e. the 7th house will give primary Argala to the 4th, 6th and 9th houses from Lagna.
Hence Malefic’s in 7th may give sorrow to the person (4th house), give rise to fights and enmity (6th house), and may pull down the dharma of the native (9th). Also since malefic’s in the 3rd from any house, cause Vipareeta Argala, the expression of love will be very bold and daring.
• Sun in the 7th house, will give interest in a proud spouse, possibly interested in reading, and hence learned.
• Moon in the 7th will give interest in a fair and emotional spouse. The native will have a wandering mind and is constantly attracted to sex.
• Mars in the 7th house will give aggressive desires, and can cause interest in a short tempered and maybe even short-lived spouse. Saturn and Jupiter may remove the evil of such a placement and calm down the fire caused by Mars, otherwise 3 marriages could be the result. There is sorrow related to marriage, due to Mars’ Argala on the 4th house.
• Mercury in the 7th house gives interest in a young intelligent, talkative and artistic spouse, but may also cause promiscuous attitude towards the spouse and make the native go to other partners, unless Jupiter aspects. If Moon is in trines or aspects Mercury, then the weak morals are assured, whilst Saturn and Venus associated with Mercury can cause a barren spouse.
• Jupiter in the 7th house is very auspicious and the native has luck in choosing the right partners. The spouse is learned, intelligent and easily removes enmity and strife. There is fortune after marriage.
• Venus in the 7th house can give strange sexual appetites, and even association with prostitutes due to the rise of sensual desire. The wife is sensual, artistic and maybe strict about beauty and habits.
• Saturn in the 7th can give interest in an industrious spouse, however older than normally expected and will be detached.
• Rahu in 7th house will give enmity towards the spouse, who will be short tempered and have a liking for war and fights, and behave like an evil spirit (pisacha). Such a placement could cause liaisons with prostitutes as well, provided the 7th isn’t a benefic sign nor aspected by Jupiter.
• Ketu in 7th could cause disinterest in marriage, and even deny it. Marriage takes place with some difficulty, and feels like a curse to the native, just as Ganesh did not desire to marry.
Aspects by the planets are also to be reckoned to give the results.

Ref: Visti Larsen’s article in SJC USA Conference 2003


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