Forum for free birth chart readings and discussions on vedic astrology

Hi to all,

I have started a forum for free readings on birth charts and discussion on vedic astrology. The link of the forum is
I request all of you to join this forum and promote the forum among your friends, relatives and needy people.
Rajat Kapoor

5 thoughts on “Forum for free birth chart readings and discussions on vedic astrology

  1. Hi Rajat,
    I’m furnishing my details, but unsure of what to expect from a reading. Please go through the following and advise accordingly.
    Date: 28 jan 1986
    Time: 1:50 pm
    Place: Tirupati
    Country: India
    Sex: Male
    Current Residence: USA
    Education: M.S Chemistry, Bachelors: Pharmacy
    Siblings: 2 elder Sisters residing in US
    Past Happenings: Accident: August 7th 2007 between 7 to 9am( Major Injury to right leg Multiple fractures confined to bed for 1 year
    Break in Education: 2007-2008
    Travel:Aug 17 2009 to US
    Current Position: Actively seeking for employment


    Thank you

    • Dear Saikiran,
      A very humble request!! Please join and post your query there. Many astrologers including me are available there and they will answer your query asap. Do have patience there after posting the query. It may take 3-4 days or even a week to get the query answered.

  2. Dear Rajatji,Here i'm furnishing my birth details. Apart frm my chart reading, i want to know especially about my wealth, career and marriage and love prospects. Also, tell me remedies for grahan yoga if any as it is present in my brother's chart too.Details:D.O.B.: 10-May-1986Time: 17:05Place Faizabad, U.P., IndiaGender: MaleProfession: Computer EngineerEducation: MtechEmail-id: devbip10@gmail.comRegards,Bipin

  3. Hello rajatji,I have been following your predictions from a long time and also have had the good fortune to get a reading from you. I wanted to tell you that, you are a wonderful astrologer and have helped a lot of people with their lives… god bless you. You insight and knowledge in astrology is exceptional and have to say that your predictions are most of the times on dot.. you generally do not go wrong. The articles you write are very interesting and you make it simple enough for a layman to understand your point, which is simply superb. Please keep educating people like us this way… thanks for everything..and good luck with VAFF..

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