HH Jagadguru Abhinava Swamigal ji Maharaja

DOB: November 13, 1917
TOB: 8:30 am (5:30 East)
POB: 77E35 12N59

About Him : Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Swamigal was a great sage who treaded on the footsteps of His Guru Sri Chandra Sekara Barathi Swamigal. Sri Acharyal was initiated into Sankara Sanyasa Marga by His Guru at a very young age. Sri Acharyal was known for his affection and compassion towards humanity. He was a great tapasavi and well known for his deep mediatation. He was an expert in yogas, mantra sastras and vedas. Sri Acharyal received initiation on May 21, 1931 at Sringeri. The night when Shri Acharyal went to sleep, he had a dream in which he had vision of Lord Shiva who taught him several yogas. That night and in a series of seven dreams, He was taught by Lord Shiva himself.

My views on His chart:
The Sun and Moon combination is generally regarded as Amavasya and natives with such a combinations are generally feared to have lot of troubles. But if well supported by planets, such charts can reveal a great spiritualist to this world. Note Acharyal’s Lagna. Scorpio, the 8th house in kalapurusha’s chart is generally reckoned to be a secretive house, associated with occultism and spirituality. Scorpio rises with Mercury in it. Mercury in Lagna, being the karaka of speech, His Holiness Acharya was well known for his exemplary spiritual discourses, clarity, wits and sense of humour. A vargottama retrograde Jupiter, who is in Anyonya Yoga with Venus, thus as if in own house, in a kendra aspecting Lagna makes it very strong. Note GL (power and authority) also occupies Lagna. Further Lagna Lord Mars occupies the 10th house, where it gets digbala. Saturn in 9th unaspected will give strong Pravrajya Yoga. Saturn is exalted in the 8th in D-10.

Now lets examine the luminaries. This is a very interesting case of Sun and Moon occupying the 12th. The 12th house is known for high spiritualism, meditation and moksha. Moon the karaka for mind in conjunction with AK Sun (soul) especially in 12th is an unique combination that would unleash high level of spirituality. It naturally indicates that the mind is drawn at the atma-level towards moksha or liberation. An interesting point that Moon being 9th lord representing Dharma placed in 12th indicates that the native’s dharma is inclined towards moksha and all 12th house related spiritual activities. Also see Moon is Badhakesha and Badhakesha placed in 12th house without any malefic aspect clearly nullify the effect of Badhaka in his chart (Mahatma Gandhi also had Badhakesha in 12th house as Surya without any malefic aspect – His father supported him a lot). Similarly the 10th lord Sun in 12th indicates that the native’s karma in this janma will be inclined towards moksha and all 12th house related spiritual activities. It is also interesting to note that Sun represents ego whereas Moon represents ever-changing mind, both going to 12th indicates total lack of ego and steadfast mind, horoscope of a true Yogi indeed. The Acharya was a great exponent of yogas, meditation and often practised nirvikalpa and savikalpa samadhis. His Holiness often spoke about liberation too.


The 12th house in His D-20 further confirms His deep meditation, mysticism and yogas etc as Jupiter and Sun aspect it as also rasi drsti from Mars which is in trines to it. 9th from Karakamsa Lagna has Dharma devata Saturn & Jupiter conjoined with AK Sun and has rasi drsti from Venus and Mars. This powerful combination of Jupiter and Sun aspects 12th in D-20. Note Jupiter is 2nd and 5th lord whereas Sun is 10th lord in Rasi.

Jupiter is in 12th from Karakamsa indicating that He would worship Lord Shiva, which he did. Sri Chandramouleeswara is the name of the Shiv linga worshipped at the Sankara Mutts. Naturally in D-1, with the 9th and 10th lord in 12th house, a very powerful Dharmakarmadhipati yoga is formed. Ketu the co-lord of Lagna placed in 8th indicates strong spiritual inclinations. Ketu placed in 8th which is a moksha trikona indicates orientation towards moksha and interest towards occult, spiritual and escoteric matters.

Venus, the 7th lord is placed in 2nd house which is technically a good placement but is severely afflicted by Rahu. Venus in 6th in Navamsa in marana karaka sthana indicating self-denial of sensual pleasures. Sri Acharya had once indicated that His Ista Devata was Lord Narasimha. Retro Jupiter in 12th from Karakamsa aspected by Saturn and Mercury indicates Ugra Vishnu Rupa, which is Lord Narasimha.

Lagna lord Mars in 10th house bestowed him with excellent administrative abilities and discipline in work at the Sringeri Mutt. This combination also gives a powerful rajayoga which makes the native a powerful authority in his work. Since Mars gets digbala in 10th, Mars aspecting Scorpio makes Lagna very powerful. Besides, 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter, Mars aspecting Mercury, being the karaka of speech, makes the native highly competent in tarka sastra, for which the Sringeri Mutt is famous for. This combination gives authority over speech. This confers Maharaja Yoga. Lord of the 5th and Lagna having sambandha with Lagna or 5th house constitutes Maharaja Yoga. Here Lagna lord aspects both Lagna and 5th house and 5th lord aspects Lagna. Both are also Paraspara karakas.

Mars, the lagna lord is in Magha Nakshatra ruled by Ketu who is placed in 8th. Ketu denotes selflessness, renunciation and moksha. So the native himself is given to selflessness, renunciation and moksha.

2nd from UL is aspected by the nodes and Mars indicating that denial/break of marriage is another important factor in chart of saints. Jupiter retrograde, vargottama and in parivartana with Venus, the kalatra karaka, placed in the 7th house, proves the dictum of Jupiter damaging one of the indications of the house in which he is placed.

Moon in a sthira rasi in D-24 indicates focussed mind. Note the 4th house in D-24 contains a well placed Jupiter and Venus (Venus in digbala in 4th house), indicating traditional knowledge of the Vedas and Sastras.

Timing renunciation:

I am inclined to think that the moksha trikona or their lords and Guru pada A9 are most important factors in trying to time renunciation in the charts of Sankaracharyas. AL, A5, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon and the lord of Moon sign are definitely excellent points to look at. His Holiness was initiated by his Guru, HH Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekara Bharathi Swamigal on May 22, 1931 at Sringeri. Though the sages have given Drig Dasha to time renunciation accurately, i have attempted to identify some common factors and examine the time of renunciation through Vimsottari and Narayana Dasha of D-1 & D-20 as well.

Under Vimsottari Dasha scheme 

The native was running the fag end of Rahu Mahadasa – Moon Antardasa – Mars Pratyantaradasa. Rahu occupies the 2nd house and is debilitated. Rahu would give results of Jupiter who is placed in a kendra and aspects Lagna. Rahu is placed in 3rd from Sun. Rahu’s dispositor Jupiter is placed in 8th from Sun, indicating spiritual aspiration of the Atma. Moon occupies the 12th which is a moksha trikona and blends with the Atmakaraka Sun indicating strong desire for liberation. Mars is the lagna lord placed in 10th and by virtue of it gaining digbala and a rajayoga, it conferred power and authority as spiritual head of a very large Mutt called Sringeri Shankaracharya Samsthan.

Note: Moon is the dispositor of A5 and occupies the 12th. Note A9 occupies the 12th. The 12th house also happens to be the Guru’s home or Ashram. Note involvement of lord of AL, Lagna lord, mokshatrikonas (4,8,12), 4th, 8th, 9th lords and 10th house. Simply put, Srinivasan became His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Swamigal. Astrologically, i am inclined to think that the change in diksha nama was due to involvement of lord of AL. It is interesting to note that in transit Sun was aspecting his Lagna and Moon was in 9th house, his own rasi. Saturn and Moon were aspecting each other in 3/9 axis, Jupiter lord of the 5th house being in 8th house.

Under Drig Dasha Scheme:

Drig Dasha (religious & spiritual activities)
Ta MD: 1926-11-13 (15:48:35) – 1933-11-13 (10:55:00)
Cn AD: 1930-12-13 (7:37:42) – 1931-07-13 (23:22:36)
Cn PD: 1931-05-20 (1:14:08) – 1931-06-07 (7:05:47)

Taurus is occupied by a retro Jupiter who is in vargottama carrying blessings from the past. Jupiter is the lord of 2nd and 5th and there is a parivartana between Jupiter & Venus. Venus is not only the lord of the 7th & 12th, but occupies Sg, which is Paka Rasi conjoined Rahu. Mars occupies 9th from Paaka Rasi and by itself is strong to cause a yoga. Taurus is in the 8th from Sun, indicating spiritual path and has rasi drsti from A9, A5, A11, A7 and GL. Saturn, Sun and Moon also have rasi aspect on Taurus. So Taurus Drig dasha gave Him renunciation. Cn contains Saturn, which has rasi drsti on Lagna causing renunciation. Reckoned from Moon, Saturn in Cn, receives virtually unobstructed argala from Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter all of which contribute to renunciation take place.

Under Narayana Dasha scheme:

Note A5 occupies Cn. Cn is the 9th rasi from Lagna. Sg is occupied by 4th lord Rahu and 12th lord Venus. Paaka rasi is Li which contains Moon and AK Sun in the 12th bringing into focus significations of 12th house. We have already discussed the power stored in the 12th house in this chart. The 2nd & 5th lord Jupiter occupies Taurus, a kendra from Lagna and the initiation into Sankara Sanyasa Marga took place.

Here we can clearly see that lords of moksha trikona (4,8,12), Jupiter, 9th house, A5, AK, the luminaries Sun & Moon are involved. Though one can not predict the exact date from narayana dasha, some indicative dates can be arrived at.


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