The Importance of Karakamsa Lagna, Ista – devata and other Devatas

The house and sign of the AK in the Navamsa chart is called the Karakamsa Lagna and is a very important vantage point from which to see the soul’s progress in the horoscope. The positions of planets with reference to the KL, as well as the position of KL in different houses in the Navamsa chart, have been described in great detail by Maharshi Jaimini. However, the gist of most of the information contained therein is as follows:
The Lagnamsa (the lagna of the Navamsa chart) and the Karakamsa or KL (Navamsa attained by the AK) is both described as “Svamsa” by sage Jaimini.
1. Lagnamsa refers to the body and the physical and-or material benefits the native may attain in the current lifetime. Due to its relation to the Navamsa of the AK, the KL always refers to the soul, spirituality and the evolution of the soul into the next lifetimes.
2. Benefics in trine to Svamsa always produce auspicious results, whereas malefics in such positions may be challenging, but not in all circumstances. Benefics in strength occupying or aspecting both Lagnamsa and Karakamsa lagna bring raja-yoga results without a doubt.
3. Raja-yoga is formed if benefics are either in or aspecting the 10th house from Lagnamsa or Karakamsa.
4. Devotees of the path of jnana-yoga, or intellectual/mental speculation on the Supreme Absolute Truth, frequently have malefics in strength in trines to the Karakamsa Lagna. Those well-versed in mantra-sastra, for example, have strong malefics in such positions.
5. Further to the above, expertise in spells and occult knowledge occurs when malefics in strength are in trines from Svamsa. One malefics gives knowledge of mantra, two malefics indicate knowledge of various mantras, while more than two malefics gives knowledge of yantras and tantra (Tantric-yoga).
6. Malefics in trines to Karakamsa give expertise in black magic when aspected by other malefics. Malefics in trines aspected by benefics give expertise in white magic.

i. In this connection, note that there is a difference between malefics in trine to Lagnamsa, as opposed to those in trines to Karakamsa. Knowledge of black magic is used to harm others, whereas white magic is meant to protect. If the above combinations are in trine to Lagnamsa, then the person makes a living from this knowledge. If they are in trine to the Karakamsa, then the magic is very strong and is used for either auspicious or inauspicious purposes respectively.
7. Bhakti-yogis such as Vaisnavas (worshippers of Vishnu/Krsna in His personal forms), generally have benefics in trines to Karakamsa Lagna, although they frequently have malefics in strength as yogakarakas in trines to Lagnamsa. For example, in charts of Vaisnava acaryas (great gurus), yogakaraka Saturn is often in trines, as are Jupiter and Mercury.
8. Ketu positioned in the 4th or 12th houses from Karakamsa Lagna, especially in the sign of Pisces or Cancer, and conjoined or aspected by benefics, gives moksa or final emancipation to the soul. Benefics in 12th from Svamsa give elevation to svarga-loka or the various planetary systems of the demi-gods and demi-goddess.
a. In this connection, note that there are seven upper planetary systems beginning with bhu-loka (Earth), and culminating with the topmost planetary system of satya-loka, the planet of Brahma. The three natural benefics: Venus, Mercury and Moon, respectively, rule svarga-loka, mahar-loka and jana-loka. The planets of asceticism and transcendental knowledge, Saturn and Jupiter respectively, rule each of tapa-loka and satya-loka. (With respect to Saturn, he must be powerful as a functional benefic and yogakaraka in order to take the soul to tapa-loka in the next life, the planet of great yogis and ascetics). It should be noted, however, that these planetary systems are still within the Brahmanda, the manifested material worlds, and thus are not considered Kaivalya or full moksa.
b. Corresponding distinctions between what is attained by worship of devatas (demi-gods and demi-goddesses) on the one hand (heaven), and the transcendental abodes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Narayana or Vishnu), are clearly enunciated in the Bhagavad-Gita. In order to make these distinctions astrologically, carefully note the difference between Ketu in the 4th and 12th from Karakamsa, as opposed to benefics in the same positions from Lagnamsa.
9. Natural and functional malefics in the 4th, 8th or 12th from Svamsa suggest that the soul doesn’t attain freedom from the cycles of births and deaths (samsara), but instead goes to one out of seven planetary systems beneath the earth in the next lifetime (patala-lokas or hell).

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Karakamsa Lagna, Ista – devata and other Devatas

  1. Dear Sir,

    I’ve consulted a couple of astrologers but, for what so ever reason they are giving different predictions on my Ishta devatha, I’ll be thankfull if you could advice on my Ishta devatha and the AK aspects. The details of my birth are as below:

    Birth time: 09:01 am
    Birth date: 06.12.1983
    Birth Place: Salem, Tamilnadu, India (11° 40’29.04″N, 78°09’07.73″E)
    Name: Kathiresan.M

    Kindly help me with this.


  2. Dear sir,
    Thanks for posting article. I just come accros it and have some doubt so need your guidance.
    if you can help than I will be grateful.
    My Detail are:
    DOB: 25-06-1978
    TOB: 07:42 am
    POB: Bechraji ,Mehsana ,Gujarat INDIA Latitude: 23 N 31′ 12″, Longitude: 72 E 01′ 19

    Rahu seems AK and no any planet 12th from it in D-9. Does we have to antl-count 12th from it as Rahu is AK for considering Ishta Devata etc??

    Please advice me on my istha devta and other aspect in respect to AK

    Kind Regards,
    Gautam Raval

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