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Dear all,

This section of blog is for those who want to ask any specific question on their birth chart. If one is looking for answer of any specific question, one can ask it as comment on this post. Only one question can be asked like “When i will get married?” or “When i will get a job”. “When i will get married and how my partner will be?” is considered as two questions. For detailed analysis, one needs to visit consultation page and contact me professionally. The detailed reading is an extensive process and need few hours to be given to read the chart. Once the query is answered and one has another question in mind, reach to me through consultation page. I will answer the query in the same order as they are posted. Hence one need to wait atleast for two to three days for his/her query get answered. Please have patience.

57 thoughts on “Query on birth chart

  1. Hi there,

    Hope you’re fine! Let me coin my query, i.e. about my career.

    Will I b better off on foreign land or in India…I was in London between May-2006 to Jan-2011 then in New Zealand?

    My previous “videsh yog” was great – no complain what so ever?
    But for now, I’m wondering whether there will be another successful Videsh yog or not and will I be able to settle permanently in any foreign country?

    My DOB – 06 / Jan /1985 ..TIME OF BIRTH – 1.55 A.M….PLACE – AHMEDABAD – Male…

    I’m “all ears” to hear from you.


    Kartik Shah

  2. Rajatji,


    I have two planets at the atmakaraka (both at 29 degrees) and am seeking to find my ishta devata, as well as any other mantra or graha focus that might be pertinent. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

    DOB 4/28/1964
    TOB: 13:01:00
    POB: Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

  3. my son has developmental delay, will he be able to get out of this. he is 3 1/2 year old now. his birth day is 10/1/2008 at 4:17AM. please kindly let me know…

  4. Hi Rajat ji,

    I have been in UK since 12 years now my family went back to India last year as we wanted to relocate. i am currently running my own business.
    If I go back to India will I be successful.
    Will I be successful in a new business venture.
    How will be mine and my family future in india.
    Place=Bihar, bihar sharif.
    My Wife
    Time=21:45 pm
    Place=vishakhapatnam, andhra pradesh.

  5. Hi Rajat,

    Could you see from my chart if I could be successful in setting up a new business abroad?

    Thank you very much,

    27 Nov 1982
    10:50 am
    18.55 South 47.31 East
    Lagna: Capricorn

  6. hi rajat..
    can u tell me do i have a goooood government job as per my chart??
    also please tell me about my health… when will favourable period start in my life….2012,..13, ..14 ???
    thank you very much

    9th march 1989

    aapki kripa ho jaaye!!!!

  7. Can you tell me about my job prospects in the near future? Sade-sati just finished for me.
    Moon-Jupiter dasa would start sometime this month.

    24, March, 1986
    12:15 PM,

    Would love to learn from you! Thanks!

  8. i would be very greatfull if you can tell me when i will able to be in a job ?i finished my mba last year 2010 nov and still searching for a job?

    birth details:

    DOB: 1 st May 1982
    Time : 15.28
    time zone : +1 (central european time)
    day ligth saving :0.0
    Place : Bellinzona(switzerland)9 E 01/46 N 12

  9. Hello,

    Plz predict my marriage.

    Birth details:

    D.O.B – 22 SEP 1986
    T.O.B – 18:30 (6.30 PM)

  10. I’m new(ish) to Jyotish, and would like to know if Venus is positive or negative in my chart, especially towards the Sun. Specifically, I want to know what to expect from my Sun/Venus Dasha.

  11. Respected Rajat ji,
    Can you kindly guide me about my job and career. I completed my MBA this year frm Canada but im unable to find a job.
    I will be grateful for your kind help.

  12. Hello Rajatji,

    Please look into the chart of my son, he has significant developmental delays, please tell me about his future, will he be able to be independent , what remedies can I do for him?
    Date of birth 30th September 2005, 10:15 am, new York
    My date of birth: 4th September 1971, 3:43am, Delhi,


  13. hei

    I want to know more of my daughter–born 15.09.1991 at 7.23 am in oslo norway—her first name is Gita–hope to hear from u.

  14. Dear Rajatji,
    Please analyse my husband’s and my charts and answer the following queries we have

    My details – 25/08/79, 9.30PM(night), Bankura(West bengal)
    Hubby’s details : 08/08/75, 2PM(afternoon), Burdwan(West Bengal)

    When will be able to have children?Already i have undergone a misscarriage last yr and some astrologers have told us that i may have more chances of loss as my rahu is afflicting my 5th house and for my hubby rahu is in lagna and so he has pitridosh.As remedy, for both of us our family astrologer has done rahu shanti and both of us were told to do mangalwar ka vrat for 1 year.Also certain astrologers are suggesting to do pitroki shanti for my hubby.

    Will above processes solve our problem?

    Also please suggest in general how my chart looks in terms of my career,wealth, health, marital life and children ofcourse.


  15. namaste ji
    me details are sep 4 1986, chennai , 11:23am
    i have excellent academic records and no job. joblessness is killing me. when will i get a job this year?

  16. Namaste Rajat ji,

    DOB — 07/Mar/1987
    TOB — 03 : 20 AM
    POB — Jaipur / Rajasthan

    Sir when I will get job of my satisfaction and stability.


  17. Hi Guruji,

    My Birth Details.

    Time=5:10 am

    If i start a farming business now, how it will be. I am planning to start this business with 2 of my friends.
    Also planning to buy land for this now.


  18. respected rajat ji..
    on october 7th itself i have posted my query & only one qn i asked was when i will get job..

    pl kindly reply for that query..eagerly waiting for ur reply sir..

  19. Hello Rajat ji,

    My Birth Details.

    Time=4:30 am

    When will i get Job
    Any Windfall of Money in Future


  20. Dear Narasimha,
    I am using Lahiri Aynamsa as suggested by my Guru Visti Larsen ji. I have found it perfect till now. So i will prefer the placements through the aynamsa, i am using. Secondly do tell me which aynamsa you are using? Also as you said Jup + Mars is in 2nd house, do you face serious issues with your finances? If yes then the aynamsa you are using is correct, else the aynamsa am using, is perfect.
    Waiting for your feedback.

    Rajat Kapoor

    • Hi Rajat,

      Frankly Speaking GOD has given everything in My Life and he is Always Kind with me.
      Everyday I chant of the sahasranam Ganesha

      When My First Horoscope was written 40 years ago this position of the Planets.

      Jupiter and MArs in Second house
      Venus and Rahu in 4th House
      Sun and Mercury in 5th House
      Moon in 6th House
      Saturn in 7th House
      Kethu in 10th House

      Can you predict my Past so that i can compare.


  21. kindly predict that wheni will get job..


    DOB : JUNE 24,1987

    BIRTH TIME : 5.54 AM



  22. Also Can you kindly give me the source of data where you say a Malavaya yoga get “defunct” just because saturn and jupiter are together?!!

    At least Parasara or the main schools of thought mention in no where and I believe in Parasara.
    I hope you understand that there are 100s of schools of thought who give weird and un tested rules which apparently have little logical basis.

    It is up to the astrologer to believe in them or not. Now after explaining my whole situation to you, would you think my career/ life has been good or bad? Had someone showed you the horoscope without telling u the details, would you come to the conclusion that the career will be bad? after the above 7 points i have mentioned and you might already have noticed?

    You seem to have a very good knowledge base, but kindly keep away from fitting data and then going back to explain why the planets are as such. It should be the opposite. Its a critical thinking error to fit data to the graph and not draw the graph from the data

    As for my Malavya Yoga…usually Venus dashas for me have been par excellent and extremely good. My lagna is at 17 degrees roughly and venus sits at 13 in MK in libra and hence within 4 degrees of most effective point of 10th. Its forward moving, far away from sun and in high dignity. No malefic aspect, Only aspect is from mars from 7th and mars is 4th and 11th lord and also neutral to venus.

    now all the major points you somehow know and wish to avoid and follow some principle that none of the main astrologers might have even heard about?

    You do understand that there is never a horoscope where a planet is perfect from every angle, every divisional horoscope, has no negative effect etc. In other words one can always take out defects in each and every planet no matter how good it is placed

    some very respect astrologers told me that once saturn goes into virgo…i will not have further higher education…and hey presto…once saturn came into 9th virgo and its lord mercury for me…there has been no single day I was out of a university since then…all high level universities for higher education. I am sure the same astrologers will also say now that once saturn goes over my 10th house and lord venus, it will create issues in career now?

    • Thanks Rajat

      Whenever Saturn has transited over any house/ planet of mine, the good results of that house have shown up rampantly infact. When it was over cancer (my 7th) and over mars and rahu there…it gave good effects of relationships with bosses and others, mars is 4 and 11 and there was good news from mother, property area and elder sibling area and money flow.

      when it went into Leo or 8th house, I got a large gift in terms of inheritance from parents (8th is inheritance)

      when it went into virgo, my 9th house having 9th lord, education has been in focus since then and good effects of it…

      before as early as aries, when it was in aries, my 4th house…i was running mars/ saturn also…saturn was debilitated in transit then (1998-1999) and it gave me effects of leaving home (birth place) to delhi for bachelor of engineering from a top 7 college in india (4th house of education)

      in taurus, it gave good rajyoga and continued good education and happiness and good time to siblings also

      in gemini (6th house) it gave me good health and effects of leaving India to USA for higher education (6th represents foreign also aspects 12th from there and 8th all representing foreign connections) also gemini is my Arudha of 9th…and lorded by mercury which is also 9th lord

      hence in a nutshell, whenever saturn goes into any house/ lord for me…effects of that house significations increase in power and strength and not get delayed or problematic

      (all this just for your research)

      also Mars MD for me (mars is badhakesh sitting in debilitation in marana karaka sthana of 7th house with rahu its enemy) was an exceptionally brilliant dasha in all aspects of life of health, wealth, education etc…also mars significations of mother (4th) and gain and elder sibling (11th) had a very good time in their lives too…..

      • also one more thing about Malavya Yoga….without going into too much detail, it is active in my horoscope and Venus dashas are exceptionally good always….so that rule does not seem to work

        also somewhere down the line, i dont remember where, I had also read a similar rule that if jupiter or saturn is lagna lord and they are sitting together in a kendra or trikona, then all the yogas of the horoscope get enhanced

        I believe neither in the rule you mentioned, nor the one which I state above. I think they are both very generic and not applicable without other yoga cancellation or enhancement factors.

    • Dear Sameeksha,
      There are few serious doshas in your chart which are indicating celibacy. Contact me professionally for extensive and detailed reading through my consultation page and for proper remedies.

      Rajat Kapoor

  23. Hello Rajat,
    I want to ask about my career as well as reason for my low self confidence and why mind is always full of fear,negative thoughts and nervousness…..i fear a lot in dealing with new people, taking responsibilities etc.
    Also please tell about my career.

    Dob 10 oct 1984
    Tob 10:39 am
    Pob ajmer

  24. Dear Vick,
    When one will look the chart, it looks a great chart in first sight. But when it is analysed seriously, there comes many negatives in the chart. Venus is 10th lord and is placed in 10th house giving rise to Malavya yoga and must have given a very good career but in reality it haven’t given a good career till now. First reason is Jupiter is conjoined with Saturn and this makes Malavya Yoga defunct (as per Deva Keralam). Also Venus is a Rajas planet and is in 6th from AL which is Tamas bhava. Rajas planets placed in 3, 6 or 12 from AL create hindrance in career. There is Sarpa yoga too being Rahu, Ketu and Mangal in kendra. Here are the remedies for you:
    1. Chant “Om Neelaya Vaishyavarnaya Panchasataphanaya Takshakaya Namah”. For Viniyoga and Nyasa of this mantra, contact me professionally through my consultation page.
    2. Ram Chandi Mantra “Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Namah”.
    3. There is serious kemadruma yoga in your Rasi and Navamsa chart. I can’t give the remedy for this here. Contact me privately for this remedy.

    Rajat Kapoor

    • Dear Rajat,

      Thanks for your analysis and recommendations.

      You are right about some things but mostly the career has not been good till now just because I didnt want it to be. I am 30, but I have a Bachelor of engineering (4) yrs, Master of Science (2.5 yrs) then 4 yrs of very good work experience and then MBA Finance (2) yrs..I Graduated in May 2011 and only after that I have struggled a little bit. Rest Rahu dasha has been mostly very good. All my education has been from very high level top 15 universities of the world in the USA. I have been in USA since 2003

      Every success I have had has been in Mars dasha and Rahu MD till now. They have given me everything and also given some problems and delays. Mars/ Saturn and Rahu/ Saturn gave most stress and tensions but at the same time both gave higher education of a very high level

      Venus dashas are always super good for me usually (99%) of the times. As for Kal sarp do you really believe in it? Parasara makes no mention of it, only modern astrologers do and even if it is, i have moon on one side and mars conjunct and hence kaal sarp does not form?

      My main problem now is that this yr after May, I got couple of very good job offers but something out of my control happens and on the last moment, the job offer is taken away from me….and so getting very unlucky repeatedly and now debt problems coming up as doing a MBA in USA is very expensive and I need to find a good job soon and the bad economy is not helping.

      Can you suggest a time line as per my initial question of When will I find a job?

      great many thanks

      • Dear Rajat:

        Also I would like to make the following observations about the career question I asked about my horoscope:

        1) Venus, lord of 10th sitting with no affliction in 10th in Mooltrikona and also is Yoga Karaka

        2) 10th lord from saturn (karaka for job or karama) exalted in both rashi and navamsha (mercury)

        3) 10th nakshatra lord from moon or sun sitting in its own nakshatra

        4) In Dashamasa, I have Aquarius rising. Lord saturn exalted in 9th house. Jupiter sitting in Mooltrikona in 11th house, mercury and venus (karakas and friends of saturn) sitting in lagna and hence venus also forming exchange with exalted saturn in 9th

        5) Arudha of 10th or venus lies in Cancer (my 7th house) and lord of cancer is exalted in 5th house. Cancer has 40 SAV bindus

        6) Rahu present MD lord has its depositor exalted Rahu is Amatya karaka, in 3 from moon, 3rd from AL, 11th from AK, 11th from sun, jupiter, saturn and mercury and 10th from lord of 10th Venus. 3,6,10, 11 as you know Upachaya houses are good for rahu/ mars in terms of career progression or materialistic things

        7) In Navamsha, 10th lord is jupiter, its exalted in 2nd house of navamsha and aspecting its house from 2nd house

        What my career will be, still remains to be seen…At age of 21, I got a very high paying job right out of bachelor of engineering but chose to leave it to study for MS in USA. then after MS, I got pretty Ok or good job in USA and worked in it for 2.5 yrs and then shifted to an even better job for 1 more yr before I left it again to pursue MBA for 2 yrs.

        Hence I can no complain of having worked only 4 yrs till now as I was increasing my qualifications in terms of career…..but now since May 2011…I am getting extremely unlucky…that was my concern.

        Sorry if I didnt make the whole situation clear in the question itself

      • You will get the job once Saturn will change the transit from Virgo to Saturn. But do remember, whenever Saturn will return to Virgo, being retrograde, it will take away your job. Reason behind that is in BAV of Mercury (Naisargika karaka for career) has 2 bindu whereas libra has 5 bindu. So despite Saturn transiting over Venus (7th lord) will not hamper your job prospects. But it will give serious problems in marriage or relationship as Venus BAV has only 2 bindus. Rahu is Amk hence satisfaction is to been from BAV of Rahu. Since Rahu is excluded in Astakvarga & Saturn is akin to Rahu, we will look at the BAV of Saturn for satisfaction in career. Since Libra has only 3 bindus, despite having a good job, you will not be having satisfaction from career.
        Now you said that some respected astrologer predicted about your studies during the virgo transit. Since education is seen by Jupiter and Virgo has 5 bindus in Jupiter BAV, hence Virgo transit has not to effect your studies abnormally. It will even have helped you more.
        For Malavya yoga, being defunct by Jupiter Saturn conjunction is mentioned in Deva Keralam. The sloka is

        Jeeve shaniyute driste malavyayogabhangawan
        bhriguruchchphalam vyartham grahachidren karsitah

        Jeeve (Jupiter) if aspected/ conjunct by Saturn, there is malavya yoga bhanga. Result of Venus is nullified and Venus behaves as a Chidra Graha (giver of disease).

        Rajat Kapoor

  25. Hi Rajat SIR,

    My Details

    I am been in UK since 10 years now my family went back to India for My children Studies.

    If I go back to India will I be successful.
    Will I be good in business
    How is my future for Next 10 years


    My Wife
    Time=4:30 am


    • Dear Narasimha,
      Karaka for birth place or birth country is Jupiter whereas 4th lord is also Jupiter. Jupiter is in MKS and 3rd house have Jupiter & Mars together in the house of Mars/Ketu. In Vara chakra, Mars is the 8th planet from Jupiter, indicating eclipse on Jupiter. When such yogas happen in chart, it destroys the main planet (Jupiter) & the 3rd house. Hence, i will not suggest you to relocate to India, which is birth country. Remedy to make the 3rd house favourable and strong is to worship Ganesha. Since Ketu is placed in Cancer sign, Gajanan rupa is to be worshipped by “Gajananaya Hum” & “Om gam glaum ganapataye namah”.
      Regarding your question for lottery, 5th and 8th lords are Saturn & Mars respectively. Also Saturn is debilitated in 8th house whereas Saturn and Mars are dire enemies. 5th, 8th and 2nd lord needs to be in any yoga for gain in lottery. Hence, i don’t think any success will be there in lottery.
      Regarding finances, 2nd lord is in 5th house (Vayu Rasi) and with a extremely malefic vayu tattva planet Rahu. As per Lalita Upakhyanam, Vayu is dire enemy to Jala tattva. Hence it can create problems in flow of finances & also it will hamper the sexual urge. The positive factor is that Venus is vargottama. I will suggest you to worship Chamundi or Dhoomavati. Contact me professionally for Chamundi/ Dhoomavati mantra.
      Future for next 10 years: You are currently into Virgo Narayana dasa. Hence Deha is Virgo & Jeeva is Libra. Paka rasi is Aquarius whereas Bhoga rasi is Cancer. Now here is my brief analysis:
      Saturn is placed in 8th from Dasa Rasi indicating problems in flow of finances. No benefic is aspecting Saturn by graha drsti. Mercury is placed in 6th from Dasa Rasi indicating problems in business. Jupiter aspecting 7th from Dasa Rasi and Moon being placed there as lord of Bhoga Rasi indicates that there will be happiness from marriage and you will meet certain new people in your business. Karaka for business is Mercury and Saturn is about to transit in Libra by November 16th. Now Libra has 6 bindus in BAV of Mercury, hence despite narayana dasa indicating issues in business, some relief will also come because of this favourable transit. At the same point, in Saturn (AmK) BAV, libra has only 3 points. Hence you will not feel satisfied in the business. For more detailed analysis, contact me professionally through my consultation page on this website.

      Rajat Kapoor

      • Hi Rajat,

        Thanks for the Information.

        In My Horoscope planet positions
        Jupiter and MArs in Second house
        Venus and Rahu in 4th House
        Sun and Mercury in 5th House
        Moon in 6th House
        Saturn in 7th House
        Kethu in 10th House

        Based on the above position of the Planets placed can you predict.


  26. Hello Rajat Ji:

    DOB: 17/01/1989
    TOB: 8.30 A.M
    POB: Kannur (Cannanore), Kerala

    My question is what kind of career would I end up with?


    • Dear Paras,
      You will end up with a career in IT or Software field. Mercury is placed in 3rd from AL indicates some problems in career. I will suggest you to worship Narayana for better career. Om Namo Narayanaya is the best mantra for this,

      Rajat Kapoor

  27. Dear Prathamesh,
    You are right that at times Narayana dasa sequence differs to the one used by SJC Astrologers and the one which is in J-Hora. Actually there are few bugs in Narayana dasa in J-Hora. Reason for this is that there are certain exemptions and rules in calculation of Narayana dasa which are not public yet. They are the part of the course module of Jaimini Sutras Course and Parasara Course run by SJC. Hence, i can’t write more on those exemptions and rules. If you wish to learn about them, go for Jaimini Sutras course through any SJC Guru.
    Exempting those rules and exemptions, rest all is mentioned in detail in Narayana Dasa book by Sanjay Guru ji. Read that book completely and you will be quite good in interpreting Narayana Dasa. One tip from my end : Narayana Dasa works perfectly in those chart who have strong Jupiter or Jupiter as AK. Don’t worry much about those exemptions, as they are not used in every chart. So first learn the principles of general calculation and prediction. We will be discussing on Narayana Dasa through this blog at time to time.

    Rajat Kapoor

  28. Namaskar Rajatji , this is a general request over chart principles

    1] I followed Sohamsa forums,some books of SJC and i found that few times Narayan dasa as explained by learned astrologers in their analysis wasnt matching with the Narayana dasa of Jagannath Hora.Astrologers definitely are not wrong.So does this mean that Jagannath hora is wrong in Calculating Narayan dasa.I have found this in some cases that strength calculation is wrong and even after changing settings the dasa years do not match that of as per the analysis of astrologers.

    Which book is good for calculation of narayan dasa? I have Sanjayjis Narayan dasa’s Ebook


  29. Dear Rajat ji,

    Many thanks for reply.
    You mentioned all the positions of my chart.
    Will you please advice whether I will have asuccessful career or not.

    Many thanks,

  30. Respected Rajat ji,

    My birth details are
    1st June 82, Bhilai, C.G. 23:20 pm

    My problem is related to my career. I am MBAFinance and CFA level 2 candidate. Inspite of good qualifications I am unable to get decent job.I left job in Mar 08 for marriage and relocation abroad. We came back to India in 2011 and after so much effort in job search in Jun i got a job though not as per my qualifications. On 23rd sep i was told that my skills dont match with job requirement and that i should resign. Now I am even ready for bpo jobs considering the worse job market.

    I want to ask you when will i be able to get a good job and when this mental agony will end.

    Many thanks,

    • Dear Anu,
      Thanks for posting the query. You are born in Hasta Nakshatra. Let’s see how karma tara is placed. Karma tara is the 10th nakshatra from Janma Nakshatra in 27 star scheme. So the 10th nakshatra from Hasta is Sravana. Sravana is lorded by Moon. Moon is placed in serious curse being conjoined with Saturn and Mars who are forming Yama yoga too. This Moon is though in his own house in Navamsa but again with Saturn. Do remember this Saturn is retrograde hence very powerful. Moon is the dispositor of A10 too. Moreover Moon is AK & 7th lord, indicating the lesson to be learnt by you is in the area of relationships and career. Remedial actions for Moon are very important. Chant Annapurna Stotram daily starting from Monday in Sukla Paksha.

      • Dear Anu,
        In addition to the above reply, i will suggest you to worship Vyasa Deva through Vyasa yantra as curse of Moon is in the house of Mercury and Mercury is well placed in the chart and is unafflicted. The mantra for Vyasa Deva is “Om Vyam Vyasadevaya namah”. For viniyoga and nyasa of this mantra, please contact me privately.

        Rajat Kapoor

  31. Hello Rajat ji – Hope you are doing good!

    Please help by letting me know when would i be satisfied in my career. I have around 7 years of work exp. in IT but m not satisfied with the quality of work.I sit idle most of the time. From the very start of my career i wanted to do technically challenging work but somehow or the other never got that. I just kept reading books with no practical exp. I haven’t had any mentor or Guru to guide me as well.At this stage in my career i m at crossroads yet again on what to do – Technically challenging work or Managerial work. I have gained in exp. but not on practical technical skill. Financials are also not improving.

    As per my chart what is the reason for this dissatisfaction? Is there any scope of a secondary income and in what field?

    Birth Details:
    DOB : 18th Oct 1981
    TOB : 09:50 PM IST
    POB : New Delhi

    Thanks for your time and effort

    • Dear libvenus,
      At present, Saturn is transiting in Virgo sign. In your birth chart, your 10th lord is Jupiter and is in Virgo sign. Hence, Saturn is transiting over your 10th lord and its the 4th from Moon also. So almost last 2.5 years have been very problematic on career front and for mental happiness. In Jupiter BAV, 4th house has only 4 points, which is not so good hence problems at career front has to be there. Now Saturn will be transiting in Libra by November 16 this year and Saturn has 5 points in libra sign for Jupiter BAV. I see definite change in career front by the change of this transit. I will suggest you to chant “Om namah shivaya” 108 times daily.
      All the very best.

    • hei
      How r u? Am interested to know about the birth chart of a little baby born on 6.55 pm norwegain time, in oslo, norway–on 22 of september 2011

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