Timing Financial Ups and Downs using Vimshottari, Narayana and Sudasa

Section I: Dhana Yogas (Combination for Wealth)
Maharishi Parashara in BPHS says that the Kendras are specifically the houses of happiness and the Trikonas are the houses of Wealth and Prosperity. This is because Kendras are ruled by Vishnu, the sustainer and Trikonas are governed by Lakshmi, the giver of prosperity. Thus, these houses shall appear prominently in the combinations of wealth. Along with it, 2nd house is the house of accumulated wealth and 11th house is the house of gains or income and thus, these houses are equally important in the matters of wealth. 12th signify the house of loss and its involvement in the combinations show loss of wealth. Let’s see what Bhavartha Ratnakara have to say in these matters of wealth:
If the there’s a parivartana between the 2nd and 5th lords or the 2nd and 11th lords, the native earn a lot. This is also true for the placement of the 5th and 9th lords in their own houses.
Here the author talks of the association of the lord of wealth (accumulated), i.e., 2nd lord, with either the 5th house (Trine) or the 11th house (gains), the native earns a lot of money. This to note that 9th house shows past & the 5th house shows the future. Since the author talks of involvement of the 5th lord, the native shall “Earn” the wealth with his own effort and not inherit from his Father (lineage), as signified by the 9th house. In the subsequent line, the author speaks of the strength of the 5th and 9th houses, the key houses of blessings of Lakshmi.
If lord of 2nd and 11th associates with lord of the 5th and 9th then dhana yoga results.
Here the author reiterates the same concept, just to give emphasis on the association of the houses of wealth and gains with the houses representing the blessings of Lakshmi. Various combinations can be possible by the association with the 2nd and 11th lord with 5th and 9th house. However, in my humble opinion, association of 2nd lord with 5th and 9th lord or house is more important that 11th lords association with the 5th and 9th lords (the houses are given lower priority), in bestowing wealth to the native.
If the said planets (2nd and 11th) are associated with lords other than the 5th and 9th, no dhana yoga results; however, the native does enjoy moderate wealth.
This statement is particularly important; as this states that in the absence of any dhana yoga, the person would not suffer penury and shall have riches based on the inherent strength of the 2nd, 11th, 5th and 9th houses. The person shall have moderate wealth and can make a comfortable living out of it as long as there is no association of the houses of wealth with “BAD” houses (which we shall discuss in the combinations for penury).
There’ll be loss of wealth if the 12th lord associates with the 2nd and 11th lords.
12th is the house of losses and association of the 12th lord (vyayesha) with the lords of the 2nd and 11th lords, shall cause loss of wealth. However, this cannot be interpreted as lack of wealth.
This can be interpreted as the native shall earn wealth based on the association of the lords of the houses of wealth (2nd and 11th) with the houses of blessings of Lakshmi (5th and 9th) or their inherent strength, however, the native has to face losses on unexpected ventures as indicated by the 12th house or 12th lord.
It’s always fortunate for Jupiter to associate with the 2nd lord and Mercury.
Here the author brings in the influence of the Karaka for wealth, Jupiter. It is known that if the karaka of a house is well placed of associate with the lord of the house of aspect the house, then that particular signification of the house is enhanced. If Jupiter associate (conjunct, aspect, have exchange) with the 2nd lord (11th lord is left out, as accumulated wealth is under focus), the native is fortunate and can have good bank balance. Why Mercury is brought into picture is yet to be understood!
If the 1st, 2nd and 11th lords are in their own houses, dhana yoga is formed
In the first stanza, the author talked of the strength of the 5th and 9th lords/ houses, whereby here he talks of the strength of the trine which was left out, i.e., the Lagna and the lord/ houses of wealth and gain. The purpose of segregating these into two different places can be priority which the author gives for the strength of the combination to bestow wealth. In my humble opinion, the exaltation and other strengths (sthana bala in shadbala scheme) of the said lords shall also noteworthy to be studied in the context of Dhana Yogas.
If the 2nd and 11th lords are in the lagna, a powerful dhana yoga results
While in previous stanzas, the author speaks of the association of the 2nd and 11th lords with the trinal lords, namely 5th and 9th; in this stanza, he mentions the placement of the lords of wealth and gain together in the Lagna can also bestow a powerful dhanayoga. In my humble opinion, the combination can be extended to placement of the 2nd and 11th lord in 5th and 9th too. If one of the two of the 2nd and 11th lords is placed in the trine, then the combination is proportionately weakened. The placement of 5th or 9th lord in the houses of wealth and income however has lesser consequences on the matters of wealth.

Yogada (The Yoga Givers)

Maharishi Parashara in BPHS discussed about some special lagnas such as Hora Lagna (HL) and Ghatika Lagna (GL) and said that matters related to financial prosperity and power/ status need to be respectively judged from these special lagnas. Whichever a planet comes into contact with these special lagnas, it becomes specifically capable to bestow prosperity on the native. The effect of the yogada can be felt during their vimshottari dasa, in the antar of another auspicious planet, related to the yogada. It is useful to find the intensity of the results, the yogadas can give. The following section gives different level of yoga giver, whereby the ones mentioned later become progressively stronger to bestow yoga on the native.
1. KARTA: If any planet becomes the lord of/ placed with/ aspects the Lagna, Hora Lagna or Ghatika Lagna, then he becomes karta. Karta means the doer and thus, such planet can become the doer of different actions in the native’s life to bring material benefits to the native related to the area implied by the association. If the association is with the Lagna, then there is self development, if Hora Lagna, then improvement in financial prospects and if the association is with the Ghatika Lagna, then there is improvement in power, authority and status of the native.
2. KEVALA: Kevala means the exclusive one. If the subhapati (Moon sign lord) becomes the Karta, then he takes up the role of a Kevala and gives great material prospects. This is because, the subhapati has the responsibility to provide the materials for sustenance in this world and as it becomes Karta, its ability to bestow material gains increases substantially.
3. YOGADA: If any planet simultaneously aspects, conjoin, owns the Lagna and Hora Lagna/ Ghatika Lagna, he becomes Yogada. Along with the ownership of the signs of Lagna/ HL/ GL, ownership of 7th from these signs can also be considered. Yogada is comprised of Yoga and Da, which means material prospects (yoga) giver (da). The association with HL bestows financial gains and hence such yogada is known as Dhana yogada and association with GL gives power and status and hence such yogada is knows as Raja yogada.
4. KEVALA YOGADA: If the subhapati (Moon sign lord) becomes a yogada, he is specifically equipped to give financial gains or status and hence known as Kevala Yogada (exclusive giver of prosperity).
5. MAHA YOGADA: If a planet simultaneously aspects, placed in or own Lagna, HL and GL (or seventh from them), then he becomes Mahayogada. The Mahayogada in its dasa bestow excellent prosperity in the antara of an auspicious planet (related to the yogada by aspect, conjunction or exchange).
6. KEVALA MAHA YOGADA: This planet has the highest capacity to bestow prosperity to a native. During the dasa of such planet, the person can rise from riches even from rags. Whenever the subhapati becomes the mahayogada, it is called the kevala mahayogada.
Section II: Sudasa

Direction of dasa

The direction of counting dasa is based on whether Sri Lagna (SL) is in an odd sign or an even sign. If SL is in an odd sign, the counting is zodiacal and vice-versa. However, if Saturn is present in the Lagna the direction is always zodiacal, while Ketu’s presence in the Lagna reverses the direction.
This rule also applies to reckoning panaphara and Apoklima too, which are to be used in finding out the sequence of dasa.
Sequence of Dasa
First four dasas belongs to kendra from the SL. Among the four Kendras, the strongest one initiate the dasa and the subsequent dasa continue zodiacally or anti-zodiacally based on the direction of the dasa identified in the previous steps.
The next four dasa belong to Panaphara from the SL and initiated by the strongest of the Panapharas. The next set of four dasa belongs to Apoklima from the SL and initiated by the strongest of the Apoklimas. Reckoning of the panapharas and apoklimas are also governed by the direction of dasa given above.
Strength of signs
The strengths of signs are evaluated in a sequential manner. The subsequent steps of finding strength are only evaluated if the previous step fails. The steps are as follows:
1. The sign containing more planets is stronger
2. The sign conjoined with or aspected by more of Jupiter, Mercury and the lord is stronger.
3. The sign containing exalted planet is stronger than others.
4. The sign whose lord is in a sign of different oddity (odd/ even) is stronger than the one whose lord is in sign of same oddity.
5. The sign whose lord is more advanced in a sign is stronger. For the nodes, the advancement is seen from the end of the sign. For Aquarius and Scorpio, stronger of the dual lords is to be considered.
Stronger of lords (for Aquarius and Scorpio)
Rule 1: If one of the lords is placed in own sign and the other is placed elsewhere, the lord placed elsewhere is considered stronger.
Rule 2: If both lords are placed elsewhere, the stronger of the two signs, where they are placed, will be considered. The rules of strength of signs are given above.
Rule 3: If the signs occupied by the lords are of equal strength, then the lord more advanced in the sign is considered stronger.

Length of signs

1. If the dasa sign is odd footed, the counting is zodiacal and vice-versa. Odd footed signs are three signs counted from Aries and Libra, viz., Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Rests are even footed signs.
2. Count from dasa sign to the lord of the sign in the direction mentioned above. Consider the stronger lord of the sign for Scorpio and Aquarius.
3. Subtract one from the length in the above step. Further add one to it if the lord of the dasa sign is exalted and subtract one from it if the lord is debilitated.
4. If the dasa sign is occupied by the lord of the sign, then the length of the dasa is 12 years.
Dasa remaining for 1st dasa
Find the fraction of arc remaining to be traversed by the SL. Prorate the length of the first dasa with the remaining fraction of SL. For example, if 10deg arc remains to be traversed by SL in a sign and the length of the dasa of the first sign is 6 years. The dasa remaining for the 1st dasa is 10/30 * 6 = 2 years.
During a particular dasa, the results can be read from following factors:
1. Placement of the lord of the dasa and its involvement in any yoga.
2. Planets placed in the dasa sign and the yogas forming in the sign.
3. Planets aspecting the dasa sign.
4. Placement of the dasa sign or the lord from Arudha Lagna (AL). Placement in the quadrant gives consolidation of the fortune, while trine and 11th gives growth. Dusthanas from the AL (more specifically 12th) can be detrimental to finances.
5. Bhava arudhas falling in the sign. The bhava whose arudha falls in the dasa sign prospers, if not under any adverse yogas.
6. Placement of HL, GL and Yogadas in the dasa sign is specifically important for finances.

Section V: Case Studies
Bill Gates

American computer billionaire, the richest man in the world in the ’90s. His company, Microsoft, went public in 1986. By 1991 he was worth some $4.4 billion, Number Three on Forbe’s 1991 list of richest Americans.

Birth details: October 28, 1955 21:25 hours (8:00 West) 122W19, 47N36

The wealth givers
1. Chandra Mangala yoga in the 4th -10th axis.
2. 2nd lord Moon in the strongest Kendra (10th) aspected by exalted Mercury (lagna and the 4th lord) and Mars (11th lord) from the 4th house.
3. 9th lord Saturn is exalted in the 5th house with the 5th lord Venus and 3rd lord Sun. Sun is debilitated, however it is cancelled due to placement of exalted Saturn. Notably Saturn is the Atmakaraka (yogas with Atmakaraka are considered very strong).
4. 11th from AL is vacant and is lorded by Moon, who is any a strong wealth giver. 11th is aspected by Rahu and Ketu.
5. Moon, Mars and Mercury are the yogadas in the horoscope as well, since they are aspecting both HL and Lagna simultaneously.
Vimshottari Dasa
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Ven MD: 1982-09-05 – 2002-09-06
Antardasas in this MD:
Ven: 1982-09-05 – 1986-01-03
Sun: 1986-01-03 – 1987-01-04
Moon: 1987-01-04 – 1988-09-05
Mars: 1988-09-05 – 1989-11-05
Rah: 1989-11-05 – 1992-11-05

Jup: 1992-11-05 – 1995-07-05
Sat: 1995-07-05 – 1998-09-06
Merc: 1998-09-06 – 2001-07-05
Ket: 2001-07-05 – 2002-09-06
He became rich in Venus – Sun to Venus – Rahu period. As noted before Venus is one of the contending wealth givers. The antardasa lords Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are all identified as wealth givers.
Narayana Dasa
Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):
Vi MD: 1976-10-28 – 1988-10-28
Antardasas in this MD:
Vi: 1976-10-28 – 1977-10-28
Le: 1977-10-28 – 1978-10-28
Cn: 1978-10-28 – 1979-10-29
Ge: 1979-10-29 – 1980-10-28
Ta: 1980-10-28 – 1981-10-28
Ar: 1981-10-28 – 1982-10-28
Pi: 1982-10-28 – 1983-10-29
Aq: 1983-10-29 – 1984-10-28
Cp: 1984-10-28 – 1985-10-28
Sg: 1985-10-28 – 1986-10-28
Sc: 1986-10-28 – 1987-10-29
Li: 1987-10-29 – 1988-10-28
Ta MD: 1988-10-28 – 1993-10-28

Antardasas in this MD:
Li: 1988-10-28 – 1989-03-25
Vi: 1989-03-25 – 1989-08-28
Le: 1989-08-28 – 1990-01-25
Cn: 1990-01-25 – 1990-06-27
Ge: 1990-06-27 – 1990-11-27
Ta: 1990-11-27 – 1991-04-25
Ar: 1991-04-25 – 1991-09-28
Pi: 1991-09-28 – 1992-02-24

Aq: 1992-02-24 – 1992-07-28
Cp: 1992-07-28 – 1992-12-26
Sg: 1992-12-26 – 1993-05-26
Sc: 1993-05-26 – 1993-10-28
As per Narayana Dasa, he was running later part of Virgo dasa and most part of Taurus dasa during the time of his financial boom. Virgo houses the 11th lord Mars and lagna as well as 4th lord Mercury and is involved in the potent Chandra mangala yoga and aspected by the 2nd lord Moon.
Taurus is the 12th house, but is 9th from AL and aspects the 11th from the AL. In addition, it also houses, Sri Lagna showing the blessings of Lakshmi. Its lord Venus is placed in the 5th house in own house joining Saturn, the 9th lords.
Sudasa (phalita dasa showing Lakshmi’s blessings):
Vi MD: 1983-12-19 – 1995-12-19
Antardasas in this MD:
Vi: 1983-12-19 – 1984-12-18
Le: 1984-12-18 – 1985-12-19
Cn: 1985-12-19 – 1986-12-19
Ge: 1986-12-19 – 1987-12-19
Ta: 1987-12-19 – 1988-12-18
Ar: 1988-12-18 – 1989-12-19
Pi: 1989-12-19 – 1990-12-19
Aq: 1990-12-19 – 1991-12-19
Cp: 1991-12-19 – 1992-12-18

Sg: 1992-12-18 – 1993-12-19
Sc: 1993-12-19 – 1994-12-19
Li: 1994-12-19 – 1995-12-19
As shown in the Narayana Dasa, Virgo appears in Sudasha as well giving wealth and fortune. Since the Arudha which is placed in the Sudasha Sign prospers, AL, which is placed in Virgo, made him a famous person as well.

Roger Federer
Swiss-born professional athlete, a tennis phenomenon who won five consecutive Wimbledon championships from 2003-2007 inclusive, he was under 26 years of age.
Federer is the younger of two children, the only son born to business professionals from the pharmaceutical industry. Athletic from the time he was young, he began playing tennis at age three and picked up soccer shortly afterward. By age 14 he had pretty well decided that tennis was his first love. He was dropped out of school at age 16 because he felt that his studies were keeping him from his tennis practice. His parents had been totally supportive of his passion for tennis and had obtained skillful coaches for him. Nevertheless, they extracted a promise that he would return to school if his tennis career didn’t pan out. They needn’t have worried. Somewhat hampered by his emotional outbursts at his own mistakes,
Federer underwent counseling to achieve the emotional coolness required to compete. In 1998, he became the world junior champion and his professional career took off.
By the end of 1999, he was the youngest player on the ATP list of the top 100. Two years later with several wins under his belt, he won his first ATP singles title in Milan. With his court performance soaring, he defeated renowned champion Pete Sampras that same year. On July 6, 2003, at the age of 22, Federer became the first Swiss to ever win at Wimbledon. He has won the title every year since then, taking his fifth consecutive title in 2007. With such a stellar record, he is ranked number 1 singles tennis player in the world.
On the court, Federer is known for his agility, finesse and power. Off the court, the as-yet unmarried, handsome lad is known for his politeness and frank responses to interview questions. As of July 2007 his career earnings exceed $31 million from prizes alone. In 2003 he established the Roger Federer Foundation, a charitable enterprise that funds projects designed to help educate and provide sports training for disadvantaged people.

Birth details: August 8, 1981 8:40:00 Hours (2:00 East) 7E36, 47N34

The wealth givers
1. 2nd Lord Mercury is placed in the 12th house with the lagna lord Sun and the 7th lord Rahu.
2. 11th lord Venus is placed in the Lagna.
3. 5th lord Jupiter is placed in the dhana bhava with Saturn the 6th and 7th lord.
4. Moon is the Dhana Yogada and Ketu is the Ghati Yogada. Venus is the Maha yogada.
5. 11th from AL is Aries which is vacant and aspected by Venus from the Lagna.
Vimshottari Dasa
Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):
Sat MD: 1989-01-08 – 2008-01-09
Antardasas in this MD:
Sat: 1989-01-08 – 1992-01-12
Merc: 1992-01-12 – 1994-09-23
Ket: 1994-09-23 – 1995-11-02
Ven: 1995-11-02 – 1998-12-31
Sun: 1998-12-31 – 1999-12-14
Moon: 1999-12-14 – 2001-07-13
Mars: 2001-07-13 – 2002-08-23
Rah: 2002-08-23 – 2005-06-28
Jup: 2005-06-28 – 2008-01-09

As mentioned before Saturn is the 7th lord placed in the 2nd house with 5th lord Jupiter and hence involved in dhana yoga. Antardasa lord Rahu is placed with Mercury, 2nd lord and Lagna lord Sun, thus is enabled to give Dhana yoga and is placed in the 11th from Saturn dasa lord. Jupiter is the 5th lord in the 2nd house, placed with the dasa lord Saturn.
Narayana Dasa
Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):
Aq MD: 1998-08-08 – 2005-08-08
Antardasas in this MD:
Cn: 1998-08-08 – 1999-03-06
Ge: 1999-03-06 – 1999-10-09
Ta: 1999-10-09 – 2000-05-06
Ar: 2000-05-06 – 2000-12-07
Pi: 2000-12-07 – 2001-07-08
Aq: 2001-07-08 – 2002-02-05
Cp: 2002-02-05 – 2002-09-08
Sg: 2002-09-08 – 2003-04-06
Sc: 2003-04-06 – 2003-11-08
Li: 2003-11-08 – 2004-06-06
Vi: 2004-06-06 – 2005-01-06
Le: 2005-01-06 – 2005-08-08

Cn MD: 2005-08-08 – 2014-08-08
Antardasas in this MD:
Li: 2005-08-08 – 2006-05-06
Sc: 2006-05-06 – 2007-02-05
Sg: 2007-02-05 – 2007-11-08
Cp: 2007-11-08 – 2008-08-08

Aq: 2008-08-08 – 2009-05-06
Pi: 2009-05-06 – 2010-02-05
Ar: 2010-02-05 – 2010-11-08
Ta: 2010-11-08 – 2011-08-09
Ge: 2011-08-09 – 2012-05-06
Cn: 2012-05-06 – 2013-02-04
Le: 2013-02-04 – 2013-11-08
Vi: 2013-11-08 – 2014-08-08
Aquarius dasa initiated the time period in which he begin attaining wealth and fame.
Aquarius the 7th house in the horoscope and is placed in the 9th house from the AL. The lord Saturn is placed in the 2nd house with 5th lord Jupiter.
The current dasa of Cancer is although the 12th house in the horoscope is placed with Lagna lord Sun and the 2nd lord Mercury.
Sudasa (phalita dasa showing Lakshmi’s blessings):
Maha Dasas:
Vi: 1981-08-08 – 1983-07-30
Ge: 1983-07-30 – 1984-07-29
Pi: 1984-07-29 – 1990-07-29
Sg: 1990-07-29 – 1999-07-30
Le: 1999-07-30 – 2000-07-29
Ta: 2000-07-29 – 2003-07-30
Aq: 2003-07-30 – 2010-07-29

Sc: 2010-07-29 – 2017-07-29
Taurus is the 10th house in the horoscope, although vacant is aspected by Mercury, Sun and Rahu in the 12th house. Similarly Aquarius is also aspected by the same combination involved in the Dhana Yoga.

Reference: Sarajit Poddar’s article on Timing Financial Ups and Downs

2 thoughts on “Timing Financial Ups and Downs using Vimshottari, Narayana and Sudasa

  1. Hello Rajat Ji,

    Can you please confirm whether Jupiter will act as Kevala Mahayogada for the chart with birth details below?

    DOB: 06/sept/1982
    POB: New Delhi
    TOB: 09:56 a.m.

    Many Thanks!

  2. Hi RajatJi,

    Good article, Roger Federer’s chart reminds me about my chart. Leo Asc, Ma in 11th house, Mercury in 2nd(exalted). Jupiter in 8th (own house). Venus in Asc. But i am no athelete or famous or rich. Please analyse my chart. Birth details are as below.
    DOB – 22/Oct/1975. Place :- khambhat ,Gujarat,India (latitude 022:19:N, longitude 072:36:E) and birth time is 02:45AM.

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