Excerpts from several webpages

These are excerpts of different replies given to certain questions of Bhakta and Fans. Just sharing for others to get benefited.

Hare Krishna!

In the previous post, a fan asked the details of the child of Krishna that was shown in that picture!! Hence this explanation!

Krishna married 16, 108 wives as requested by them! Out of 16.108 wives of Krishna, every wife had 10 children who had the same nature of Krishna! Thus, Krishna had totally 1,61,080 Children. Let us see the list of the 80 children born through the first 8… wives!

(1) The names of the children of Rukmani: Prathyumnan, Charudeshnan, Sudheshnan, Charudehan, Seecharu, Saaraguptha, Bathracharu, Charuchandharin, Visaru & Charu!

(2) The names of the children of Sathyabama are: Banu, Subanu, Swarabanu, Prabanu, Banuman, Chandrabanu, Pragathbanu, Athibanu, Sribanu & Prathibanu!

(3) The 10 sons through Krishna’s third wife Jambhavathi: Samban, Sumithra, Prujith, Sadhajith, Sagasrajith, Vijayan, Chitrakethu, Vasuman, Dravidan & Kirathu. Krishna had more attachment with the sons through Jambhavathi.

(4) The 10 sons through Krishna’s Fourth wife Sathya, who was the daughter of the king of Nagnajith: Veera, Chandra, Ashvasena, Chitragu, Vegavan, Virusha, Aman, Sangu, Vasu, Kunti. Kunti was very mighty among these ten sons.

(5) The 10 sons through Krishna’s fifth wife Kalindhi: Shrutha, Kavi, Vrusha, Veera, Subahu, Bathra, Santhi, Dharsha, Pooranamashu & Somaha.

(6) The 10 sons through Krishna’s Sixth wife Lakshmana, who was from the present Tamilnadu & then Madras State: Pragosha, Gathravaan, Simma, Bala, Prabala, Oorthuvaga, mahashakthi, Saga, Oja, & Abarajith.

(7) The 10 sons through Krishna’s Seventh wife Mithra Vindha: Viruga, Harsha, Anila, Kiruthra, Varthana, Anandha, Mahamsa, Bhavana, Vahni and Shoothi.

(8) The 10 sons through Krishna’s Eighth wife Badhra: Sankramajith, Brugathsena, Soora, Pragarana, Arijith, Jaya, Subathra, Vama, Ayu and Sathyaga.

The elder son of Rukmini, Prathyumna married Mayavathi even while taking birth! That is, his marriage was done even before the birth even while he was in the mother’s womb by all the celestials!

All the sons of Krishna were equal to Him in Strength, Beauty, Knowledge, Fame, Wealth & Sacrifice! All 16,108 wives were considered as Rajakumaris! Krishna expanded as 16,108 Krishnas and always stayed with every wife without leaving them!

Every wife felt, “Oh, My Krishna is always with me & He loves me much & is always obedient to me & under my control”.

But Krishna just made them happy, but he had no attachments with any of them!”


However, as Krishna is “ATHMARAM”, ie, He is self satisfied, He had neither any attachments nor any hatred with any of His wives! Krishna showed no partiality with any of His wife, and he lived as a good grahastha & made every wife happy! In fact, Krishna needs not even a single wife! Though they had got Krishna due to penances in previous births, they had not known the greatness of Krishna in this birth, but behaved as ordinary wives who loved Krishna not as a god, but as a king!

Every wife of Krishna had the outstanding beaauty! Every wife loved Krishna being attracted with Krishna’s Lotus eyes, Beautiful face, Long hands, Broad ears, Smart smile, Vitty/ Jocky speech, Sweet words, etc! They decorated themselves with beautiful dress & jewels so as to attract Krisshna’s attention! They attracted Krishna, by smiling at Him, moving the eyebrows, staring at Him! But, they were unable to kindle any excitement in the body of Krishna! Krishna had bodily relations with them only to get children!

The Gopis got Sri Krishna whom could not be reached even by Brahma & higher celstials! They were that much blessed souls! They lived as husband & wife! As Krishna behaved as a perfectl husband, the love of each girl on Krishna increased every second, that were expressed in her talks & relations! Every wife had hundreds of women servant maids! However, When Krishna comes to her palace, the wife would come herself & welcome Krishna; She would offer Him a grand seat to sit & would clean His legs with water;

After that, the wife would then fan His body with a colourful fan; Then, she would apply oil on Krishna & offer a garland around His neck; Then, she would comb the beautiful hairs of Krishna! Then she would rub the legs of Krishna to refresh Him from tiredness! Then, she would take Krishna to a seat & then pour water on His body to bath! After bathing, she would serve Krishna delicious food! Thus, every wife treated Krishna with love!

Actually, Srimad Bhagavatham’s Canto-10 contains transcendental lilas of Krishna! Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatham Canto-one to Nine explains about Krishna!

Krishna’s Authorised pastimes are found in Srimad Bhagavatham alone as it was written by Sri Vyasadev who was a avatar of Krishna Himself to record His pastimes! However, one is recommended to read the first 9 cantos of Bhagavatham and only after that go for canto-10, as they can perfectly understand His lilas mentioned in Canto-10. That is why your seniors have said like that! So, first read Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatham 1-9, and then continue further for other volumes!


“Krsna-katha means narrations about Krsna. There are two krsna kathas: Narrations spoken by Krsna and Narrations spoken about Krsna.

Bhagavad-gita is the narration or the philosophy or the science of God, spoken by Krsna Himself.

Srimad-Bhagavatam is the narration about the activities and transcendental pastimes of Krsna.”

Both are krsna-katha.

It is the order of Lord Caitanya that krsna-katha should be spread all over the world, because if the conditioned souls, suffering under the pangs of material existence, take to krsna-katha, then their path of

liberation will be open and clear.”


It will be explained separately in near future! Because, it involves many details to be written about the plans of Krishna! Just I like to brief that No curse will be effective on Krishna! Krishna Himself wished that His Yadhu Vamsa to become vanished after He left for His Goloka!

Krishna never takes birth based on karma like us! He comes as per His own wish, performs lilas as per His wish and leaves the planet as per His wish! So, All are the plans of Krishna in advance!

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