Bhrigu Saral Paddhati Verse 1

With Obeisance to Lord Ganpati & Sage Bhrigu we start this huge task of revealing these secrets of the Founder of Vedic Astrology Sage Bhrigu. Astrologers have tried their level best to decode his system, which gives the most brilliant and snap shot predictions. What will be revealed here will be in a series of articles mostly containing Bhrigu methods and at times bringing in hidden meanings of other classics from a Bhrigu basis which have escaped the eyes of the best so far? It must be warned that though it will look easy to predict but verbatim usage without dhi (wisdom) & without combining it with other techniques is not advised though in our experiments we use it verbatim to make the parameters of success more difficult. This has been tested on several blind charts leading to stunning predictions.
Indian Astrology is not for the light hearted or householder, so if you are still at that stage of your astrological journey where you read your own charts or those of your loved ones & get effected you are requested to ignore these methods as after practicing on 100 charts extreme harsh events open out too easily as compared to what takes normal astrologer an hour if he is lucky.
Bhrigu is the son of the Creator of Earth Lord Brahma having born out of his mind as per Indian Mythology, Saral in Hindi language means Easy & Paddhati means Methodology, so in effect this can be translated as Bhrigu Easy Methodology Series.
Need For BSP (Bhrigu Saral Paddhati)
For several years we sent many high profile people to very popular Indian Astrologers, many of these men reported back that the most important event of their lives were not predicted by these astrologers, we felt sad as we had sent them with high recommendations and these astrologers were our heroes & these contacts started deriding these astrologers. Then the search started & hence in order to create better astrologers who can predict the ‘Biggest Events of One’s Life’ with good success these techniques will be enumerated here.

Wherever Saturn sits he creates Ups & Down in the 4th house from it, in minimum any one signification of that house.
This becomes his Karmic House called as Shani’s Previous Lives House.
He will first create up & then down in the significations of the house or at times even the reverse, basically he will create Fluctuations.

Example Chart 1: Lord Rama
Let’s take the chart of Lord Rama which from time immemorial is the accepted chart, lets concentrate on where Saturn is placed, it is in 4th house, 4th from it is the 7H of marriage which becomes ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’. His marriage life was filled with huge ups & downs and he had to let go of his wife Sita Mata on basis of suspicion. Over there Mars the 5L of children is placed he had to fight battle with his own children, Mars is also 10L of father & Karma; he had to fight a huge war with Ravana. 7H is the house of pada position, he was to sit on the throne of his Ayodhya Kingdom but he got exile of many years roaming in the forest. When we learn astrology everyone teaches us that Jupiter’s aspect will save the house it aspects. One can see that the aspect of exalted Jupiter along with Moon could not save this 7H & the planet Mars in it due to Saturn’s 4th influence. This shows that Saturn implements itself in the 4th from it and creates ups & downs in one’s life.

Example Chart 2: Mother Teresa

She has Saturn in 4th house, 4th from it is 7th house of marriage which becomes Saturn’s Karmic House. She renounced and never got married. Saturn is neecha in 4th house hence quite similar to what Lord Rama has as retrograde exalted Saturn will behave as Debilitated Saturn. This is why it gave the negative results. In most of cases, bad karma is pending from past birth hence one gets bad results. It can’t be concluded with this that every time Saturn will give bad results only.

Example Chart 3: Identity hidden

The native has Saturn in Lagna, 4th from it is 4th house of mother & happiness at home which becomes Saturn’s Karmic House. The native is very close to his mother but her mother keeps kicking him and hates him. She has been the reason always for most of the losses in the life of the native.

Example Chart 4: Identity hidden

The native has Saturn in Lagna, 4th from it is 4th house of mother & happiness at home which becomes Saturn’s Karmic House. The native got separated immediately after his birth in the very first year and lived with his grandparents.

Example Chart 5: Identity hidden

The native has Saturn in 3rd house, 4th from it is 6th house which is the house of longevity of children as it is 2nd from 5th house (Maraka to 5th house) and becomes the Saturn’s Karmic House. The native had to go through infantile death of his children just after 7 months of the birth of his male child.

Example Chart 6: Identity hidden

Friend from Croatia writes: she is so talented for music, and she played violoncello, teachers from Russia, USA called her willing to pay for her scholarship, but, no, she found some drug addict, aggressive man, got pregnant and has daughter now. For one side she seems so talented but when you come to logic or reason ‐ she seems dumb…. Like until some 11 or 12 years of life she was like grown person, then got into puberty, she ran from home when she was 16 years old, parents didn’t know a full year where she is or is she alive or not ‐ she broke all connections with family.
BSP‐1 : See Saturn is in the 1H and 4 th from it is the 4H of ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’, now what is 4H, it is the house of Grihast Ashram & Sukha Stana (happiness), you can see both are destroyed with lots of Ups & Downs in that area of one’s life.
Timing: The above mail says when she was 16 years (2002) old she ran away from home, then Transit Saturn was in the 7H of Ta aspecting the 4H which is our ‘Saturn’s Karmic House’ and the event got triggered.

Example Chart 7: Identity Hidden

The native has Saturn in 6th house, 4th from it is 9th house which is Saturn’s karmic house. 9th house is 6th from 4th house (accidents from vehicles). When native was just 5 years old, she had an accident in a bus on which she was traveling with her parents. This accident damaged her reproductive system and she was declared “unable to conceive” by the doctors. 9th house is the house of progeny also for the females (odd sign lagna hence anticlockwise). She has had 4 cycles of IVF also till now but has been unsuccessful.

Example Chart 8: David Carpenter

The native has Saturn in 2nd house, 4th from it is 5th house which is Saturn’s Karmic House. 5th house is the house of wisdom, thinking, logic and mental strength. The native was a schizophrenia patient and use to enjoy torturing and killing people especially females. The Paka Lagna is also 5th house as Lagnesha is placed in 5th house. Paka Lagna indicates intelligence and if Paka Lagna destroyed, one loses the ability to understand what is right and what is wrong.

Something must be said here which has not been mentioned by others. Astrologers often say Saturn delivers ones karma but which karma no one says. From above notes if one knows the person lives of the above charts One can easily make out why Saturn is causing trouble, whether a bad event is a result of bad karma of previous birth or present birth ‐ from placement of Saturn & Saturn’s Karmic House but this must not be explained here as it can hurt a lot of peoples sentiments, what though can be said is how to guide yourself and your clients.

Guidance: Where you see Saturn placed in a chart, that house & it’s Karmic House, you must advice clients not to create any new bad karma on these 2 houses especially, if so done & Transit Saturn ignites then its havoc time. For past karma one can resort to remedial measures but in Saturn’s case mantras work less effectively as compared to real karma of helping others & keeping pure heart (note heart).

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