Open letter to Sanjay Rath and members of SJC

This is to bring to attention of Sanjay Rath & members of Sri Jagannath centre that inspite of the fact that I was a student of SJC and hold true credentials issued by you as a proof, I am being bullied on false claims that I never was a student of SJC.

Bala Rupa Dasa is my initiated name from ISKCON and I am proud of it. I am a humble devotee of Lord Krishna. I do not owe any explanations to anyone hence I will not explain anything to anyone.

Further more, inspite of my not taking any action against you due to my humility, you are going at lengths accusing me of false charges just because I dared to go beyond SJC & start my own course teaching Astrology to students on a much lesser cost than you charge at SJC. This is the real reason why I am being accused & your motive being not letting me run my course.

If Sanjay Rath & his associates have any problems then they should consult my lawyer on this matter.
Bad mouthing me in open forums & social networking websites etc. will now be seen as an offense and I will take strong action against Sanjay Rath and his associates.

You are warned that henceforth if anyone posts against me on false accusations then you will be summoned in court on charges including but not limited to the following :
1. Bullying
2. Harassment
3. Spoiling the reputation of a law abiding citizen
4. Spoiling the reputation of my business

You will therefore be sued by me & will have to bear the consequences including compensation for emotional and financial impacts undergone by me and my family as a result of your defaming & bullying me on purpose.
You stand warned henceforth that my humility and silence should not be seen as a sign of my weakness & you cannot take advantage of me.
Please speak to my lawyers if you have any concerns.

This message will be reposted until all allegations against me are removed.

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