All about Venus

This is start of a series on different planets in different signs. I am starting with Venus which will follow with Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu and so on.

Venus in Various Signs
The presence of a planet in a sign indicates its intrinsic effect depending on intense action and reaction of planets and signs. The nature of the sign in its totality reacts with the characteristics of the planet and the resultant indicates the behavior pattern of the native. In other words, the properties of signs and karakatwa of planets indicates a certain pattern of life which emanates from the cosmos and excites the micro cosmos within the physical body. In fact the interactions of planets and signs indicate the limiting factor of man’s destiny as per karma and he has no control on them and there are other factors modified by the position of rising lagna in the horizon indicating the physical body, the carrier of micro cosmos. Thus it becomes necessary to conceptualize the results of planets in the various signs which plays a very vital role in the interpretation of results from a horoscope.

As an example suppose Venus is in the 7th house within Scorpio sign. Here Venus can be willfully foolish. Women with Venus here often behave ungraciously. There is a penetrating mind and a certain emotional shrewdness which helps these people to get what they want. There is sincerity, a directness of feeling that make up for the emotional tantrum. Now consider the same Venus in Leo coinciding with 7th house. The person is indeed hard headed about emotions. He can be impulsive and petulant but he is always in control of his emotions. He has a generous but judicious approach to life and love. There is much honesty in the emotions of the couple and impulses of Venus, here is essentially honest. Thus one can very well appreciate the difference of signs falling in the same house.

Venus in Aries

Aries is a fiery, movable, masculine and barren sign. This sign represents will, the urge to act, the spirit of enterprise, ego consciousness, the desire to lead, passion, ambition, impatience and rashness.

Marriage, love and sex: Mars lord of sign and commander in chief of Devas is not happy to find Venus the preceptor of Asuras in his house and all aggressive and Martian qualities are evoked. This results in making the native passionate, restless and sexually attractive. This position is not good and especially so far as women is concerned. The soft feminine and watery planet Venus is burnt up in the aggressive , masculinity of Mars, the lord of Aries sign and commander in chief of opposite group. Such natives become demanding, impetuous and even ruthless although always giving. For ladies who crave for stability of house and children, the position is disadvantageous. The movable, passionate and enterprising character of the sign makes the native restless and hater of stability. It is because of this characteristic coupled with exciting temperament of Mars that such native long for security of love but when they find it, they tend to resent against the restrictions it imposes on their freedom. Venus in Aries lends order to the affection of Venus by blending them with the fire of Mars and for that reason it makes the person very ardent in the expression of affection and gives the native a very affectionate and generous nature. They are demons and fond of love. The fiery and passionate and enterprising nature of Aries provides a lot of energy to Venus and makes the native highly passionate and restless and result is predominantly inclined towards sex and women. They are idealistic persons and expert in craft of sex. According to Brihat Jataka such a position of Venus makes the native fond of other person’s women; lose money through flattery and hater of his race. These persons are very popular among opposite sex and because of blending of Venus, these characteristics of passion, impatience, rashness and fire of Aries with love of Venus, there are hasty marriages, but that kind of love cannot be long lasting. Eventually the fire of passion burns out of the love and marriages brought out by this position are then fruitful sources of domestic unhappiness. Plural marriages are always possible.

General and Sociological: Venus as we have learned is a karaka of beauty, art and governs higher attributes of mind, fine arts, vehicles, enjoyment of life and wealth etc. Being in the sign of Aries, the energy required for all these activities is supplied by Mars. Here Mars becomes the supplier of energy through sign Aries and Venus a store of arts and pleasures. The result is that such natives are highly optimistic and never get disappointed. These people believe in action and endowed with spirit of enterprise. They forever be chasing the beautiful whether it is a woman, man, an experience or a possession which always seems to elude them. They are brilliant, exciting, artistic and gifted. They seldom realize their full potential of creative expression because they neither have time nor patience. They are fond of travel, music, painting, dances, theatres and all type of amusements and recreation etc. Some of stylish dancers are found with Venus in Aries. These people because of high impulse and emotions are considered fickle minded. This position of Venus inclines the person to be rash and impulsive. Whenever his sympathies are appealed to so that, he often helps on unworthy cause. Venus in Aries also inclines the person to general extravagance in his expenditure and giving free and generous gifts.
When Venus in this position is found afflicted, it makes the native impulsive and hasty and falls in love easily at first sight of women. They easily get cheated by women. Highly licentious, passionate, profligate and develops secret relations. They have difficulty in restraining the affection and danger of seduction. Because of women he is likely to get in trouble and lose property, prestige and popularity. He may bring bad name to family.

Biological: Diseases indicated are catching cold, catarrh, eczema, inflation of glands and mucus etc.

Case studies and examples on Venus in Aries in next article.

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