Venus in Pisces

The Three Postulates
Postulate 1: In the natural zodiac Venus is the 2nd and 7th lord. 2nd is Kutumb (own family) and 7th is spouse. Venus gets her exaltation in Pisces the 12th house from Aries. When Venus is placed in Pisces she is doubly powerful to destroy the two Bhavas ruled by her. Hence, Venus in Pisces often leads to discordial marriage life if other factors supports.

Postulate 2: Jupiter the depositor of Venus is also an important factor as 12th lord of natural zodiac. With Venus in Pisces when Jupiter also establishes a connection with either Venus or ascendant or 2nd house chaotic situation is created in Marriage or it is totally denied.

Postulate 3: Saturn’s aspects to exalted Venus, adds conformity to the whole deal of discord or denial.

Case Study 1:
Rita Coolidge

Postulate 1: A planet retrograde in its place of exaltation gives effects of debility as per Uttarakalamrita. Venus is retro in Pisces.

Postulate 2: Venus with Mars is most dangerous combination for sexual matters in most cases giving swing either way as excesses. The ascendant lord is also in Debility with Venus.

Postulate 3: Saturn aspects this combination. In Navamsa the combination is in Aquarius Saturn replacing Mars and Mars aspecting the trio.

Case Study 2:
Cyd Charisse

Postulate 1: Venus with Ketu in Pisces is quite damaging.

Postulate 2: Jupiter is also a malefic by being 3rd and 12th lord and aspects Venus and is also conjoined with Lagna Lord Saturn.

Postulate 3: Saturn aspects both Venus and Moon, the 7th lord.

Case Study 3:
Mia Farrow

Postulate 1: The first point is for Aries ascendant Venus as 2L of family and 7L of spouse in 12H of loss of family happiness and the spouse.
Postulate 2: Jupiter aspects Venus, 2nd house and Lagna lord.

Postulate 3: Saturn sitting with Rahu aspects Venus.

Case Study 4:
Andersen Hans Christian

Postulate 1: Venus as 7th lord is in Pisces.

Postulate 2: Jupiter as 2nd lord is aspecting Venus and Lagna lord Mars.

Postulate 3: Saturn in 11th house is aspecting Venus.

Case Study 5:
Barry Bostwick

Postulate 1: He filed for divorce from Sherri in June 2009. In this chart Venus is Vargottama hence doubly exalted.

Postulate 2: The depositor of Venus is Jupiter which is retrograde and sitting in the 6H of separation and divorce, aspects Venus and also 2H.

Postulate 3: Retrograde Saturn aspects Venus in both Rashi and Navamsa.

More charts in next article….

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