Birth chart analysis: Bad marriage and divorce

Dear member,


Here are my views on your birth chart:
1. Quite a complicated chart with heaps of curses through past birth. The very first you need to do is to search a job in a foreign country or a hospital in India under foreign management. This is because your 10th lord is in 12th house. Now to be more precise, your 10th lord Venus is under severe curse being aspected by Mars and Rahu giving rise to Kalatra Saapa. This is not only giving problems in your job placement but also in your marriage. You need to chant “Om Namah Shivaya Omkareswaraya Haum Joom Sah” as a remedy to this curse. This needs to be started from coming Monday daily for 108 times minimum.
2. Jupiter is your 5th lord and 8th lord (karma from past birth) and is placed in 8th house indicating lots of bad karma being carried over to this birth from past birth. This Jupiter is under severe curse being aspected by Rahu and Saturn indicating that you will get results of your past birth karmas for sure. Since Jupiter is your Atmakaraka and involved in curse, this will have a very deep effect on you. The above said mantra will be the remedy for this too.
3. Now see your 9th house. Mars is placed in 9th house and is badhakesha for Leo Lagna (Fixed sign). Mars in 9th house as badhakesha will keep you occupied always into legal proceedings and court cases. Are you able to see the result coming soon of the court case for divorce? Rudra needs to be worshipped to get rid of this. The mantra is “Om Namo Bhagvate Rudraya”. This mantra needs to be chanted for 108 times minimum from the Tuesday in the coming week (Not from tomorrow).
4. Now UL is in 9th house and you married the girl (your present wife) with lots of hope of good fortune but since badhakesha is conjoined UL, this was not supposed to happen and you have felt this marriage as the biggest obstruction of your life (Correct me if I am wrong). Now 2nd from this UL is Taurus and its lord Venus in 12th house is under severe curse. Hence the marriage was not destined to sustain. 7th lord in Ayush debility in Scorpio indicates married life to be an issue in your life always. Also 4th house is house of mother and debilitated Rahu indicates that your mother is a very dominating woman. (Correct me if I am wrong). You need to make her understand that the dominance should be lessened as nowadays the society measures have changed a lot. You need to perform the Ucchista Ganpati Sadhana to remedy this problem in your life. The procedure of this sadhana is mentioned hereby:

This is the dancing form of Ganesha and the meditation etc; visualize Ganesha in a rather jovial, compromising mood. Ucchista Ganesha is worshiped to remove domestic disharmony and the relationship with spouse is improved. All sorts of troubles with in-laws etc vanish and the family gets together and lives happily. For the last two decades we have advised the placing of a statue of dancing Ganesha (idol) near the headstand of the bed and the relationship between couples has improved. Marriages which were on the verge of breakdown have smoothed out in a most miraculous manner.
Sit facing east wearing clean clothes.
Ucchiṣṭa gaṇapati dhyāna (recite once with a flower to offer to Ganesha)
सिन्दूरवर्णसंकाशं योगपट्टसमन्वितं लम्बोदरं महाकायं मुखं करिकरोपमं।
अणिमादिगुणयुक्तं अष्टबाहुं त्रिलोचनं विजयाविद्युतं लिङ्गं मोक्षकामाय पूजयेत्॥
sindūravarṇasaṁkāśaṁ yogapaṭṭasamanvitaṁ lambodaraṁ mahākāyaṁ mukhaṁ karikaropamaṁ|
aṇimādiguṇayuktaṁ aṣṭabāhuṁ trilocanaṁ vijayāvidyutaṁ liṅgaṁ mokṣakāmāya pūjayet||
Aṣṭa siddhi mantra
Stand up with folded hands – Facing East, recite once
ॐ अं अणिमायै नमः स्वाहा।
om aṁ aṇimāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing SE recite once
ॐ प्रं प्राप्त्यै नमः स्वाहा।
om praṁ prāptyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing South recite once
ॐ मं महिमायै नमः स्वाहा।
om maṁ mahimāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing SW recite once
ॐ इं इशितायै नमः स्वाहा।
om iṁ iśitāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing West recite once
ॐ वं वशितायै नमः स्वाहा।
om vaṁ vaśitāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing NW recite once
ॐ कं कामवशितायै नमः स्वाहा।
om kaṁ kāmavaśitāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing North recite once
ॐ गं गरिमायै नमः स्वाहा।
om gaṁ garimāyai namaḥ svāhā|
Turn – Facing NE recite once
ॐ सिं सिद्ध्यै नमः स्वाहा।
om siṁ siddhyai namaḥ svāhā|
Alternatively, these mantra are also done on the Ganesha Yantra eight petals starting from the East petal and going in clockwise direction.
वाहन मन्त्र vāhana mantra
This mantra is for the mouse on which Ganesha rides. Saturn represents sin and the mouse represents Lord Yama, the god of death, who drags souls to the netherworld (narka) to be punished for their sins. To overcome sins, Yama was turned into a mouse and had to carry Ganesha around the world. Thereby his sins were dissolved. All human beings suffer due to sins of past karma. To overcome them, they too must become like the mouse and carry Ganesha around the world (temple of Lord Shiva and Shakti i.e. Shiva Linga). Reciting this mantra circumbulate the Shiva Linga, prayer place or temple three times (at least) carrying the idol of Ganesha.
ॐ मं मूषिकायै गणाधिपवाहनाय धर्मराजाय स्वाहा।
om maṁ mūṣikāyai gaṇādhipavāhanāya dharmarājāya svāhā|
After this, she needs to chant this mantra minimum of 108 times which is as following:
navarṇa mantra: हस्ति-पिशाचि-लिखे स्वाहा। hasti-piśāci-likhe svāhā|
Do all the mantras and sadhana with full faith and determination.

2 thoughts on “Birth chart analysis: Bad marriage and divorce

  1. Dear Sir, You have explained very nicely this concept of Relationship analysis and also of divorce. I would be more happy if you could analyze  and explain the concept in detail this chart purely to enhance my knowledge and also as to what went  wrong between this

    couple which ended in divorce. GIRL: 07/11/1983 @ 19.00HRS @ MUMBAI BOY: 20/8/1982 @ 1:32HRS @ MUMBAI Date of Marriage: 27/8/2008 Date of Divorce: 16/1/2012 Thanks with warm regards surya


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