Relationship analysis of a married couple

Dear member,


Here are my views on your birth chart:

  1. Your 7th lord Saturn and Karaka of 7th house Venus both are under severe affliction. This is the major reason behind problems in marriage. 7th lord and karaka of Venus have 3/11 relationship which indicates that you will try to make relationship better as the time passes on and there are chances of relationship to get back to normal provided proper effort is made. Do convince your family to oppose the divorce and tell them that one can’t escape from karmas and need to be paid. Your Atmakaraka is Sun and is conjoined with 7th lord indicating pending karma from past birth related to marriage. This is the answer to the question which you asked that why are you suffering. Sun being Atmakaraka also indicates very clearly that you are highly egoistic and this needs to be changed in you asap. When one enters in a marriage, certain flexibility is required which is completely lacking at your end. You need to be of a very giving nature. 7th lord in 3rd house and Ketu in 7th house indicates that somewhere sensual urge in you was the reason to you to get married else you were kind of having thought of not getting married.
  2. AL is in Pisces but 7th from AL is strong as Saturn, Sun and Jupiter are placed there. This makes Venus in 3rd from AL indicating that you want your spouse to be the most perfect person which is practically not possible. Even Lord Brahma cant make such person of your desire.
  3. Coming to matching of birth charts, 19 gunas out of 36 are matching making it an average match. But it has been missed that both of you have Antya Nadi constituting Nadi dosha. In Antya nadi dosha, there are lot of whimsical issues between the partners and huge wastage of resources. Also nadi dosha creates issues with progeny and there can be danger to the male child also. Hence proper remedies are to be performed asap.
  4. In Navatara Chakra from Moon, Revati is in Janma Tara from Rohini nakshatra. Janma tara can be highly supportive or highly negative. Now as lord of Rohini is Moon and Revati is Mercury and both of them are highly inimical to each other indicating it to be highly negative. Proper matching by a competent astrologer may have result in both of you not marrying each other. It is always noticed that people just match the gunas in marriage match making which is not at all sufficient. A chart need to be properly matched by a competent astrologer.
  5. Here is the list of the remedies to be performed by you:

(i)                  Om namah shivaya ghusmesavaraya haum joom sah

(ii)                Om Hram Ghrini Vivasvanaya namah

(iii)               Om Shrim Lakshamaye Namah

Coming to your husband’s chart, here are my views:

  1. Moon is Atmakaraka and is conjoined with Ketu and Mercury. Moon in conjunction with Ketu indicates that he gets influenced by other very easily whereas Mercury conjoined with Ketu is making him lose his intelligence when required. Moon being atmakaraka is making him very attached with his mother and is being influenced by her a lot.
  2. He has Libra Navamsa and Aquarius Karakamsa. Aquarius having Moon and Mercury indicates that  he lacks emotions terribly and will be too punishing. It also indicates that he has some wrong thinking towards you. I will suggest you to interact with him again and try to clarify things.
  3. 7th lord Jupiter and Karaka of 7th house Venus is in 2/12 relationship indicating complete mismatch between you and your spouse due to circumstances. AL shifts to 10th house and Venus is in 3rd from AL here also indicating that he also has a desire of a perfect partner which is practically not possible. Venus is in 2nd from Sun which make him lose the relationships due to family or community.

2 thoughts on “Relationship analysis of a married couple

  1. Dear Sir, You have explained very nicely this concept of Relationship analysis and also of divorce. I would be more happy if you could analyze this chart as to what has gone wrong between this

    couple which ended in divorce. GIRL: 07/11/1983 @ 19.00HRS @ MUMBAI BOY: 20/8/1982 @ 1:32HRS @ MUMBAI Date of Marriage: 27/8/2008 Date of Divorce: 16/1/2012 Thanks with warm regards surya


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