Case Study: Marriage Problems



The key to analyzing this chart lies in the king of the chart, Atmakaraka (AK). The AK here is the Moon, which is involved in a matri shapa, as the Moon is afflicted by both Rahu and Mars. This curse is particularly damaging as the Moon is also the Lagna lord as well as AK, so the curse will strike the lady herself and on a very deep level, a soul level, that she will not easily get over. Mars and Rahu imply much anger and a great shock activating the curse.

The curse occurs in the 6th house and will manifest in this area of life. This is a maraka to the 5th house and is also the 12th house from the 7th house. The 6th house rules celibacy and Mars the planet of celibacy Is posited here. Ketu in 12th can also create a lot havoc in marriage and confirms there will be marital problems. So we can see there may be serious problems with marriage, conjugal bliss and children. But first we have to determine if this person can get married to begin with.

We find the UL in Virgo, which in itself is not good for marital relationships. The person will be overly idealistic, as the 7th house is Pisces, the house of Rishis. The person will want the spouse to be like God! The lord of UL is in 7th from it, and although debilitated, receives neechbhanga from Jupiter (Jupiter is its dispositor and is in angle from Lagna). It also forms bhagya yoga since it’s in 9th house, so it will give some good fortune. Jupiter as karaka for husband is well-placed in the 7th and although debilitated also receives neechabhanga (Mars is in angle from Moon). So marriage can occur but the husband will be debilitated – coming from a low status – and may be having work related problems as Mercury is the karaka for work.

This lady was actually married on Dec 1, 1992 during Moon-Mercury vimsottari dasa. Moon as AK would desire children and Mercury, lord of UL, is well placed. But would the marriage sustain? Here we look at the 2nd house from UL and see its lord Venus. Venus goes to Aquarius, the 8th house, an inauspicious placement and the house of debts. It’s conjoined the 2nd lord Sun showing there will be financial strains. Aquarius is the 6th house from UL and also A6 placed there showing arguments. These things can break the marriage.

There were children in this marriage, and that can be seen from the 9th house from UL, the fruits of the marriage. Saturn here represents the kids but since its in a parivartana with Venus, we need to see Venus itself for the children. It’s conjoined Sun, so there are a total of two planets, and this gives two children. They are in the sign of Aquarius, which can give twins since it has two lords. Thus this lady twins, a son and a daughter in February 1994. This was during Moon/ Ketu. Moon is conjoined 5th lord in the Rasi and in the 5th house in Saptamsa. Ketu is the one of the 5th lords in Rasi and aspects the 5th house in Saptamsa.

However, if we analyze the parivartana between Saturn and Venus more closely, we see this is a terrible combination. Saturn is in badhaka sthana exchanged with the badhakesh, Venus. Saturn aspects Venus by its most terrible 10th house aspect. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, meaning problems here are not easily removed. Venus is conjoined malefic and maraka Sun in the 8th house. We can also see the lord of the 5th going to the 6th house conjoined 8th lord. None of this fares well for the health and longevity of the children.

The marriage broke due to financial pressures in 1998 during Mars/ Rahu and her husband left her. The matri shapa was fully activated. Her daughter died in June 1999 and her son died in January 2000 during Mars/ Saturn, showing the destructiveness of Saturn’s placement in 9th from UL and exchanged with Venus. The children died of high fevers (conjoined Sun) and the illnesses were unexplained (badhakesh). In fact the whole Mars dasa was horrible, taking away the things this woman cherished the most, husband and children. The Moon signifying family was completely destroyed.

So could this woman rebuild a family? Unfortunately, she had her uterus removed and so was unable to conceive. The uterus, as well as all bodily parts/ organs specific to females only are ruled by the Moon. As indicated above, the first marriage shown by the Upapada in Virgo and the second by Aries with the Mars forming a part of the curse from past life. The third marriage is indicated by Scorpio and its co-lord Ketu is well placed, even though Mars is not. In the Navamsa the first marriage is indicated by Aquarius is gone and the second is indicated by Virgo being the eighth from the seventh house. This has Mars in it and hence Kumbha Vivaha is prescribed. The third chance shall be from Aries with Moksha karaka Ketu in it. Thus after performing the kumbha vivaha, fasting on all Wednesdays and worship of Sri Vishnu with the mantra “Om Vishnave Namah” (1008 times daily) is strongly prescribed.

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