Collection of Birth Details for Research

I am looking for birth data of people for research purposes on following conditions:

  1. Sun + Venus yoga, Venus in Pisces
  2. People who are bachelor even after 35 years of age
  3. People who have been divorced atleast once
  4. People who have lost their life partner at an early age
  5. People who are blind by birth or lost eye-sight in between
  6. People who had a premature death : short or middle life span (12 to 50 years of age)
  7. Charts of the visitors of this website are most welcome mentioning events in any of the following years of life:

(i)                  In 20th year of life.

(ii)                In 22nd year of life.

(iii)               In 24th year of life.

(iv)              In 25th year of life.

(v)                In 27th year of life.

(vi)              In 28th year of life.

(vii)             In 30th year of life.

(viii)           In 32nd year of life.

(ix)              In 37th year of life.

(x)                In 38th year of life.

(xi)              In 40th year of life.

(xii)             In 69th year of life

Please send the birth details on following email-id:

The research on these birth charts will be shared on the websites as articles.

One thought on “Collection of Birth Details for Research

  1. Dear Sir, As desired by you, I am enclosing herewith the following particulars viz. Jupiter in Pisces a] DOB; 01/05/1987 TOB: 20:13HRS @ KOLHAPUR ] BOTH ARE TWINS

    B] DOB: 01/05/1987 TOB: 20:18HRS @ KOLHAPUR ]

    II] the following are the particulars of persons who are Divorced or on the verge of Divorce. 1. BOY:DOB: 14/04/1982 @19.45HRS @MUMBAI. GIRL DOB:26/07/1987 @15.30HRS @MUMBAI

    2.BOY: 25.06. 1985 Star :: Uttiram (paadam 3) Place of birth : Chennai Time of birth : 5.25 pm. GIRL: Date of birth : 28.01.1989 Star : Chittirai (paadam 2) place of birth : Madurai. Time of birth : 6.25 pm

    3. BOY: 20/8/1982 @ 1:32 HRS @ MUMBAI

    GIRL: 07/11/1983 @ 19: 00 HRS @ MUMBAI

    4. BOY: 19/11/1982 @ 13:47 @ TIRUCHIRAPPALLI GIRL: 28/11/1984 @ 4:02HRS @ HYDERABAD

    5. BOY: 25/6/1985 @ 17:25 HRS @ CHENNAI GIRL: 28/1/1989 @ 18:25 HRS @ MADURAI

    III] PREMATURE DEATH A} DOB: 7/5/1967@ 5/05HRS @ SRIRANGAM [ T.N] Expired on 7/4/2009 after severe diabetes and kidney failure, kidney transplant done and survived

    for nearly 6-8 months. B] DOB: 17/8/1972 @ 00: 10HRS @ MYLAPORE Expired on 3/1/2013 after celebrating New Year’s Drink Party with his friends.

    IV]UNMARRIED DOB: 1/5/1975 @ 7:20HRS @ HYDERABAD


    a]DOB: 7/1/1960 @ 3.00 HRS @ MANGALORE Lost her husband in 1993 b] DOB: 16/8/1974 @ 23:50HRS @ CHENNAI [T.N] She lost her husband whose DOB is 7/5/1967 @ 5/05 hrs @ Srirangam[ T.N} who donated

    her kidney. Now she is on pacemaker. she has a hole in her heart which was operated after 18yrs.

    Sir, if you require any more particulars, I would be able to furnish you the same. with warm regards surya


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