Analysis of Birth chart of Srila Prabhupada Part – 2

Tapasavi-yoga: Further, in the Navamsa chart, BK Saturn and Ketu are in Kendras from Venus, thus generating Tapasavi-yoga or yoga for asceticism and renunciation. Prabhupada related a story of how his guru (from the “other side”, or in other words, his spiritual position after death) spoke through one of his senior god-brothers, Srila Kesava Maharaja, in a dream and said that he should take the renounced order of life. Prabhupada did so in 1955, and Srila Kesava Maharaja became his sannyasa-guru.


Vipareeta raja-yoga: Vipareeta raja-yoga brings great events and experiences into the life of the native, following some kind of reversal or serious setback. It is formed when lords of the dusthana (6th, 8th or 12th) join in any of these houses. This yoga can form in other houses also, yet it is not as complete as when the said lords also join in 6th, 8th or 12th. In Prabhupada’s chart, 12th lord Mars joins 8th lord Moon in the 6th house, thus forming Vipareeta raja-yoga verbatim. Mars has even greater significance n this chart, as he is the Dharma-devata or the deity who shows the path or portal through which dharma can be fulfilled. Mars as the 12th lord is poignant here, as Prabhupada fulfilled his dharma in a foreign country, and he did it after crossing the ocean, signified by the Moon.


The reversal came in the form of Prabhupada’s suffering three heart attacks on the ship in passage to America. He thought he would never complete the trip, yet he lived nevertheless. During his sleep the night of the third heart attack, he had a dream in which all the dasa-avataras (ten incarnations of Visnu) were rowing his boat, while Sri Caitanya was at the helm of the ship. Sri Caitanya told him in dream to have courage, as he would not only live to complete his journey, but he would also spread Krsna Consciousness all over the world. Note how Mars, the 5th and 12th lord, makes an exact aspect (by degree) to the Sun in Leo. These combinations show that the heart attack occurred while in transit to America. It is also evident that he would survive the heart attacks, as the 8th lord Moon is exalted too.


Mrtyu Pada (A8) and Shatru Pada (A6)


Under normal circumstances, the intervention, either by aspect or argala, of A8- Mrtyupada or its lord, or A6- Shasta Pada or its lord, on planets forming the Vipareeta Raja-yoga, would create death instead of greatness following reversal. In Prabhupada’s chart, A8 lord Jupiter is with the Sun in Leo (heart), and forms unobstructed argala on the Mars-Moon yoga. Similarly, A6 is in Capricorn, while its lord Saturn is in great strength and aspects Mars-Moon yoga. These, however, did not bring death, as they are both indicative of the guru and his order. (Jupiter as the natural karaka of guru and Saturn as Bhratrikaraka). Thus instead of dying through the influence of these grahas, the material life and all of its illusions died when Prabhupada came to America.


Captain of the Ship


Following the creation of over 108 temples and the initiation of close to 10,000 foreign disciples, Prabhupada was as if a king, or more precisely, as the “Captain of the Ship” for those desiring to cross over the difficult ocean of Kali-yuga. Kingliness is certainly displayed, however inadvertently, with Sagittarius on the ascendant, Sun in Leo and the aspect of 5th lord Mars on to the Sun, Jupiter and Lagna. However, there are some additional yogas which seem to be found in the charts of great spiritualists, exhibiting a kingly sort of posture due to great influence over the lives of others. These are:


Mrdanga-yoga: A mrdanga is a clay drum traditionally used to accompany the congregational chanting of the names of God (sankirtana). In jyotisha, the Mrdanga-yoga forms when planets are in own or exaltation signs in kendras and trikonas, while the lagna lord is strong. This yoga is defined as “a king or equal” or someone who carries the royal insignia or persona of a king. Naturally, the strength of planets in kendras and trikonas are going to insure that correct dharmic principles are displayed through one’s thoughts and actions.


Chamara-yoga: In ritualistic ceremonies in which the Deities Laksmi-Narayana or Radha-Krsna are performed, the chamara (yak-tail whisk) is standard paraphernalia. Kings or exalted personally have been traditionally served in India since time immemorial through the waving of the chamara whisk. Chamara-yoga, through which long life, scholarliness, eloquence and learning in many arts are conferred, is formed when benefics are in 7th, 9th and 10th houses of the charts. In this chart, Jupiter-Sun-Ketu in the 9th house and Mercury-Venus in 10th generate Chamara-yoga in full.


Parijata-yoga or Kalpadruma-yoga: The Parijata-yoga reflects, in astrological terms, the blessings conferred by the kalpa-vrksa or desire tree, which exists in the spiritual world of Vaikuntha. There are some kalpa-vrksa trees that still exist in India, and one may receive deep and spiritual blessings by praying before them. A Parijata-yoga or Kalpadruma-yoga, is generated when the dispositor of the dispositor of the lord of the ascendant is in his own or exalted sign, and in kendra or trikona houses as well. This yoga applies verbatim in Prabhupada’s chart. Apart from blessings coming forth from God and His representatives, the yoga confers the following: kingliness, principled behavior, warriorship, as well as strong, prosperous and very kind individual. All of these symptoms were found in the person of Prabhupada in full.


Sakti-yoga: (the power to destroy evil): The sakti or empowerment to harness the efforts of thousands of people for the promotion of divine light or goodness in the world is the result of Sakti-yoga. It applies only in the charts of a very few individuals who are (or were) forces to destroy evil, or conversely, in the charts of some demonic entities (like Hitler or others) to destroy goodness. The Sakti-yoga literally brings about the full and complete destruction of one or two polar opposites: all that which is good or all that which is evil. The Sakti-yoga to destroy evil is formed in the following ways:


  1. The Moon and Rahu are in either the 5th or 9th houses, and aspected or conjoined only by malefics (note that only rasi drsti apply here);
  2. The Moon and Rahu are in combination with malefics, and join or aspect either the 5th or 9th houses from the lagna or the Atmakaraka planet.


If in the above combinations, there are only benefics (especially Jupiter) involved in the Moon-Rahu yoga without any malefic intervention, then the person engages in the aggressive efforts to destroy goodness in the world. In other words, such a person is a force of darkness working to destroy humanity. The Sakti-yoga of this sort was found in the chart of Adolph Hitler, who sought to destroy thousands of people, indeed all of humanity if he could.


In Prabhupada’s case, the Sakti-yoga applies in full as follows: The 9th house from the Atmakaraka Rahu has Saturn in it, while the Moon, in combination with Mars as well as Rahu, aspect the 9th. Jupiter’s position in the 11th from the 9th (from AK), and aspecting the 11th from the AK, assures the protection of the native and his mission to destroy the darkness generated by the age of Kali. Indeed, he was successful to an extent never before seen in the world.


Raja-yogas and Their Fructification


Apart from the varieties of arguments that have been put forth by different astrologers for the Sagittarius ascendant on the one hand, and the Capricorn ascendant on the other hand, the most compelling argument in favor of Sagittarius lagna has to do with the times when the raja-yogas fructified. As we shall see later on in the discussion of the Drig dasa, the results of the Jupiter-Sun-Ketu Raja-Laksmi-yoga in Prabhupada’s chart came into manifestation rather late in life. He began his mission of establishing the Hare Krsna movement in America in 1965 when he was 69 years. According to the Jaimini Sutramritam, raja-yoga fructifies at different periods of life according to:


  1. The house of the astrological chart wherein the yoga forms;
  2. The natural age or periods of the planets involved; and
  3. The specific dasa period that was operating at that time in the life of the native.

This can be summarized as follows:


Fructification of Raja-yoga:

For planets falling in specific houses of the chart, raja-yoga fructifies during youth, middle age or old age, according to the rules listed in items 1-3 below.


The general ayush-khandas (terms of longevity) are:


0-36 = short life

36-72 = middle life

72-108 = long life


  1. If the raja-yoga forms in the 2nd, 4th, 8th and-or 10th house(s), then the yoga fructifies in youth. If there are an equal number of planets in 2nd or 4th houses, then the yoga also fructifies in youth.
  2. If raja-yoga forms in the 5th, 6th, 11th and-or 12th house(s), then the yoga fructifies in the middle life.
  3. If raja-yoga forms in the 1st, 3rd, 7th and-or 9th houses(s), then the yoga fructifies in the old age. As 3rd from AL is the place of death, although for saints it can be in the 3rd from AK. This is because the 3rd house is the last house in the old age sequence according to the above schedule.


Taking the above information from Jaimini at face value, Prabhupada could not have had Capricorn rising in his chart, because then the most important of raja-yogas in his chart would have fructified in his youth, as the Jupiter-Ketu-Sun combination woyld then fall in the 8th house. With Sagittariys as the rising sign, however, the raja-yoga stimulating his mission to open temples all over the world (Jupiter and Sun in the 9th house, aspected by the lord of the 12th Mars), should have come to fruitification in his old age, and indeed they did, after the age of 69 and up to his leaving this world at the age of 77.




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