Analysis of birth chart of Srila Prabhupada Part – 3

Viparita-ayur-yoga (and longevity): If the Atmakaraka planet falls in the 1st, 3rd, 7th or 9th houses, then there is decrease in the term of longevity. This is called Vipareet-ayur-yoga. Prabhupada had long life per the rules governing longevity given in Jaimini Sutramritam. Vipareeta-ayur-yoga was cancelled, however, due to Jupiter’s aspect on to the Lagna. Thus, his ayur-khanda (term of longevity) remained long life (72-108).


Natural Age of Planets:


The natural age of planets with reference to the fructification of raja-yogas is as following:


Moon Age 0-1 One year
Mars Age 1-3 Two years
Mercury Age 3-12 Nine years
Venus Age 12-32 Twenty years
Jupiter Age 32-50 Eighteen years
Sun Age 50-70 Twenty years
Saturn Age 70-120 Fifty years


If the planet ruling the natural period is strong, then even if the Vimsottari dasa during the same time frame is bad, then the experience is not so bad. The opposite is the case if the planet ruling the natural period is weak, then even a strong Vimsottari dasa of a raja-yoga planet (s) is not so beneficial. If a planet ruling the natural period is strong and forms raja-yoga, and if the simultaneous Vimsottari dasa is also strong, and especially if the planet ruling the natural period is also the one ruling the Vimsottari dasa, then the period gives outstanding results.


  • For Prabhupada, the Vimsottari dasa during which he took sannyasa (formal order of renunciation), and started full time decision to his mission, was Mercury, starting in 1954 (age 58), and ending in 1971 (age 75). The natural period was the Sun (age 50 to 70), who is strong in moolatrikona in the 9th house, while the dasa lord was exalted. Mercury’s dasa was still in progress when he came to America in 1965, while the natural period of exalted Saturn started a year later. This was a very powerful period for the fructification of raja-yoga, as both dasa lord and natural period lord are exalted, while the fructification of raha-yoga fell in the appropriate age period as well (Jupiter-Sun-Ketu in the 9th house). Thus, the portion of Saturn’s natural period that was strongest was between age 69 to 75, when Mercury dasa was still in operation.


The Sun and Moon Ignite and Sustan Raja-yogas


The Sun and Moon as the primordial causes of creation and sustenance (the symbolic principles of Siva and Sakti respectively), both stimulate and sustain the effects of raja-yogas when they participate in such yogas. This occurs as follows:


  • The Sun, being the karaka of the 1st house, stimulates or ignites the creation or origins of something. If the Sun participates in or influences the raja-yoga in a chart, then it spurns such yogas to come into manifestation at the appropriate juncture in life.
  • The Moon, being the karaka of the 4th house, preserves or sustains the effects of raja-yoga, if influencing or participating in the yoga. If raja-yoga lasts for an extended period of time, then the Moon must be involved as the sustainer. If Moon is not participatory, then the raja-yoga can’t be sustained, and thus the native may experience only marginal results of such a combination.


Since the Moon in Prabhupada’s chart is the Ista-devata planet, it is evident that Sri Krsna desired that:


  1. Great power or sakti would come forth through the Sakti-yoga (which is also Vipareeta raja-yoga in this chart).
  2. Since the Moon aspects the 9th from the Atmakaraka and its dispositor Saturn, that his efforts to bring Krsna Consciousness to the whole world would bear fruit.
  3. That the results of such efforts would sustain over a long period of time.


The Sun may also qualify as an Ista-devata, being in the 12th from Karakamsa Lagna. The avatar of Visnu who appeared to reinforce the principles of dharma, Lord Sri Rama Chandra, made His presence known through the Sun’s stimulation of the Raja-Laksmi yoga in Prabhupada’s chart as well.


Surya and Chandra Vamsas


It is interesting in this connection that Lord Sri Rama descended in the dynasty of kings originating with the Sun-god, the Surya Vamsa. Similarly, Lord Sri Krsna descended in the dynasty of kings originating with the Moon-god, the Chandra Vamsa. Both the Sun and the Moon are poignantly participatory in the raja-yogas in Prabhupada’s chart, as shown above. This shows that his mission extended to a much broader dimension and sphere of meaning, in that the Ista-devatas in his chart are both Sun and Moon respectively. Thus not only was he a person of greatness, but his greatness extended far beyond the magnitude of ordinary humans also, in that what was conceived of as his mission, was directly the mission of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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