Venus in Marriage & Sex Part – 03

When the seventh house is afflicted along with Jupiter and Mercury two benefics, one is likely to lead an immoral life. When seventh house along with Venus and Moon, planets ruling sex life and mind are afflicted, similar results are produced. Moon in the 7th or 12th bhava positioned in malefic Vargas when Venus is afflicted produces a native with mind inclined to sexual pleasures. Similar results are produced when moon and Venus aspected by malefic falling in ascendants belonging to signs of Mars or Saturn that is Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, or Scorpio. Similar results are produced when Moon and Venus posited in the 7th house or aspecting it when 7th house is very strong. Moon in the 7th house having signs of either Mars or Saturn (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius) when Venus is afflicted by malefic makes a man highly sexy and mind is always engaged in finding ways and means to seek sexual pleasures. Similar results have also been witnessed with Venus in conjunction with Moon in the 7th or 11th house. Similar results are produced when in a horoscope Venus is afflicted and at the same time, Sun, ruling over position and finance is also afflicted, one will have illicit relations with women and will also incur financial losses through them. When Venus is either in the house of Mars or Saturn and also aspected by either of them without being aspected by either of them without being aspected by any benefic, a man have a loose sex life. Afflicted Venus in ascendant or 4th house or 7th house or 10th house at the same time aspected by a malefic produces a highly sensual person not bothered about others and believes in sexual gratification. Especially afflicted Venus in the 7th house makes a man connected with a woman who has already enjoyed her sex life. Influence of Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu over Venus in the 7th house makes a man connected with low born women. One with relate himself illegally with many females if Venus is weak while Moon and Saturn are strong. If the 7th house is occupied by Rahu in the company of the 7th lord Venus and be in a powerful aspect to malefics alone, the native will distress his father and spend entire patrimony to delight him with a band of whores. According to Jataka Tattawa, native will be a rake if Venus, Saturn, and Mars are in their Shadvargas and Saturn and Mars aspect the 7th house.

Jupiter rules our religious tendencies and therefore an unafflicted Jupiter makes one a God fearing man. When Jupiter is either in the house of Mars or Saturn or in navamsa or either of them and is also aspected by or conjoined with any of them or Rahu, a man can easily give up his customs, social bindings and religious ties. In such a horoscope, if any of the houses or planets ruling sex life particularly Venus, is afflicted, one is likely to lead a desirable life. According to Jataka Tattawa one will be a rake if Venus and Jupiter are together with a malefic in 2nd, 7th, or 5th house. The combination of Venus and Jupiter are together with a malefic in 2nd, 7th, or 5th house. The combination of Venus and Jupiter in association with malefic in the 2nd points toward immortal bent of mind. If the 2nd and 3rd lords join the Venus in a trine from the ascendant and be in aspect to Jupiter, the native will be an adept in enjoying sexual bliss with a great number of females. Similarly, if the 3rd lord is in the 7th house in aspect to Jupiter while the 7th lord aspects Venus, one will be adept in obtaining sexual bliss with excellent women even in his advanced age.

When the 7th house is owned by either Mars or Saturn, and Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn are situation there, one will lead the worst sex life. Venus in association with malefic positioned in Kendra which coincides with its debilitation sign and aspected by a malefic gives sexually tormented person. A person will have highly sexed feeling and busy in seeking pleasure with other women is seen when Venus in ascendant happens to be in the signs of Saturn or Mars. When afflicted Venus along with Mars joins the 7th house, one leads an undesirable sex life. When Venus and Mars both join the 10th house and are afflicted, similar result is produced.

Mercury rules over wisdom, intelligence etc and therefore strong Mercury can counteract many evils in our life. Weak and afflicted Mercury is a bar for sound judgment and decision. When afflicted Mercury along with Venus joins the 7th house, it is bad for normal sex life. Situation of such Mercury along with Venus in the 8th house or in the 10th house is also not desirable. When these two planets join 7th, 8th, or 10th house which is owned by a malefic, and when none of these  two planets is either aspected or conjoined with benefics, a person with a sex relations with a woman other than his wife and will make many blunders due to such connections. Even an afflicted Venus conjoined with Mercury in the 12h house is not conductive for a normal sex life and number of secret affairs are there.

When malefic Venus is in the 10th house of Moon, and Moon is also afflicted by Saturn, the person will be mentally weak and his mind will be always influenced by sex hunger and he is likely to lead an undesirable sex life as the ultimate effect. When 7th house is owned by Venus, and Venus and Mercury both join that house along with Saturn, the person will have too much sex desire in him and is likely to lead a questionable sex life, similar results are found when this combination falls in the 10th house instead of the 7th house. Venus occupying a fourth house from Saturn shows the same effect. A very passionate and licentious person is witnessed when his horoscope indicates Venus to be in signs of Aries, Taurus, or Aquarius. As mentioned earlier Venus as owner of 6th house in combination with Mars aspected by a malefic and Venus in his own sign or in Gemini shows a highly passionate nature of the native. Venus positioned in a sign of a planet having retrograde motion of Venus positioned in 7th house fully aspected by the strong lord or ascendant shows sexual weakness. When Venus joins with Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th house or when Saturn falls in 6th or 12th from Venus, the native will have a nature of a eunuch.

When Venus is with malefic connections and Moon occupying the 12th or when Venus in the 7th house and 7th lord are influenced by Rahu by conjunction or aspect, a person becomes too much sexy and the result will be similar. When 7th lord is either in lagna or in the 7th house and is a malefic and is also afflicted, one leads a loose life. Similar will be the result when afflicted 7th lord joins either 2nd or 12th house. When lord of the 7th house joins a house owned by a malefic and is either conjoined with or aspected by a malefic, a person is likely to lead a loose sex life.

9th house rules the social customs, religious creeds etc and when the lord of this house joins the lord of the 8th house in a house owned by a malefic and also is afflicted, a man doesn’t care for his customs, family bindings, religious bindings etc in matter of leading his sex life and therefore ultimately suffers for this. When lord of lagna joins the lord of sixth house in a malefic house and both are afflicted, they make a person highly sexy and loose in character. 4th house amongst other things denote our family life. When 4th house is occupied by malefic and is also aspected by malefic and either Venus or 7th lord is afflicted, one is likely to lead a loose sex life, and thereby will cause much unhappiness in the family.

According to Jataka Tattawa a person will have sexual pleasures with the wife of his preceptor if Venus together with malefic is in the 9th house. Similar results are also experienced if the lord of 9th is debilitated and is in a debilitated amsa and is together with Venus. When lord of 9th house joins Venus and is also conjoined with malefic, one will have illicit relations with women’s like his uncles wife etc. When lord of the 9th house and both Venus and lord of the 9th house are in one house, one will have similar relation with women like uncles wives etc.

12th house rules extra-marital relations and happiness from bedmate. When Venus is in the 12th house, she generally leads a man to have paramours. When such a Venus is afflicted, the evil influences of woman are sure to come. An unafflicted Venus may be counteracted by the strength of other planetary forces, but situation of Venus in 12th is always bad. The malefic planets in the 12th house may indicate the number of paramours in life of a person.

The native will seek pleasures continuously with prostitutes if the 8th house is occupied by Venus while the 7th lord is in the 4th house and a malefic in the 9th house. One will indulge in contemptible debauchery day in and day out and will face an uncared end if Venus and 7th lord jointly occupy a sign of Mars while Saturn and Sun being bereft of strength are in mutual aspect. Rahu, Venus and the 4th lord occupying/aspecting the 3rd while the 2nd lord is in 6th, a native with this planetary disposition will discard his wife, join immortal females, acquire fearful diseases and will probably be disposed to commit suicide. In case of a Virgo native, if Moon and Saturn occupy together an angle or trine. While Venus endowed with strength is in the 9th from ascendant (ie Taurus), the native will be physically related to many females.

If Venus and Moon are in Shasthasthama and if Saturn and Venus or Saturn and Mars are in interplanetary war, the native will not be satisfied with marrying any number of girls. He will illicit loose and shameless connections with girls mostly characterless. His family life will almost be miserable in every respect.

If Venus and Moon are Shastastama or if Venus and Moon are both in Shasthasthama from lagna and if both of them or either of them is aspected by Saturn, the native will not be inclined to be faithful to any lady in the world. This disposition either occurring in rasi chart will decide future of the native and also his old age.

If Venus is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn in a sign of lust. If Venus be in Taurus or Libra, the native will earn disgrace through association with courtesans. Venus in moveable signs indicates a native who is inconsistent in affliction and not constant with one woman.

If the ruler of the ascendant is in common sign and Venus afflicted, the native will not be content with one marriage. Venus afflicted in the 7th or 11th houses makes the native loose moral and fond of fast company.

When Venus is in conjunction with Saturn and aspecting the ruler of ascendant, the native is inclined to sodomy or loves old and hard featured women or poor dirty wretches.

One must observe a special caution in applying the combinations suggesting looseness of character. Haste in declaring the views must be avoided and great thinking must be done. One must carefully judge the strength and position of Venus in the horoscope and also whether any benefic planet has influenced the combination or not. Venus is the most important of planets to build up character of a man and a strong and unafflicted Venus may counteract the malefic influences of the combinations. Similarly when a beneficial planet conjoins or aspects any of the planets making any of the above combinations it may counteract the evil influences of the combinations.


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