Judgement of Results : Vimsottari Dasa Part – 1


The single most important planet in any horoscope in the lord of Lagna as it represents the person himself. The sign occupied by the Lagna lord is called Paka Lagna. Similarly examine other houses.

1)      If the Lord is exalted the house owned by it shall flourish, if the Lord is debilitated the houses owned by it shall be destroyed.

This is a very general statement and advises us to look at the status of the lord of a house. Jaimini has explained that the planets in debility or exaltation, if associated with the house of income give tremendous gains. This, prima facie seems to be contradictory. Whether a planet is going to give wealth and gains or not is seen from the 11th house from Lagna & Arudha Lagna. If such a planet is exalted then it shall not only give tremendous gains, but the houses owned by it shall also flourish. If such a planet is debilitated then it gives a lot of income, but will destroy the houses it owns.

A planet in debility can ruin all others conjunct with it even if they are exalted. If it is conjunct Rahu, then great evil is predicted during its dasa/antar. However if it attains neechabhanga (cancellation of debility), then it shall give Rajayoga during its period and all planets conjoined shall work in harmony with it. Neechabhanga occurs due to the placement of either of the following in Kendra (Quadrants only) to Lagna/Moon.

  • Lord of the Sign of debility
  • Lord of the signs opposite the sign of debility i.e. the lord of the sign of exaltation
  • Planet that is exalted in the sign of debility of another
  • The debilitated planet is placed in Navamsa which is that of its sign of exaltation
  • If neechabhanga is absent, some good results can be expected if the debilitated planet is in the navamsa of a sign owned by it.
  • If none of these happen, then the period of the debilitated planet as well as that of dispositor shall spell ruin and destruction.


2)      A planet placed in its Moolatrikona (office) or own sign (home) shall prove to be very auspicious in successfully promoting the matters signified by the houses it owns. In a friendly sign it shall be supportive but in an inimical or unfriendly sign, the affairs indicated by the houses owned by it shall be annihilated or diminish respectively.

3)      If the Lord of a house is placed in the 6th, 8th, 12th or obstruction (Badhak) sign, then the house suffers due to enemies (agantuka-drista), own Karma (nija-roga), past debt (rina) or evil forces (agantuka-adrista) respectively. Similarly the lords of these houses placed in any bhava shall damage it due to such sources of evil.

4)      If the Lord of any house is placed in kendra (quadrant) in strength and is well aspected, the house owned shall flourish during its period due to the native’s karma. If in such a case, the placement is in the trikonas (5th & 9th) the houses flourish due to good fortune and blessings.

5)      If the Lord of any house is placed in the 8th from it, it suffers complete destruction even if the said lord is exalted. This destruction is sure to come if the lord is a natural benefic like Jupiter or Moon. Beneficial aspects shall somehow try to protect such a house. It may be noted that the planets aspecting or occupying it cannot make it prosper or become beneficial if its lord is ill placed (i.e. in 6th, 8th or 12th from it), in an inimical house, is in dur-avastha (bad state), eclipsed or impotent due to defeat in planetary war.

6)      Even if the above is true i.e. the planet is ill placed, in a bad state, eclipsed or in an inimical or sign of depression, if it is in its exaltation, own or friendly navamsa it manages to salvage the damage and recover after an initial setback. Such a navamsa/ sign placement causing cancellation of weakness or debility is nothing less than the nectar that flows from the glance of the Guru.

7)      Planets and houses aspected or conjoined by Jupiter, Mercury and its Lord shall prove auspicious during their periods. Some add Venus to this list and others add the Moon as well. Houses aspected or conjoined by Saturn, Mars and Rahu shall suffer evil during their periods. Good or bad would depend on the nature of the houses and their relationship with Lagna Lord.

Malefics afflicting 5th house

SR Rasi SR Saptamsa


In the Rasi chart, the fifth house from Lagna and karaka (Jupiter) is Cancer. The malefic lords of the eighth house (Venus: Nija-roga) and sixth house (Sun: Agantuka drishti – Roga) are placed in the fifth house thereby afflicting it. The lord of the fifth house (Moon) is ill placed in the 12th house in dagdha (combust) tithi. The lord of the 12th house (both Saturn & Rahu as the lords of Aquarius) aspect and afflict the fifth house. Thus, the fifth house is considerably damaged by all these evil lords of the dusthana and its lord is also ill placed indicating danger to children. The saving grace is the aspect of Jupiter. Further, Venus shall not be bad for daughters, but shall be evil for sons.

In the Saptamsa (D-7), the fifth lord Mars is well placed in a kendra with the Moon and Ketu indicating that the first child will be a daughter. The daughter was born in Saturn dasa – Mars antardasa – Venus pratyantar (Vimsottari : Moon start) or more precisely, Venus – Venus – Jupiter (Vimsottari : Lagna start). The seventh lord is ill placed in the 12th house in an insect sign Scorpio and has an exchange (Parivartana yoga) with its dispositor Mars which is placed in Gemini. Parivartana means change or opposite to indications. Thus, although Mercury in Scorpio indicates a daughter, the opposite (i.e. a son) shall be born as the second child. All is not well when there is such an exchange involving bitter enemies Mars & Mercury. The child was born in Saturn dasa – Rahu antardasa – Venus pratyantar (Vimsottari : Moon start) [or more precisely, Venus dasa Sun antardasa in Vimsottari : Lagna start] and has very low IQ  besides having an inability to speak (Mercury ruling speech is afflicted by Mars due to the exchange and is weak in the 12th house).

In this chart, considering the Rasi (D-1) chakra alone and standard method of determining progeny, we will find that Venus and Sun in the fifth house from Lagna/ Jupiter shall indicate two children – one daughter (Venus) and the other a son (Sun).



Event                                                                                                                 Vimsottari Dasa
Date Description Moon start Lagna start Remarks
15 July 1991 Government Service Saturn dasa – Moon antar Venus dasa – Venus antar Venus is the lord of the 3rd house placed in the fifth house  indicating Government service. It is also conjoined the Sun in the fifth house of authority indicating government service.
29 August 1991 Love Marriage Saturn – Moon Venus – Venus Both periods indicate marriage but Venus as the seventh lord of navamsa is a better indicator. In addition, it is also the lord of Upapada and placed in the fifth house indicating the love marriage.
21 Dec 1992 Birth of daughter Saturn – Mars Venus – Venus Venus is placed in the fifth house to clearly indicate the birth of daughter in its antardasa
1 June 1995 Birth of son Saturn – Rahu Venus – Sun Sun is placed in the fifth house to clearly indicate the birth of the son. Rahu is the dispositor of the fifth lord Moon and also indicates, but the Sun is a better indicator.


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