Judgement of Results : Vimsottari Dasa Part – 2



1)      The good or evil experienced by any person is in accordance with the dasa prevailing at any point of time. The fructification of yoga (good or bad) and extent of such fruits are dependent on the strength of the planets. Hence, wise astrologers should in the first place ascertain the strength of the planets. The sources of strength shall indicate the directions from where the good results will come whereas the sources which are weak shall indicate areas of suffering. This should be intelligently applied to Vimsopaka strength as well. The results, good or bad, shall also depend on the vocation (career etc) and ayana (goals). Uchcha bala, especially when the planet is moving towards its exaltation gives status. In this manner the other sources should be examined qualitatively and quantitatively.

2)      Thus, even if the planet is placed in a Kendra, if it is weak it shall bring disease/ decay to the houses it owns, especially during the periods of such malefics/ planets that are the cause of its weakness.

3)      Any house prospers if its quadrants or trines are well conjoined and aspected. The reverse is the case due to malefic conjunctions/ aspects. In such cases the Lord of the Bhava cannot be considered evil. For example, Saturn is placed in the 2nd house, during its dasa the quadrant houses 2, 5, 8 and 11 shall suffer and dwindle unless these houses are owned by Saturn (relationships also count). Similarly, trines to the 2nd house (6th and 10th) also suffer annihilation. Saturn would have a full aspect on the 4th and 11th houses (being the 3rd/10th from the 2nd house) causing these to suffer.

4)      The period of the badhakesh or of a planet associated with it brings disease and sorrow (Agantuka adritsa). If the planets are benefic then the evil is easily pacified but if malefic and associated with fixed signs/ navamsa it is difficult to overcome.

5)      Planets placed in Badhak sign bring sorrow and suffering due to Agantuka (external) adrista (unknown causes) roga (suffering & disease as manifesting from karma). Planets in Kendra to Badhak sign give sorrow or foreign travel.

Case Study: Debilitated Moon

Chart 8 Vimsottari Dasa

Chart 8 Vimsottari Dasa D-9

In the chart, Moon is the 12th lord and is debilitated in the fourth house. Cancellation of debility occurs due to the placement of Venus in strength in its own sign (Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga) in a Kendra from Lagna and the Moon as well. The debility of the 12th lord indicates the destruction of the significations of the 12th house during its period. The Upapada (Arudha Pada of the 12th house indicating the fortunes of marriage & spouse) is in Pisces and its lord Jupiter is also debilitated. Cancellation of debility of Jupiter is brought about by the placement of Saturn, its dispositor in a Kendra from Lagna and the Moon. Thus, prima facie, there is considerable trouble in the 12th house and bed pleasures and conjugal bliss will be lacking. The family of the spouse would be very ordinary or poor at the time of birth and would have risen gradually (Jupiter in Pisces Navamsa in the seventh house from Lagnamsa conjoined an exalted Venus). With the advent of Moon dasa, the native’s marital life became unbearable and his spouse tormented him. The seventh lord Saturn placed in Lagna indicates a dominating spouse and the nature of Saturn would indicate considerable coldness. Their marriage was in doldrums and the native considered divorce during Moon dasa Ketu antardasa. Fasting on the days of the lord of the Upapada (Thursdays) and other remedial measures helped to tide over the crisis. Ketu in 12th from Moon and Arudha Lagna gave sudden losses and expenses. Everything went awry and out of control. Ketu is in Kendra to Badhak sign as well as Badhak lord Mars. However, with the advent of Venus antardasa, the neechabhanga (cancellation of debility) promised, occurred and the native re-established himself both in business and home.

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon): Maha Dasa:

Merc:  1939-11-11 – 1956-11-10

Ket:  1956-11-10 – 1963-11-11

Ven:  1963-11-11 – 1983-11-11

Sun:  1983-11-11 – 1989-11-11

Moon:  1989-11-11 – 1999-11-11

Mars:  1999-11-11 – 2006-11-11

Rah:  2006-11-11 – 2024-11-11

Jup:  2024-11-11 – 2040-11-11

Sat:  2040-11-11 – 2059-11-12


 Moon MD: Antardasa in this MD:

Moon:  1989-11-11 – 1990-09-11

Mars:  1990-09-11 – 1991-04-09

Rah:  1991-04-09 – 1992-10-11

Jup:  1992-10-11 – 1994-02-07

Sat:  1994-02-07 – 1995-09-12

Merc:  1995-09-12 – 1997-02-07

Ket:  1997-02-07 – 1997-09-11

Ven:  1997-09-11 – 1999-05-09

Sun:  1999-05-09 – 1999-11-11



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