Judgement of Results : Vimsottari Dasa Part – 3

Marana karaka

The specific most malefic positions of planets capable of causing death like suffering are as follows:- Sun in 12th house, Moon in 8th house, Mars in 7th house, Mercury in 7th house, Jupiter in 3rd house, Venus in 6th house, Saturn in 1st house and Rahu in 9th house from the Lagna (or dasa rasi). Such positions of the planets are called Marana Sthana (death inflicting) and the planets become Marana Karaka (death inflictors). When such a death inflictor is in conjunction with or aspected by malefics or in inimical or depression signs, great grief is sure to come.

Sun causes fire hazards; Moon indicates danger from water; Mars causes accident and danger from weapons; Mercury indicates trouble due to flatulence; stomach problems are indicated by Jupiter; Accident, trouble from opposite sex are caused by Venus and venomous bites by Rahu. Similarly, the planet becoming Marana Karaka will not do well for its Karakatwa (Signification) and will surely tend to destroy the houses it owns.

Case Study: Erstwhile USSR

Chart 9 Vimsottari Dasa D-1

Chart 9 Vimsottari Dasa D-9

The chart of the erstwhile USSR has the 10th lord Sun placed in the 12th house in Marana Karaka Sthana. Such a debilitated and ill placed Sun indicates the destruction of its sign Leo which is also the tenth house in the chart. In any mundane chart the tenth house indicates the rulers or leaders and its lord in Marana Karaka Sthana, in debility and conjoined the malefic 8th and 11th lord Mercury indicates the death of leaders and consequential destruction of the Union.

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon): Maha Dasa


Merc:  1903-06-20 – 1920-06-19

Ket:  1920-06-19 – 1927-06-20

Ven:  1927-06-20 – 1947-06-20

Sun:  1947-06-20 – 1953-06-20

Moon:  1953-06-20 – 1963-06-20

Mars:  1963-06-20 – 1970-06-20

Rah:  1970-06-20 – 1988-06-20

Jup:  1988-06-20 – 2004-06-20

Sat:  2004-06-20 – 2023-06-21


Rah Maha Dasa:  Antardasa in this MD:

Rah:  1970-06-20 – 1973-03-01

Jup:  1973-03-01 – 1975-07-28

Sat:  1975-07-28 – 1978-06-01

Merc:  1978-06-01 – 1980-12-20

Ket:  1980-12-20 – 1982-01-07

Ven:  1982-01-07 – 1985-01-07

Sun:  1985-01-07 – 1985-12-03

Moon:  1985-12-03 – 1987-06-01

Mars:  1987-06-01 – 1988-06-20

The planets aspecting or stationed in the Marana Karaka’s sign (Leo) are Mars & Rahu. Whereas Mars, being the lord of the sign of exaltation of the Sun and placed in a kendra to Lagna causes the neechabhanga (cancellation of debility) of the Sun and hence, during its dasa, the Marana Karaka results will not manifest. However, during the dasa of Rahu, placed in debility in Sagittarius and aspecting Leo, the Marana Karaka results are sure to occur. Reckoned from the Sun (10th lord for leaders), the Argala (intervention) of Mars in the 11th house is fully removed by Rahu and Venus in the 3rd house. Such a obstruction to Argala will occur during the conjoined period of Rahu & Venus. Thus, with the advent of Venus antardasa in Rahu dasa, the table was set for the functioning of the Marana Karaka yoga for the leaders.

Reckoned from Venus, Moon & Saturn are in the eighth house as well as in the eighth house whereas this Sani-Chandra yoga is in the Badhak house from Lagna. From Leo, the 12th house is Cancer with the Saturn – Moon conjunction. Saturn is the evil maraka (killer) for Leo.

On November 10, 1982, in Rahu dasa – Venus antardasa – Moon Pratyantara, Leonid Brezhnev the head of state, died. He was succeeded Andropov who was helpless in the face of the fifth consecutive year of bad harvest in 1983. Thereafter on 9th February 1984 in Rahu dasa – Venus antardasa – Saturn Pratyantara, Andropov died. He was succeeded by Chernenko on 13th February 1984. Subsequently, after a year Chernenko also died on 10th March 1985.

Normally when such terrible Marana Karaka Yoga functions, the native himself dies or there are three deaths around him before the evil period ends. The successor Gorbachev made history by undoing the USSR and creating Russia. Thus, the USSR itself was dissolved after this terrible Marana Karaka Yoga.

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