Judgement of Results : Vimsottari Dasa Part – 4


1)      The houses on which the dasa planet has subha argala (beneficial intervention) by being in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th or 11th from it, shall prosper. Papa Argala (malefic intervention) by the dasa planet being a natural malefic also results in beneficence to the bhava in the short, but is evil in the long run.

2)      If the Argala of the dasa planet is obstructed Virodh Argala, then during the antar dasa of such planets, the good result of the concerned house shall be obstructed or reversed.

Three parts of period

Every dasa or antardasa can be divided into 3 parts to judge the trend.

1)      Udaya (Rising): Planets in Sirsodaya (head rising) signs give results (good or bad) at the beginning (first 1/3 portion) of their dasa/ antar.  Planets in pristodaya signs (back rising) give results at the end (last 1/3 portion) of their period and planets in ubhyodaya (both rising only Pisces) give results in the middle (middle 1/3rd portion) of their periods. Some astrologers opine that the planets in ubhyodaya rasi give results throughout the period (JP 18-26)

2)      For malefic planets the results of its exaltation or such strength in divisions is felt in the first three sub periods i.e. about 1/3rd the period of dasa/ antardasa. The results of its house placement and ownership are felt in the next three sub periods i.e. the middle 1/3rd part of the dasa/ antardasa. The results of its aspects as well as aspect, on it will be felt in the concluding 1/3rd portion or last three sub periods.

3)      For benefic planets, the result of its ownership and house placement are felt in the first three sub-periods (i.e. first 1/3rd part of the period); its exaltation and strength show their results in the middle part (i.e. next 1/3rd part) whereas the aspects on it as well as its aspect bear fruit in the last (i.e. concluding 1/3rd part) of the dasa.

Sandhi (Junction)

1)      Planets in bhava sandhi (junction of houses) are incapable of influencing the houses they are placed in. Planets in Rasi Sandhi (junction of signs) suffer annihilation especially when the ruling elements of the adjoining signs are inimical (e.g. Fire and water).

Rasi Sandhi Example

Chart 10 D-1

Chart 10 D-9

In the above chart, the Moon is in Gandanta i.e. it is in the last Navamsa of Scorpio (a sign in which is the junction between a water and fire sign). Placement in Gandanta caused a serious accident in childhood, but he survived due to exalted Venus in Lagna. A closer look reveals that the Moon is in the last degree of Scorpio i.e. it is placed in Rasi Sandhi or the junction of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Such an ill placement in Rasi Sandhi destroys the house lorded by the planet in Rasi Sandhi. Moon is the fifth lord and rules progeny. The native has been having lots of problems with love affairs as these either do not mature into marriage or, when one such affair did mature into a marriage, the desire of a child resulted in differences that are causing separation between the couple.

2)      Planets in bhava sandhi (junction of houses) cause disease and sorrow while those in Rasi Sandhi (junction of signs) can cause death. Rasi Sandhi between fire and water signs is called Gandanta.


Yoga means union and umpteen Yoga’s are listed in the classical literature on Jyotish. Instead of repeating them here, we shall discuss how to use them for predictions.

1)      Yogas (good or bad) shall be felt at all times if their karaka are strong (or weak) else, these shall fructify for short periods during the dasa of the yoga causing planets. This knowledge is vital in timing the fructification of the Yoga and other events.

2)      Pancha Mahapurush Yoga caused by the placement of either of five planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn) in exaltation or own sign in a kendra from Lagna indicates the birth of a great personality and promises fame, power and good fortune due to a predominance of the tattwa (indicated by the yoga causing planet). However if the Sun is weak, the yoga can never materialize and even if it materializes, it cannot be sustained if the Moon is weak. In such a case, the effects of the yoga are not felt for long durations and only during the dasa (periods) of the planet causing the Mahapurush yoga, some fame, rise etc. will be seen. Thus in every yoga, it is important to identify the planets causing it and sustaining it.

3)      Kartari yoga, if caused by natural benefics (called subha-kartari) placed in the 2nd & 12th from any planet indicate destruction of enemies during the dasa of the planet. In the case of papa-kartari yoga (malefics instead of benefic planets in 2nd & 12th houses from any planet), the planet suffering from such blemish indicates trouble from enemies. Final results should be declared only after an examination of strength of Lagna Lord. Note that the Karaka for Paka Lagna is Jupiter.

4)      If a planet associates with an inimical planet, then battles occur and enmity increases during its dasa. Graha Yuddha (planetary war) results in defeat or victory depending on whether the planet concerned is defeated or victorious as per longitude in the sign i.e. a planet with a higher longitude in victorious even if debilitated Rajayoga.

5)      Royal favor (appointments, power etc) is obtained during the period of Jupiter or the 5th lord. Planets associating with them or having unobstructed beneficial Argala or associated with the Ghatika Lagna give power and authority.

6)      Dhanyoga Great wealth/ sustenance power; Moon is the Karaka for sustenance (whereas Jupiter only indicates accumulated funds which is one aspect of it). Thus, during the favorable Moon dasa or the lord of 2nd house Dhanyoga results. Planets associated with the Moon, Argala on the moon or associated with the Hora lagna give wealth and Dhanyoga.

7)      In a similar manner, the 9th house and Sun/ Jupiter are examined for Dharma, religious austerities etc. (Sun) or for Guru higher learning (Jupiter). The tenth house and its four karakas (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury) are examined for profession, meritorious rites, Yagya, pilgrimages etc.


The following are classified as dispositors

(i)                  Lord of the sign occupied by a planet is called Pakesha.

(ii)                Lord of the Navamsa occupied by a planet called Amsesha.

(iii)               Lord of the sign occupied by the Pakesha

(iv)              Lord of the Navamsa occupied by the Lord ascertained at (iii)

(v)                Lord of the Nakshatra occupied by a planet (as per Vimsottari scheme) called Jeeva.

1)      During the periods of such dispositors placed in strength in Kendra the houses owned by the planet prosper and gain prominence.

2)      If they dispositors are ill placed in depression or inimical signs they cause a fall or destruction of the houses owned by the planet. If the dispositors are in dusthana, they cause destruction and trouble due to enemies (6th house), own flaws/ disease (8th house), past debts (12th house) or evil (badhaka sign).

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