All about First House Part – 1

Nomenclature: The first house of the horsocope depends on the lagna, one is referring to. This house is also referred as lagna bhava, udayam, tanu, adya or janam bhava. Each of these names is appropriate according to their connotations. Lagna is drawn corresponding with the 1st breath taken by the child at the time of the birth, hence it is called lagna bhava. At the time of birth, a particular sign rises on the eastern horizon. Since Udayam means rising, this bhava is also known as Udayam Lagna. Tanu means body. The first house indicates basically physical attributes of the native; hence it is called Tanu bhava. Adya means beginning. As this house marks the beginning of life: hence it is called Adya Bhava. First house indicates the basic life, length of life and whatever one achieves in life; hence it is known as Janam Bhava.

Birth Time: The exact time to be considered as birth time of the child is shrouded in controversy. Many theories have been propounded and each is based on different phases that the child passes in order to start the life like the appearance of the head, the cutting of the umbilical chord or the first cry of the child. The vast majority of doctors & astrologers are of the opinion that the first cry should be considered as the actual time of birth: as it is the time when the child is on its own and shows first sign of life by grasping for breath and cries. This is the time one should take as time of birth of child.

The Ascendant: The entire life of a native is epitomized by the Ascendant. It is the solid, physical foundation/ pillar of the horoscope. It represents the earth, since it marks where the earth meets the heavens (stars & planets) on the eastern horizon. It is also the window through which all the other houses are seen. If the lagna & lagna lord are weak, then all the other houses are weakened regardless of the individual strength of each house. The reverse is the case if lagna and lagna lord are strong. Therefore it is imperative that the lagna & lagna lord should be strong & well placed to achieve anything tangible out of significance of any house. The Ascendant is the quickest changing indication in the chart that will significantly differentiate births given on the same day. It therefore, represents our self, personal identity and main character traits than any other planetary indication.

The Moon: The Moon is the physical guardian of the incarnating soul. It provides the necessary impetus and power to sustain different kinds of activities. If the possibilities for achievements on the basis of Ascendant are great, but the Moon offers no support, the achievements will either elude at the last minute or will be short-lived. Moreover the lunar influences are very powerful with regard to one’s astro-mental make-up and physical/ material conditions as well as the strength of one’s aura. The Moon is the channel through which the life essence pours into the native. Through it all the impulses, which activate a native, are energized. The Moon is the fastest moving planet as it changes sign approximately every two and a quarter day. It is called the Mana or mind and represents our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. The Moon represents our internal experiences of life and determines our state of happiness. Sage Parashar has said, “The learned in astrology should base effects on Moon also as are applicable to the Ascendant. The Moon is given a significant status equal to the ascendant for she rules one’s mind and the mind in turn functions as per one’s Karma. Sage Satyacharya declares that the 12 houses should be considered with reference to both Ascendant and the Moon lagna in interpretating their significance. He further says that one should study the horoscope from the ascendant or the Moon lagna whichever is stronger in their Shadbala (six fold) strength. Shri Mantreshwara in “Phaladeepika” says that all Yogas should be considered from Moon lagna as well. Chandresh (Moon lord) is the sign/ nakshatra lord based on the time of the birth. For those born from Sunrise to Sunset in bright half or from Sunset to Sunrise in dark half, sign lord is taken as Chandresh. Similarly for those Sunrise to Sunset in dark half or Sunset to Sunrise in bright half, Nakshatra lord should be taken as Chandresh. If Moon is in Cancer, then Nakshatra lord is taken as Chandresh.

The Sun: The Sun is the next fastest planetary indication and is never retrograde in motion. The Sun represents the spiritual pinnacle, the Atman, God, Spirit and our radiant eternal self. The Sun is the source of power, strength, vitality & knowledge and has an unifying role whereby all activities are centralized & directed towards the primary goal of life. It is the central generative impulse of cosmic manifestation. The Sun operates from the inner depths, illuminating the mind & soul, arousing spirituality and making the personality glow with radiance. It shows how we shine and express ourselves as individuals. It also represents our level of confidence and our ability to command authority. The Sun is the source of vital Pran energy. Sage Parashar and Varahmihir had also confirmed the use of Surya Lagna as alternate lagna of lesser importance.

female scholar

Lagna lord Mars is Digbali in 10th house (with Rahu) aspecting lagna. It indicates a very ambitious career focused lady. The Moon & the Sun are in 8th house in intellectual Gemini sign with 8th lord intellectual Mercury, making the native a scholar. If one intends to examine the nature of relationships, the native has, one should analyze 7th house/ lord and Venus. Venus as 7th lord is in 7th house (forming Malavya yoga) and aspects lagna. 2nd-5th lord Jupiter is natural & temporal benefic for this lagna, aspects this Venus. The native also has “Kedar Yoga”. This indicates that the native is a wealthy scholar, relationship oriented, sociable and fulfilling long term relationships in her life.

Now analyze with Gemini as lagna, where the Moon & the Sun both are located. Lagna lord Mercury is in lagna and aspects 7th house. This denotes a tendency for self-absorption, which can be a problem in relationships. 7th house is aspected by Rahu. 7th lord Jupiter is debilitated and retrograde in 8th house with 8th lord Saturn. Venus the planet of relationships is in 12th from Lagna.

With two opposing interpretations from alternate lagnas, what should be the correct answer? Both interpretations should be synthesized into one holistic perspective. This lady is very articulate, communicative, scholarly & friendly by nature and comfortable socially. However she prefers to spend time alone. She puts priority on her self and her career. Her relationships have been sporadic with periods of intimacy, as well as separation & isolation. She never had any long term relationship.


Significations of First House:

The first house reveals the true self of the native i.e. the inner self as well as the personality. The assessment of life in all its variety can be done effectively only on the basis of the total horoscope, but the first house reflects the entirety of a native’s life within a small compass. The first house represents the life-essence with which the soul begins its journey in a particular incarnation. The capabilities acquired by a native during its previous births are not lost; they become part of its general nature. For successful completion of one’s assigned tasks in any lifetime, a certain amount of total life-essence is made available to him for the specific birth. The house represents the quantum of energy apportioned to him, the environment and condition of his life, and the general direction that he shall have to pursue during the course of his life in order to complete his goal.

Physical Appearance: It includes the structures of the native, the bodily proportions, height, color and the complexion. The lagna, lagna lord, the planets placed in it, the Moon sign lord and Navamsha Lagna would all determine the physical attributes of the native. The sign of lagna, the Moon sign and the Navamsha Lagna sign have also a marked say in further delineating a native’s physique.

Mental Disposition: This and how one reacts to situations can be seen from the strength of lagna, its sign, the planets posited therein or aspecting it and especially from its relation to Moon. Mind denotes consciousness through volition and feelings situated in the brain. The first house is the seat of alert or conscious mind.

Life: The life of a native can be evaluated from the first house; whether it is going to be smooth or troubled one, sickly or healthy can be seen from this house. Sage Parashar says that, if lagna lord is well placed in Kendra/ Trikona, the native will enjoy good health.

Longevity: Since the moment of first cry is equated with the first breath and thereby with the ascendant, the longevity of the native directly corresponds with the strength of the Ascendant. The strength of the lagna, lagna lord and the benefic/ malefic influence on them determines the longevity of a native. If the life span of the native is short, then the achievements in life can not be much.

Diseases: The diseases, a person is likely to have and their cures, if any, can be seen from the first, sixth and eighth house.

Untoward incidents: Any untoward incident occuring in one’s life can be found out from the malefic influences on the lagna and lagna lord.

Body language and personality: How one carries oneself and one’s mannerisms, can be evaluated from this house. Benefic influences on lagna and lagna lord will impart grace to the personality.

Wealth: The propensity of a person to earn and enjoy depends on this house. It shows how much one is endowed physically to earn. This house being 12th from the 2nd house indicates the expenditure on oneself.

Gains of & Happiness from Co-borns: The first house is 11th from 3rd house (of co-borns), hence it shows materialistic gains of co-borns. It also shows whether one will derive any materialistic happiness from co-borns.

Mother’s profession & happiness from it: As lagna is 10th from 4th house (of mother), it reveals the professions of mother and the happiness one can derive out of it.

Capabilities and achievements: The first house represents the life-essence with which the soul begins its journey in a particular incarnation. The capabilities acquired by a native during its previous birth become part of his general nature. Hence one’s capabilities and achievements in life are revealed from this house.

Miscellaneous significations: In addition to above, as per Uttara Kalamrita, following can also be read from the first house:

i)                    Limbs and their size.

ii)                   Happiness/ Unhappiness

iii)                 Birth place/ childhood

iv)                 Knowledge/ wisdom

v)                  Honour, self-respect & strength

vi)                 Sleep/ dreams

vii)               Skin & Hair

viii)              Political life

ix)                 Peace & Diginity

x)                  Livelihood & ability to work

xi)                 Nature to insult & to avenge

xii)               Loss of decency

xiii)              Freedom from insult

xiv)             Nature to renounce

xv)               Gambling for others

xvi)             Stigma

xvii)            Endeavouring to preserve livestock

xviii)          Defamation from one’s own Kinsmen or persons of same caste.


Importance of Lagna & Lagna Lord

The lagna (ascendant), the Moon lagna, the Sun lagna, the Karakamsha lagna (sign where the planet with highest degree i.e. Atmakaraka, is placed in Navamsha) and the Paka Lagna (the house where lagna lord is placed) are the five most important lagnas in a horoscope. Whenever a house is being analyzed, one must see that the house or its lord should not fall in a Trika house from any of the above lagna. Otherwise the native will be adversely affected in varying forms.

i)                    If it is from the Ascendant, the native loses the Poorva Janam support.

ii)                   If it is from the Moon, one loses the will power.

iii)                 If it is from the Sun, one doesn’t get the results commensurate with the efforts put in.

iv)                 If it is from the Atmakaraka, then one’s fighting spirit diminishes.

v)                  If it is from Paka Lagna, one has the janamas dosh.

The role of lagna lord can’t be undermined. It is like an engine of train of one’s destiny/ fortune. The more powerful the engine, smoother is the journey of one’s life. It is like the key to the native’s entire personality, personal nature and the amount of achievements one will get, from whatever is promised. As lagna lord is the lord of the entire horoscope, it is essential that the lagna lord is strong and well placed to give native what his horoscope promises.

To be continued in series of articles


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