Rajat Kapoor
Phone: +91-8853537363 & +91-8953825863

Disclaimer: All consultations by Rajat Kapoor are based on analysis of the Vedic Astrology chart. Advice is given strictly as guidance only. Clients retain the right to use such advice according their own discretion and for their particular circumstances. All final decisions and actions made by a client are his or her sole responsibility.
Payment for all services is requested prior to the day appointed for the consultation. I require a 48-hour notice in case clients may need to cancel or re-schedule a reading. If a client cancels a session without prior notification, then the full fee for the reading will be charged.

All readings are recorded in digital Mp3 format and uploaded to an Internet server ( from which you may quickly and securely download them.

Rajat Kapoor: Basic Life Reading: $125
The basic life reading lasts approximately one hour and deals with your life at present, the future indications, relationships, career, finances, creativity and children. To get the maximum benefit from the reading it is advisable you think about the set of questions you want to ask.
When you order your reading, you may let me know if there are any particular issues that you would like me to focus on. Otherwise, I will give you what I see to be the most meaningful themes at this time, and how they tie in with karmas (destiny) from previous lifetimes. I will also give you some predictions for the near future (specific), and distant future (general), which should be helpful for you.

Rajat Kapoor: Full Life Reading: $250
The Full Life Reading lasts approximately three hour and deals with very detailed analysis like Trimsamsa chart analysis, Shastiamsa chart analysis (past birth), Exact periods when certain planets will get activated and give their results using Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati and Bhrigu Saral Paddhati.
Longevity calculation using Shoola Dasa, Analysis of Curses from past birth and timing through Moola Dasa, Drig Dasa Analysis for Initiation & Spiritual Activities, Analysis of the charts using Sukar Nadi and Guru Nadi Principles. Detailed Remedies will be suggested in form of mantras, color therapy, crystal healing, reiki and sadhanas.

Rajat Kapoor: Relationship Compatibility Readings: $150 for a 90-minute recording; $100 for a 60-minute recording

Are you contemplating beginning a relationship with someone, but wish to know in advance the likelihood of it succeeding? You can get a clear understanding of relationship harmony and disharmony in Vedic astrology, as well as the auspicious times to begin one, such as when to get married, or start a business, for example. My comprehensive compatibility readings cover all varieties of relationships, including marriage, business, friendship, or family.
Relationship Compatibility Readings can be either detailed (90-minute recording); or Basic (60-minute recording). Relationship readings can be done as part of a phone dialogue, via Skype, or by monologue recording.
When ordering your Detailed or Basic Compatibility Reading, please provide your birth data (place, date, and time) and the birth data of the other person(s) in the relationship.

Rajat Kapoor: E-Mail Consultations: $75 per hour
Once I have completed a life reading of your chart, you may want to ask specific questions about pertinent issues. We can discuss predictions about certain planetary influences or concerns you have about a particular issue via e-mail. Because the lengths of such readings vary, the hourly rate works best.
When you request an hourly-rate reading, let me know what matters you would like to discuss.

Rajat Kapoor: Yearly Updates: $125 for a 60-minute recording, $150 for 90-minute recording
These are 60 or 90-minute readings that deal with a shorter period of time than the detailed life readings. Covering a shorter period of time allows for a more detailed reading for that period of time and can focus on the issues that you are most concerned with. These 60 or 90-minute readings come with written schedules of dates that indicate when planetary periods and influences will change.

Many of my clients who get a Detailed Life reading will also request yearly readings as follow-ups to the original reading.
When ordering your Yearly Update, if you haven’t had the Life reading, please include your place of birth (city, state and country), date, and time of birth.

7 thoughts on “Consultations

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  2. hi Rajath,
    Goodafternoon and Greetings,

    Would be appreciate if you could adivce me of my future, since after my studies am not settled in any way like either work or business, am stil struggling for existance for more than 20yrs. As of now i am in to busines , which am unhappy with the same. Hence i am planning to take a concrete decision after getting your advice. Should i continue with my current business or should i look for some other opporutunities ?
    DOB : 04.04.1967
    Place of Birth : Bangalore
    Time of Birth : 10:00:25PM

  3. Hi Rajat,

    Please remove the birth details of my daughters from this website. As you would know better, I dont want anyone to use our details for wrong purposes that may affect my daughters. I thought the consultations will be private thread so I had posted personal details here.

    Kindly remove the name, birth and all other details of my daughters from here.

    Thank you.


  4. Dear Shweta,
    I am very much sure that there is no divorce on cards in your chart. Its perfectly a good news as running away from the karma is never good. What we do in our past births is what we get in this birth. The only way to neutralise those bad karmas is mantra chants, donations and meditation. Gemstones also give temporary relief so i don’t recommend much gemstones unless its very important and there is no other way out. Now regarding the birth chart reading:

    I will send you a mail by today night 11 pm (IST) mentioning the details for Western Union Money Transfer. Also i will send a form which u need to fill in. The form will have certain columns asking dates of major events in your life and few other details which are required for birth time rectification. Send it back to me by tomorrow evening.

    How will be coming Friday i.e. 7th October at 14:00 hours (IST) for reading?

    I will be sending my cell number to you in the email sent tonight.

    Thanks n regards

    Rajat Kapoor

  5. Hi Rajat,

    Thanks for advice. I would like to go for 1.5 hour consultation for full reading with focus on compatibility reading, children’s fortune and wellbeing and my career prospects. Also, corrective remedies in adequate spheres of life as required.

    Are you sure Divorce is not on the charts? I don’t know if this is a bad news or good news in coming future.

    Also, incase if possibility of divorce is on cards, then will I be ever able to love and marry anyone again? Will I find my true soulmate in this life at all?

    I want to know how can I make my and my children’s life happy and peaceful and how can I provide them the best environment.

    I will pay by Western Union Money transfer. Please let me know your details for transfer.

    I would like to book the session on phone.

    Please suggest a time and date.

    Also, please let me know if you need any other information from me.

    Thanks & Regards,

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