8 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Wouldn’t you heave a sigh of relief if someone sat you down, and helped you tide over every expected and unexpected hurdle…Thanks for all efforts !!!

  2. Rajait ji is my guru bhai and also my guide and mentor. He has developed excellent knowledge about astrology and also been very helpful to me all the way. I wish him good luck in his efforts to make astrology a well known science. His predictions are accurate and he makes under understand logically.

    I wish and pray to almighty god that his name and fame should reach the nook and corner of the world.

    With regards
    Uma shanker achanta

  3. Dear Shweta & Tejas,
    Thanks a lot to both of you for such wonderful words. Its all what i have been taught by my all time great Guru Visti Larsen ji and its his blessings that i can predict the events of the charts.
    May God bless you both with lots of happiness and knowledge.

    Rajat Kapoor

  4. Dear Rajatji,

    Your readings have been simply fantastic. Just to share this with you, I always believed in karma’s and I never believed in astrology. But it was only after i met you i feel i was wrong and that Astrology is far more bigger than medical science also. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us so patiently. You have been very kind to us. May you help millions of people and enlighten them like you did for us.

    Thank you once again.

  5. Excellent readings and accurate predictions of past and present. I am very impressed by your knowledge of Puranans, Astrology and Spirituality. Thank you for doing my and my family’s readings so patiently. It was a day of revelations and enlightenment for me. I will follow your remedies and keep in touch with you to let you know about accuracy of your predictions for me.

    May you help many many more people in need.


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