Yogas for sexuality

The Kalatresh will tell about the fortune after marriage, as well as the fortune of the spouse. The Basic principles for house lords are given:

  • Count the number of houses from the lord to its house, both inclusive. The number will signify those house matters the native finds fortune from. i.e. if the 7th lord is in the 2nd house, there will be 6 houses between the lord and the 7th – both inclusive, causing fortune through fights, legal battles etc, to the spouse, and the spouse may have remarried.
  • The lord of a house shows the physical embodiment of the person. The 7th lord indicates the spouse’s physical body, which preferably is joined benefic planets/signs to give healthy stature, whilst malefics gives opposite results.
  • The placement of the lord of the 7th house shows the person the native considers as a spouse/ lover, i.e. if 7th lord is in the 11th house, the native may fall in love with a friend.
  • The lords of other houses, placed in the 7th house will show the people who consider the native as a lover. The more planets, the more lovers one may infer and more active sex life. In case of marriages breaking, the amount of planets in the 7th will show the amount of marriages whilst Mars alone in the 7th can cause 3 marriages.

Yogas with Kalatresh

Jata-Parastree Yoga  Yogas for incestuous relations of the native.


  • Lords of 1st, 6th and 2nd are with malefic’s, causes one to be sexually attached to one’s own kin.
  • Saturn in 7th with 7th lord and aspected/joined by malefic’s, similarly also causes one to be desirous of one’s own kin.
  • Moon or Venus in Kendra’s, aspected by malefic’s, whilst placed in a malefic Navamsa, and placed in an Avaroha9 sign in rasi, causes union with ones progenitor, i.e. mother.


Jara Yoga– Yogas for adultery:


  • Vyabhichara Yoga– Rahu or Ketu joined the 7th lord, causes detachment to spouse or a person who discards marital vows.
  • Jara Yoga– 7th, 2nd and 10th lords in the 10th house, causes one to seek a paramour or a 2nd spouse. The 10th house shows Swarga loka, or the heavens which the native is trying to enjoy through sexual relations, hence 7th lord in the 10th house is conducive to adultery. If the 2nd lord is absent from this Yoga the native may not marry the paramour, whilst if the 10th lord is absent the native will not be intent on having a paramour, yet may do so. This Yoga also happens if the same lords are in the 4th house.


Jaraputra Yoga– Yogas for having children outside marriage:


  • 7th lord in the 2nd house and aspected/joined Mars. In such a case the native gets children through a paramour. This is indicative of the native having a child with a potential 2nd wife.
  • Similarly if the 5th and 6th lords are in the 7th with the 7th lord, whilst the 7th house is aspected by a benefic, the native also gets a child with a paramour. Here the important focus is on the 6th lord, as the house the 6th lord is placed in will show the person the native hates, and when 6th lord is in the 7th, the native hates the spouse. As a result the native may go to other women, as 5th lord’s involvement shows children through the paramour. Instead of the 7th house, this can also be posited in the 12th house or its Arudha (Upapada) to give the results.
  • 7th, 6th and 5th lords in the 6th house, causes the spouse to have children through a paramour.
  • Here the focus is on the 6th house, as planets in the 6th house, shows the natives enemies. If 7th lord is in the 6th house, the spouse hates the native, and may find pleasure in other men/women. 5th lords involvement would cause children through the paramour.

Ref : Visti Larsen’s article on Marriage and Relationship in SJC USA Conference 2003.

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