Kalapurusa, Five Tattvas and Immediate Previous Life

Where Were You in Your Past Life?
An astrological study to explain 14 worlds (Lokas and Talas) and their five Tattvas (Elements) in Kalapurusa’s Horoscope, and then their application in the Drekkana (D-3) divisional chart.

In this lifetime, we are on the planet Earth as human beings, but where were we in our past lives? On the Earth, in one of the Lokas, or one of the Talas? Vishnu Purana describes in details the seven Lokas and seven Talas where we may have existed in our past life. How we can determine the world we come from is what I’m going to cover in this space. In this article, I will explain:

First Part:

• Which house in Kalapurusa’s horoscope signify which Loka or Tala
• What is the Tattva of each Loka and Tala
• Which planet signifies which Tattva and Loka

Second Part:

• How to analyze the Drekkana (D-3) chart to determine the world the soul has come from
• How to analyze the soul’s position in the Loka/Tala in the previous life
• Case Studies: Lucia Dos Santos (Fatima Miracle of the Sun), Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates,Jayalalitha and K. N. Rao

The most natural question you will have after applying this knowledge to your own chart is “What Did I Do to Deserve This Birth?” The D-60 chart can unearth this mystery for us. I’ll try to help you find the answer to this question through an article on the D-60 chart analysis. So, watch this space!

Lokas and Talas in Kalapurusa’s Horoscope

The division of the kalapurusa into seven Lokas (heavenly planetary systems) and seven Talas (lower hellish planetary regions beneath the earth) is as shown in the graphic below. The left side of the Kalapurusa’s chart shows the seven Talas and the right side, seven Lokas. However, the first and the seventh houses are shared between Talas and Lokas.

This kalapurusa or the universal form of Vishnu can also be divided into five parts, each associated with one of the five Tattvas or states of energy and matter. The more subtle the Tattva, beginning with the Akasa Tattva (ether) the higher its position within the kalapurusa and planetary system. In progressive stages of density, the five Tattvas are associated with the following five portions of the kalapurusa. This table also lists the planets that signify each Tattva.

So now we know which house in a horoscope signifies which Loka and Tala, as well as the relationship between planets and Tattvas. This is the fundamental knowledge we require to determine where the soul has come from.

Determining the Loka/Tala in the Drekkana (D-3) Chart

To determine which of the five Tattvas or the 14 worlds the soul experienced in our immediate past birth, we need to analyze the Tattva of the sign in which the stronger of the Sun or the Moon (see their strength in D-1) is situated in our Jagannath Drekkana chart.

How to determine whether the Sun or the Moon is stronger in the Rasi (Lagna, D-1) chart?

Strengths are based upon the position of the Sun and the Moon:

• If in Kendra or Trikona houses from Lagna. Kendras get more points than Trikonas.

• If exalted, in its own or friendly sign.

• If they are equal in strength, then the natural strength of the sign decides which out of the two is stronger. Dual signs are stronger than fixed signs, while fixed signs are stronger than movable signs.

• If both, the Sun and the Moon are in situated in the same sign/house, see their role in the Charakaraka scheme to determine their strength. For example, AK gets more points then AmK, and so on.

How to determine the Loka/ Tala in the Drekkana (D-3) chart?

• If the D-3 sign occupied by the stronger of the Sun and the Moon are ruled by Jupiter (Akasa Tattva), then the previous birth was among the saints and sages, that is, the highest division of the kalapurusa.

• If the stronger between the Sun and the Moon occupies a D-3 sign ruled by either the Moon and/or Venus (Jala Tattva), then the previous birth was among the demi-god and demi-goddesses, Gandharavas, Kimpurusas, Kinnaras, Apsaras (angels), siddhas and other godly beings.

• If the stronger between the Sun and the Moon occupies a D-3 sign ruled by the Sun or Mars (Agni Tattva), then the birth was on the Earth planet among human beings.

• If the stronger between the Sun and the Moon occupies a D-3 sign ruled by Mercury, then the previous birth was in the hellish regions of Naraka Loka.

How to determine the position of the native in the Loka/Tala they have come from?

The position or status in the previous incarnation is seen by the Rasi chart placement of the planet whose sign the stronger of the Sun or the Moon occupies in D-3. In the Rasi chart, also look for the yogas this planet is involved in. In this context, Raja yogas involving the D-3 sign ruler of the Sun/Moon indicate a royal or some other high status in the previous life, while a weak or poorly ruler indicates a lower position or status.

Case Studies

Now let’s apply these principles to some horoscopes.

Lucia Dos Santos (One of the famous Fatima children)

In Lucia Dos Santos’ chart, the Moon is stronger than the Sun. The Moon occupies the 9th house (a Trikona) in a friendly sign with Jupiter, and the sun is in the 6th house, and therefore, it’ s weaker than the Moon. The Moon occupies Libra Drekkana, which belongs to Venus, and therefore, Jala Tattva. This indicates that the native experienced the realm of the angels or demi-gods and demi-goddesses in the previous life time. Her status in the past life was of a great teacher or spiritual mentor given that the Venus occupies the 4th house with Ketu. Its dispositor and yogakaraka Saturn forms a great yoga with the 9th lord Mercury. The native is famous in this life time as a catholic nun who received a visitation from Mother Mary. According to historical accounts, Mother Mary revealed three secrets to Lucia, one of which predicted the occurrence of a great miracle which later became known as the famous “Fatima Miracle of the Sun.”

Mahatma Gandhi

In Gandhi’s chart, the Moon’s occupancy of the 10th house in his own sign with Rahu is stronger than that of the sun in the 12th house. The Moon in Cancer occupies Pisces Drekkana of Jupiter, and therefore, Akasa Tattva. This indicates that the native descended from one of the seven Lokas and was a saintly person. Jupiter is in the 7th house, hence as per the kalapurusa division, he was at BhurLoka in the past birth. His status in past birth must have been high and similar to that of a teacher, as the 9th lord and the 7th lord along with the 8th lord are in mutual sambandha (relationship). This also forms a great Raja yoga. Since Jupiter is the 6th lord situated in the 7th house, his teachings must have been colored with Dama (control).

Bill Gates

In Bill Gates’ chart, the Moon’s occupancy in the 10th house in a friendly sign (Kendra) makes is stronger than the sun that is in the 5th house (Trikona). The Moon occupies Scorpio Drekkana of Mars, which signifies the Agni Tattva. This indicates that the soul was on the planet Earth in the previous life. His status in the previous birth was of a great ruler/politician because the 6th lord and 9th lord are conjoined, and the 4th lord is participating in the Bhadra Mahapurusa yoga.


In Jayalalitha’s chart, the Sun’s occupancy in the 9th house in the Aquarius sign with Mercury renders it stronger than the Moon who is in the 3rd house (Dusthana) with Mars. The Sun occupies Aquarius D-3 of Saturn, which signifies Vayu Tattva. This indicates that the native has ascended from one of the seven Talas that exist beneath the Earth. In D-1, Saturn’s placement in the 2nd house indicates that the Tala was specifically RasTala/NiTala. Since Saturn is the 9th lord in the sign of Cancer in the 2nd house, it can be inferred that she was the controller of wealth in RasaTala.

K.N. Rao

In the chart of K.N. Rao ji, the Moon’s placement in Lagna in the Libra sign with Mars and Venus makes it stronger than the Sun who is in the 12th house (Dusthana). The Moon is situated in the Libra Drekkana of Venus, which signifies Jala Tattva. This indicates that the native’s soul was in the realm of the angels, demi-gods and demi-goddesses in the previous life time. His status in the past life was quite significant as Venus is in its own sign in Malavya yoga and is conjoined with the 10th lord and 7th lord.

Om Tat Sat

One thought on “Kalapurusa, Five Tattvas and Immediate Previous Life

  1. Thank you so much for this article! Extremely interesting!! My position is close to that of Rao’s – Libra Drekkana of Venus, and Venus in rasi is situated in the 7th house in exaltation with Yupiter, the 4th and 7th Lord… But otherwise my chart is quite weak, and the life is not easy either. What did I do wrong in my past birth?

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