Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga

Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga

Definition: The Lagna is occupied by a malefic with Gulika in a trine; or Gulika is associated with the lords of Kendra and Trikona; or the lord of Lagna is combined with Rahu, Saturn or Ketu.
Results: The native will always entertain feelings of suspicion towards others around him. He is afraid of being cheated, swindled and robbed.
Remarks: Here three sets of combinations can be noted. They are:-
(a)    The ascendant must have an evil planet with Gulika disposed in the 5th or 9th.
(b)   Gulika should be associated with the lords of 1, 4, 7, 10, 5 and 9.
(c)    Lord of Lagna should join Rahu or Saturn or Ketu.
In these cases, the person will not only have fears from cheats, rogues and thieves but he will also have huge material losses. Such people start cheating also after being cheated one another in some form or the other. Many scam doers have such yoga in their chart. 

Here are few examples which will explain the yogas:

Frankel Martin

American stock trader who may prove to have successfully operated one of the greatest financial scams in history, funneling as much as $915 million through a series of foreign banks accounts. Some $335 million remains unaccounted for, with Frankel still a missing man at the end of 1999. Through the ’90s he created a bewildering web of insurance companies, bogus investment funds and phony charitable organizations, including an involvement with the Vatican that he pursued vigorously the summer of 1998.
Born to a middle-class family of lawyers and public servants, Frankel was the son of a social worker dad and a city government clerk mom. The youngest of four kids, he was a bright youngster but thin and awkward, with few friends. He grew to be a slender six-footer, bespectacled and inconspicuous. After graduating from high school the top of his class, he attended college but never completed his degree. Instead, he fell in love with Wall Street, an interest that became all-consuming. He became a master of the stock market, commodities, securities, currencies. He entered a brokerage firm as a day-trader, but soon was dismissed over business conflicts.
By the later ’80s, Frankel set up a money management firm which he operated from his parent’s home. As his funds grew, he moved to a $3 million mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, with an adjacent property for $2.6 million. He equipped his home with 80 trading terminals, satellite dishes, a fleet of imported cars and a bevy of female retainers. The women with which he surrounded himself were those whom he’d met through personal ads and the internet, women whom he provided with residences and cash. After the breakdown of his empire, the house was found to contain a cache of pornography and evidence of sexual fetishes, including a riding crop, ropes and sado-masochistic literature and videos.
In August 1997, neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming from Frankel’s house. When police investigated, they found that a heavy-set 22-year-old, Frances Burge, had hanged herself. The death was deemed a suicide, one of the many bizarre events which accompanied the Frankel house. Neighbors reported expensive cars and limo’s coming and going at all hours.
Police also found a number of astrological charts which testified to his interest, charts which included such horary questions as “Will I go to prison?”
In 1991, Frankel took on another of several aliases and invested in a troubled insurance company. He founded Thunor Trust, and using former assets, accumulated at least ten other insurance companies through the South and Midwest. He began transacting millions of dollars through various venues, siphoning money from a dozen small companies in five states.
As his expose grew near, Frankel fled. He set fire to the filing cabinets in his mansion – and vanished. On 5/05/1999, an automatic alarm called firefighters to his high security mansion. Along with at least $218 million, there was missing close to $2 billion from the St. Francis of Assisi Foundation which he had founded. During the months prior to his disappearance, he had spent more than $1 million in shopping sprees and trips to Rome, Geneva and London.
One of the greatest con games in history came quietly undone with Frankel’s capture on 9/04/1999 at the Hotel Prem in Hamburg, Germany. “You’ve got me,” he said as he was handcuffed and led away to await extradition to the U.S. On March 9, 2001, this fugitive businessman was extradited to the United States from Germany where he had spent a year and a half in a German jail on charges of using a false passport and smuggling diamonds. On March 12, 2001, Frankel pleaded not guilty in U.S. federal court to fraud and racketeering charges. Facing 24 counts of stealing more than $200 million from 10 small insurance companies, he eventually pleaded guilty. On December 10, 2004 he was sentenced in New Haven, CT to 16 years and eight months for his crimes. Just prior to his sentencing, the US Treasury held a two-day auction of some 822 diamonds seized from Frankel’s cache. The auction raised $9 million to be used as victim restitution.
Now while analyzing his chart, Ketu is in Lagna and is conjoined with Gulika, whereas Lagna Lord Mercury is conjoined Saturn. These two combinations fulfill the two conditions of Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga.

Landru Henri Desire

French homicide; murdered at least ten women between 1915-1919 after proposing marriage and cheating them of property and money. He shot, stabbed, dismembered, buried or burned his victims.
Landru was the son of a fireman at the ironworks and a mother who worked at home as a dressmaker. He was clever in school, earning praise from his teachers. Catholic, he served as an altar boy and a sub deacon. On 11/15/1890, he served in the army. His vocation was work for an architect.
On 6/04/1891, he fathered a child by Marie Catherine, the daughter of his cousin and two years later, on 10/07/1893, married her. They had three more kids.
Landru was convicted of fraud perpetrated in 1900, 1901 and 1903, and again in 1906, sentenced to two years prison 5/19/1906. His mom died in 1912 and his dad committed suicide 8/27/1912, hanging himself from a tree, disgraced to find that his son had been in prison.
In December 1914, Landru met Mme Jeanne Cuchet, whom he murdered, along with her 17-year-old son Andre in April or May 1915.
On 6/25/1915, he killed Therese Laborde-Line, 47.
On 8/02/1915, his victim was Mme Guillin, 51.
On 12/08/1915, his victim was Mme. Heon, 55 and the same month, Mme. Couillet, whom he had met in May.
On 12/26/1915, his victim was Mme Anna Collumb, 44.
In February 1917 he met Andrée Babelay, 19, the only woman without financial substance, and killed her on 4/12/1917.
He had first written to Mmr. Celestine Buisson, 44, whom he killed on 9/01/1917.
He wrote to Mme. Louise Jaume, 28, in March 1917 and killed her on 11/24/1917.
On 1/13/1919, he killed Mme. Marie Therese Marchadier, a brothel keeper.
The modern Bluebeard was arrested on 4/13/1919, Paris, and went to trial 11/07/1921. During the trial his manner was calm, genteel and unctuous. He appeared respectable with a short, neat beard and a dignified demeanor; his repartee was quick. He stated that he had had sexual relations with 283 women. Landru was found guilty of 11 murders, ten women and a youth. He was sent to the guillotine 2/25/1922, Versailles, France.
While analyzing the chart we can find that the native is having Surya in Lagna with Gulika in trine. Also the Lagna lord Mars is conjoined with Rahu and Lagna lord Mars is neecha. This also fulfills the two of the conditions of Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga.

Michael Milken

Michael Milken is an American stockbroker who made a fortune $550 million in 1987 alone, through insider trading, as a junk-bond king. A biography of his life has been written entitled “Highly Confident: The Crime and punishment Of Michael Milken.” In 1989 he was indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and securities fraud. In April 1990 he pleaded guilty to six felonies, including illegally concealing stock positions, helping clients evade income taxes and a conspiracy, involving secret record-keeping with stock speculator Ivan Boesky.
While analyzing the chart, we find that the native has Saturn in Lagna and is in Marana Karaka Sthana, also the 5th lord/10th lord is conjoined Gulika, forming Vanchana Chora Bheeti Yoga. 

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